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Oil Spill Reaches Gulf Coast Threatens Worst US Environmental Disaster

Posted on June 11, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil is starting to wash ashore in the US state of Louisiana, threatening the coastline’s delicate wildlife. President Obama’s sent cabinet officials to deal with the crisis and pledged to use ‘every single available resource’ to respond. The spill comes from a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico which sank after an explosion, killing 11 workers. Coast guards say up to five-thousand barrels of oil a day are spewing into the sea. Wake Up From This Matrix (Msg Me). SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Copyright: www.youtube.com

— Evidence Points To BP Oil Spill False Flag — Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones rawstory.com www.prisonplanet.com www.infowars.com www.infowars.net Tuesday, Jun 8th, 2010 – Sales of shares and stocks in days and weeks beforehand – Halliburton link, acquisition of cleanup company days before explosion – BP report cites undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment – Government uses disaster to push for Carbon Tax, Nationalization talk Troubling evidence surrounding the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20th suggests that the incident could have been manufactured. On April 12th, just over one week before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, Halliburton, the world’s second largest oilfield services corporation, surprised some by acquiring Boots & Coots, a relatively small but vastly experienced oil well control companies. The company deals with fires and blowouts on oil rigs and oil wells. It was responsible for putting out roughly one third of the more than 700 oil well fires set in Kuwait by retreating Iraqi soldiers during the Gulf War. The deal itself is still under scrutiny with Boots and Coots facing an ongoing investigation into “possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law” Where this information gets really interesting is with the fact that Halliburton is named in the majority of some two dozen lawsuits filed since the explosion by Gulf Coast people and businesses who claim that the company is to blame for the disaster. Halliburton was
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  1. TrueGreatness73 says:

    @jesusisbling yes, now your talking.

  2. jesusisbling says:

    I agree, to a point. I would like to storm their corporate headquarters with a few thousand people, carry them out of the boardroom, take them to the streets and lynch them from light poles in front of their building.
    That would send a message…..

  3. TrueGreatness73 says:

    @jesusisbling boycott until they clean it up?? that mess will never be fully cleaned up and boycotting is like a slap to the wrist to BP.. They deserve the death sentence, them and the whole bilderberg group thats all in this

  4. jesusisbling says:

    Boycott BP until they clean it ALL up!

  5. dahoss2x says:

    Thanks Obama, for waiting almost two weeks to act on the Federal level. It seems that he let his buddies at BP try to clean up the mess itself because they contributed MILLIONS to his Presidential campaign.

  6. snooch1975 says:

    weve become soft lumpy week many will simply die only the strong survive

  7. MrBuckwilliam says:

    @Dreadytube it is a sorry state if that is the way things go these days and if things go the way that the last major false flag thing went in the united states, then we’ll never have justice served. many innocent folks once again pay for the plans of the few with money. though this time the effects will reach many more and much farther.

  8. Dreadytube says:

    @MrBuckwilliam It’s like ANYTHING goes, these days.. (Makes me puke though) We the people HAVE to stop this!

  9. MrBuckwilliam says:

    holy kripes

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