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Palin Chides Obama Over Gulf Oil Spill: ‘Give Me A Call’

Posted on June 14, 2010 by bp complaints

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Now the the sandstorm of drilling mud flying around the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico at the oil spill site is being overwhelmed with black crude. This is really not good and could indicate a leak of oil from another place beside the BOP, like the bottom of the seafloor. blog.alexanderhiggins.com Follow this live video blog here: blog.alexanderhiggins.com

0 to “Palin Chides Obama Over Gulf Oil Spill: ‘Give Me A Call’”

  1. Mortello says:

    Where do I donate?

  2. Frog869 says:

    what’s the song at the end, anyone?

  3. xoVaruna says:

    fuck yes

  4. Dwicker64 says:

    @2010GOP WOW ……such ignorance. You probably have never did a physical day’s work in our entire life. You remind me of your hero Rush Limbaugh. I’ve been successful every day of my life and that has never been a fucked-up Republican.

  5. yabosid says:


  6. ObaManure says:

    Palin > Barryboy

  7. Earthlinked says:

    Obama will hang some innocent bystander up to dry – that is for sure!!!!!

  8. XxUrSoLoStxX says:

    @m60yaface Get your insults right, i’m from the north known as a yankee. But i see you come from australia, not to much of a difference from what you call white trash. Explain what’s deluded, the truth? be the example and don’t use anything made from the substance you love to hate.

  9. m60yaface says:

    @XxUrSoLoStxX Hello crazy american white trash nice to see you have taken time off from watching fox news so you could dribble your deluded shit all over youtube. Great work, your daddy would be proud of you but then again he is most likely a red kneck dumbarse aswell.

  10. surfjacobson1 says:

    Imagine the justice that would incur if politicians were not intertwined with corporations.
    Ah, but then we wouldn’t have politicians…we would have people who actually do something.

  11. rollsthepaul says:

    Why did Goldman-Sachs sell 44% of their BP stock, two weeks before the explosion?Why did Tony Hayward(BP CEO),sell 1/3 of his BP stock shortly before the explosion?Why did BP double the insurance on the Deepwater Horizon,two weeks before the explosion?Do you remember 9/11 where the Twin Towers were heavily insured just before the towers were blown up?The Illuminati conduct special events on dates where there is occult significance. April 20 was Hitler’s birthday.Do you believe in coincdences?

  12. rollsthepaul says:

    If I want any lip from Sarah, I’ll rattle my zipper.

  13. XxUrSoLoStxX says:

    @franklindavid only to be absorbed by another petroleum company.

  14. XxUrSoLoStxX says:

    I love all these people, “let’s boycott Bp” as their pulling into another gas station to fill up. The hypocricy is beyond ignorance. Most products that we use today are made from oil. Good or bad the liberals give Palin more publicity then anyone else. You liberals need to wake up, when are you going to realize you were never part of the equation. You can talk shit about palin all you want. She’s not the one holding the magic wand, your beloved messiah is.

  15. WB2RM says:

    He don’t need to call in the Gambino crime family, they’re small potato when compared to the military industrial complex..

    No matter how bankrupt the state is, no matter how unwilling the public is, no matter how little the ignorant populace thinks there is to gain, the MILITARY is its own beast and it will not be stopped by recession or civil unrest or the naive idealism of historically-ignorant plebians. This has proved true all throughout history.

  16. richiemayne says:

    Can we stop calling it British Petroleum? It hasn’t been officially called that since the 90s, more than 50% of the board of directors are Americans, and there are 10,000 more Americans employed in BP than British people. It’s just a way for the government to stir up anti-British sentiment to say, “not our fault, they’re it’s those foreigners!”

  17. MrClaydough says:

    Hey Sarah? Dont you have your own holes to plug? i could name a few.
    I got a new song for Sarah….’As she be comin to yo town’
    I got one comin soon as ‘All I got for Christmas was a Dick Cheney Waterboard’.
    BUT….if you love Bush heh heh, come see ‘Bush Song’, ‘Follow Me’.
    Righties not welcome. Youre to uptight and you dance funny.

  18. MrClaydough says:

    @impeachmyfagassnow Hey Sarah…I’ll call ya. Whats # babe?
    Hopefully ur givin more blowies as to cut down on retard population. heh heh
    FUCK YOU MORON! you couldnt talk if you didnt have ‘Fixed Noise’ in your ear, Ya unpatriotic ‘Cock sucker’.
    As if all Presidents havent had ‘cheat sheets’. So Mz Shooga tits writes it on her hand fuck face. After Bush…dont mention Impeach asswipe. It seems British investigators of ‘War Lies’ were in town and interogated ‘dirty dozen’. ‘Shut pie hole now’!

  19. impeachobamanow2010 says:


  20. antonyneal says:

    This is rather fucked, 75 million? Where they drunk?

  21. darkwarrior1383 says:

    I say hell yea lets call the mob in to take care of this, and make the BP excets disappear. that will straighten thier asses out

  22. franklindavid says:

    We have great minds from all over the world looking at this spill, and no one has the answer to fix the problem. You are talking about deep water technology, blaming Obama is ridiculous. BP is over they are history, their stocks are falling rapidly.

  23. JizzonTheDark says:

    Fuck Palin

  24. downhill240 says:

    Someday you will be syndicated.

  25. genie0390 says:


    taking into account his job performance so far, he should have stuck to sticking flyers

  26. bendsucks says:

    @dithbmine1 actually, conservatism is the mental disorder. it’s been studied. look it up, you can read the actual study online.

  27. blork5 says:

    @paigewuzheya No they are going for the Guinness world records.
    Most stupid, most reckless and largest man made disaster.

  28. damnfoolstoday says:

    i hatee youu people at bp! your ruining our gulf coast! D:
    noww i cant takee the field trip to pensicola beach next year!

  29. dithbmine1 says:

    liberalism is a mental disorder///

    You cannot just state you must embellish and make worse,

    Wait for November, Thank God.

  30. paigewuzheya says:

    Are they even trying to come up with any GOOD ideas? The largest oil spill in U.S history caused by one of the biggest oil companies. Are they just doing this for the publicity?

  31. scwam says:

    This is all so idiotic and just a PR stunt. It’s impossible to capture 2000 gallons a minute of oil with this this inverted teacup their using. To move 2000 gallons a minute up to a boat is a joke.

  32. tonycdrive says:

    Forget trying to salvage this leak. It’s time to end this now! So to end this once and for all…Drop a 100 ton boulder on the pipe and call it a day. Or 1000 tons…whatever will do the trick.

  33. Daniel0889 says:

    They should build some kind of hermetically sealed sarcophagus around it just as they did on chernobyl, not that the 2 accidents are same but the maybe this idea would work somehow

  34. meniscusenergy says:

    Mystery207 – get your figure right. 60 gallons a minute is 60*60*24=86400 gallons a day

  35. Xakryn says:

    we’ll look back on these days as the final days of a non-oil raped ocean and shed a small tear.
    “Why can’t I go swimming in the ocean dad?”

    “Because humanity turned it into a toxic waste pit dear.”

  36. braineater316 says:

    epic fail

  37. Mystery207 says:

    60*60 = 3600 [1440 minutes * 3600 = 5 million, 184 thousand] So Therefore @ 60 gallons per min. Our answer will be 5 million, 184 thousand gallons leaking per day… OMG! 5184000 gallons of oil per Day… WTF

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