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Oil Spill Report 2, Environmental Report by Ben Boothe

Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Two experts meet in Venice to offer solutions to the giant oil spill. Report live from Venice, and along coastline between Venice and Florida. Oil spill estimated at 1000 to 5000 barrels per day (some estimated 20000 per day). Then BP applied over 200000 gallons of additional chemicals, causing the oil to sink, or to dispurse, making more toxic chemicals present for the fishery. Our Environmental consulting company can issue a “certificate of damage” if you know someone damaged, have them call: 817 738 9595, or go to: www.environment-solutions.com For more photos and still shots go to: www.bootheglobalperspectives.com
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MOXNews.com June 14, 2010 MSNBC The ED Show

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  1. benboothe says:

    YOU CAN HELP, FORWARD THIS. THESE GUYS HAVE A SOLUTION TO THE GULF CRISIS. Something you can do? Forward this video. They don’t want money, they have a natural solution! Do something, send this to a friend!.

  2. NatureCitizan says:

    im with u! if we wont start changin we will destroy all beautyful places on this planet!
    then it will become in the movies u see and lough and say that cant happen…. it happens, it happens now! if we dont start protecting our planet all nature and animals will be forced to die 🙁

    start protecting ur planet today!
    do ur part!

  3. benboothe says:

    It seems that we have had more than our share of “events” that have hurt our nation. If you look at them, perhaps it is instructive. Economic Meltdown (caused by years of deregulation), Oil Spill (caused by relaxation of safety rules), Housing Crisis (caused by corruption and no one to control the rich Wall Street Crowd). We have let the “big boys” take over our nation’s economy,now they are raping us.

  4. Anothercoilgun says:

    Great efforts. I like the simple solutions. But after watching this video at about 5:37 “the economy”, I am not wondering if this is another attack on the economy just like the housing bubble. Why are there so many incidents as of late driving the U.S. economy into oblivious?

  5. CartoonPoem says:

    WTF he really said reptilians lol…he’s insane…

  6. andrew09211 says:

    oh wow reptilians are real.

  7. lessermystery says:

    this anthony parantonio is a sensation seeker, nothing more. he’s doing more schmoozing than reporting here. all those gestures with the left hand suggest he’s not telling the truth.

  8. jamesleica8 says:

    @xxironballzxx Nationalize it… As in communism? How very unAmerican, and can the US nationalise a multinational that is only 39% US owned and 40% UK owned? No. But BP may be forced to look for a buyer. Its then up to who will offer the shareholders the best price. And my money is on either Russias [post-communism] JSC-Gazprom/ Lukoil / or similar. Or how about China, they have the big cash surpluss. So it may finish up nationalised ….by the Russians.

  9. jamesleica8 says:

    The Piper Alpha disaster killed 167 people. No action was taken against US owned Occidental Oil
    In Bhopal, US owned Union Carbide disaster killed 15,000 Today 390 tons of toxic waste pollutes the groundwater. The US accepts no responsibly.
    BP lost 11 workers and massive pollution. Tragic..yes..but insignificant compared to the US disregard for human life
    BP should oppose every claim against it. Obama has his boot on the neck of US+UK pension funds. We in Britain think the US can go to Hell

  10. tubeyouabc1 says:

    It’s all about reptillian attitude

  11. MrTabby5000 says:

    @tmp2k .

    Maybe florida deserves that for voting 8 years of bush cheney

  12. drizztmay says:

    what a joke

  13. cocobear33 says:

    jezz two fucking idiots

  14. thementalpatient2005 says:

    @gwellyn2 lol

  15. ReliableInsider says:


    ronpaulbot is doing parody, and, yes, it is almost impossible to tell the difference

    The real Rand Paul has already said, publicly, on the record, that in his view nobody is responsible for the spill.

  16. tmp2k says:

    This spill is going to end when all the oils has left the oil field … but then the water will start flowing back into it … and then the water will start to boil and lift the ground and then a giant tsunami will wipe out Florida.

  17. pianohbc says:

    Are we to believe obama is really cross with his sunsymbol masonic brothers at BP?? ?9/11 again? venus cycle ritual?? population reduction? martial law? fearmongering at the very least. I am sure a hidden agenda is in hand

  18. buttfuckbilbo says:

    @ZionistWorldOrder yup

  19. elxatoo says:

    i like this guy. to bad everyone cant get as pissed as him.

  20. dude12nothin says:

    1 broke…so we build 2. ya…ugh

  21. controlfreakssuckass says:


  22. UkTruthSeeker2009 says:

    @gwellyn2 Well if they arent they act like it. Have you seen the video I sent you Poisonous gases measured in air around oil spill Benzene and another gas they said for people to just move from the area as soon as illness starts happening that is too late Move now I say and stay safe. God I can`t believe these half soaked reporters and so called specialists

  23. gwellyn2 says:

    @UkTruthSeeker2009 hahaha its funny

  24. jsmith2142 says:

    the lead guy on the rig continued operation after being informed the main safety valve was warped saying there was no time to fix it. HANG HIM. rape and murder and diddling kids, those things are awful and deserve severe punishment, but this oil thing is in another whole terrible realm of terrible crimes. its a crime against millions worse than any serial killer. these super crimes by super corporations like the oil spill and financial fiascos need to start being “properly” punished.

  25. WvMISKAvW says:

    Google “BP Volcano”; this is much bigger than an ‘oil spill’ . . . : (

  26. minteko says:

    I don’t know why they just don’t unbolt that broken top flange and a put new one in with an isolating valve.

  27. ZionistWorldOrder says:

    We have no secure way of stopping the oil leak. It is estimated that if it continues for around 3 years, it will make most marine life around the world to die off. There is your population reduction for you. The NWO are beside themselves with joy!

  28. niemanickurwa says:

    Well done BP, good work.

  29. UkTruthSeeker2009 says:

    @gwellyn2 Yes you did LOL
    Thats what I call being honest hehehe

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