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Oil Spill Reality: Pushing Back on the Myths and Smears

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints

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  1. cheshirkat says:


  2. Johntkr says:

    BP could have used safety measures that would have prevented deaths of wild life and careers of fisherman and tourist industry. The billionaires of BP did not want to spend 500k that would have prevented this mess. Find out the names of BP, because they will sell fuel under different names. Avoid buying gas from BP company names. Google them and find out how to best boycott them.

  3. vinner38 says:

    obama’s katrina

  4. sexycarln says:

    Why not play the mslsd bias comments on the same issue? Overman and pat are quick to take up for obummer

  5. whoyouare13 says:

    WOW bill oreilly DEFENDING President Obama?! Now I think I have turely seen it all

  6. Magnumanxxl says:

    Some assholes are buying that the oil spill is Obama Katrina from fox bussnuts.

    P.S. glad to see that Fox news is throwing Hannity under the bus cause he started that sh*t

  7. Magnumanxxl says:

    Some assholes are buying that the oil spill is Obama Katrina from fox bussnuts.

    P.S. glad to see that Fox news is throwing Hannity under the bus cause he started that sh*t

  8. Johngeiger747 says:

    @smithjohnson112 Cap and Trade goes to congress today,…still think i need a tin foil hat.
    But don’t worry you’ll never hear or see about it over the BP senate hearings.
    HUMMM BP senate hearings while Cap and Trade bill goes infront of congress.
    like i said hummmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Mackaframmalamma says:

    I can’t believe I’m seeing this.

  10. Allamericom says:

    As we all know What oil? You all are concern with oil when I can’t even find my birth certificate.
    Don’t look any closer do what I – i mean what you are doing be good my puppets. Love Hussein I mean Bar-rock Obama

  11. Boomer1949 says:

    So the oil people put a call into Fox and told them to shut their fucking mouth about criticizing Obama about the oil spill. Who would have the power, considering the magnitude and difficulty of capping the spill, to halt all off shore drilling until every one of the wells were inspected for safety? Obama that’s who, SO DON’T PISS HIM THE HELL OFF..AND SHUT THE FUCK UP. Message received loud and clear.

  12. fractalbuddha says:

    Rationalism. Better late than never.

  13. manonthemount says:

    fox news: backpedal backpedal backpedal

  14. koren1124 says:

    Occasionally he’s known to give people he disagrees with some credit. Reason out of all the right wing talk show hosts I think he’s the less crazy of them all even if I disagree with most of what he says.

  15. nek0s says:

    @Goldleader727 Fox news has to defend Obama on this issue. The Republicans are much deeper in the pockets of the oil companies then Democrats… Please don’t take that as Democrats haven’t been bought off by the terrorist/oil companies either, they have !

  16. 691015005 says:

    Wait a second, I agree with O’Reily….whats going on here?! Something’s amiss!

  17. voyeurdug says:

    In both cases, the U.S. Coast Guard responded first, and without orders from some “above”. Individual field-grade commanders took their units in and kept their flag officers advised. Yaaay, Coasties!!!

  18. Orlor says:

    @drhu Here’s a quote from the Tenn Governor about the FEMA response.

    “FEMA and the White House could not have been more helpful in this thing,”

    It sounds to me that FEMA is doing ok by his standard.

    Now, do you care to point to someone who claims that it was Bush’s responsibility to stop the hurricane?

  19. Orlor says:

    @dejahthoris I think you may be replying to the wrong person here. I’m not the one claiming that nothing is being done in Nashville.

  20. dragonflychainsaw says:

    yeah bill has a good marketing ploy going

  21. WKaliberr says:

    my sister loves cum

  22. dejahthoris says:

    @Orlor Where are you getting that nothing is being done for Nashville? They can’t vacuum up the water. They ARE going door to door in EVERY affected neighborhood and making sure folks are all right and offering them help. That is EXACTLY what they did when it flooded here in Georgia last year. We had Biden pitching in and helping and ANYONE who wanted help, got it!!!!!!!!!!

  23. dejahthoris says:

    @Goldleader727 I think reality is going to collide on itself and restart the time-space continuum. Perhaps Spock and Kirk are about to land on the Enterprise and tell us this was a Klingon trick.

  24. wtfoof says:

    I think Faux News is pulling back because even their idiot views aren’t stupid enough to think that Obama is responsible for the BP leak.

  25. RadarKat73080 says:

    Who was that last guy and what did he do with the REAL Bill O’Reilly?

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