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Oil Spill Effect on Wildlife

Posted on June 17, 2010 by bp complaints

New images of distressed birds in Grand Isle, La., angers critics of the BP oil spill and adds pressure to the effort to contain the oil spill’s damaging effects, reports Mark Strassman.
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  1. vivecan2005 says:

    I think they should remove all pipes and all instruments from that damn hole and cover that hole with some sort of substance such as cement, concrete or something. I am surprised that despite of great innovation in Geology they don’t have any risk management methods to stop this spill.

  2. 4stR322 says:

    The birds have more to worry about than drowning in oil. this spill is gonna effect the ocean microscopically. All the micro-organisms that are food for the the oceans invertebrate are most at risk. really, bp has destroyed the food chain

  3. AsianTaliban says:

    @munkeychunkeyfunkey your not superman ur just a well developed countries…still corrupt

  4. SpermWorldNumber1Fan says:

    B.P. thinks that by hiding the images of the wildlife that is suffering it will minimize the outrage people have toward the company. I say BOYCOTT B.P. until they lose everything they need to get the lead out of their fat cat asses and fix this problem already. it shouldn’t be taking this long to get them to do something about it. how about a pollution tax for them? lets see them get taxed for every day this continues and then see how fast they act to stop it.

  5. BarnHwk says:

    BP told us that there would still be a leak after putting the LMRP on, so why the hell is the gvmt allowing this if it’s not going to seal it completely? Why do “we” feel that a continous leak is acceptable??? Does the government think the environment will be A-Okay with a slower leak? F’in stop the leak NOW and try and salvage it LAAAAATER when the damn permanent fix is done being built… two months from now. Can you not wait two f’in months???  Quit messing around!

  6. droidikadoublej says:

    that was a british oil rig, and some of the oil is floating to mexico we might have world war 3 on our hands

  7. munkeychunkeyfunkey says:

    I heard that this will not stop until August and that’s pretty scary

    We’ve won wars saved other countries, but we cant stop an oil spill what the hell is wrong with us America?!

  8. PinkloverT says:

    This is truly truly scary. Somebody has to stop this or they’re will be serious consequences.

  9. Xendrius says:

    The CIA blew up the oilrig.

  10. TOMMYKITT1020 says:


  11. Kelbert88 says:

    BP may be one of the biggest companies in the world but they’ll struggle to survive this catastrophe. Their reputation is in tatters and it’s unbelieveable to think such a massive company didn’t even have safeguards in place to prevent this. . .

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