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Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

thecount.com — My Blog — Bikini Oil spill update from Florida.


  1. BradMLayZ says:

    Be happy you got to come here before it gets completely ruined.

  2. jim00072002 says:

    go Girl!

  3. kickstandunit says:

    i love the beach…sand through your toes…everyone in skimpy clothing

  4. bicround2006 says:

    BP Oil is hitting that beach now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. xxxsammyleexxx says:

    do you know if it hit the bahamas?? its good it hasnt hit florida because we are going for a cruise to florida and the bahamas and itll be my first time and i dont want to miss this vacation AGAIN!! thankx XD

  6. beononeskws says:

    id hit it.

  7. bossdawg215recognize says:

    2mena7100 i beg to differ

  8. MrSYSTEM20 says:

    Is this a Panama Beach Commercial ?

  9. loveshair says:

    nice job. this would make a good PSA !

  10. timlincecumfan398 says:

    gang of stingrays hahahahahahaha

  11. johncena55420 says:

    I went to the beach you went to 😀

  12. t998426 says:

    i have an question for you
    is it the bp from the gasstation?

  13. arttoegemann says:

    oil clumps now on Florida panhandle

  14. SgtBastard101 says:


  15. elizeumestre says:

    thecount E fanastica!!

  16. YouxTubexAllStars says:

    Thank you sooo much for the awesome take on Florida’s beaches…they really are that beautiful and it’s nice t have someone big on youtube report it 🙂

  17. elizeumestre says:

    muito talentosa esta menina,bela,bela…….

  18. liberalsrscum1 says:

    gain weight?no way she s perfect YUUUUUUUUUM YUUUUUUUUM

  19. QuantumQuacks says:

    I had a spoiled vacation in Paris. There are too many drunkards in Europe and public toilets are closed at 10pm – which means that the streets of Paris stink like sewage. It’s best to go to Nice and Cannes. At least they clean the streets there every night. Paris is just so filthy. I would find a cleaner place in streets of India than Paris. And Frenchie is also very arrogant. They think that me a tourist can speak French. Fuck you. Just talk in English if you’re working in the tourist industry.

  20. QuantumQuacks says:

    @mena7100 Gain weight? You mean like Rosie O’Donnell? Just like what Chris Rock said. Move that gut to the side, there’s some good pussy under there.

  21. sacrificer39 says:

    Oh, you have to press pause and drag the slider to 0:51 to see it, It’s funny! 😀 your face goes all funny!

  22. sacrificer39 says:


  23. TexasRevolution2010 says:

    @rapzone09 She aint chubby, she needs to put on some weight and not be to skinny

  24. ihaveagunlol says:


  25. SandSSxSarah says:

    hey ! i just discovered this product n i recommend it to u too !! its ouidad’s curl confidence n its great for curly hair!!!

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