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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part197) – Eric Burris Gives Tuesday Oil Spill Forecast

Posted on June 13, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part!
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  1. zanteidesu says:


  2. seredenko87 says:

    the air is for thy recollection.
    may the deaths of billions of corals fish and sea mammals be painless…
    Eternal galactic black hole, have mercy on us all

  3. inconformant says:

    hurricane will bring all the oil right on florida soil, which will make it all seem like the oil came from land. 🙂

  4. robertb2468 says:

    Definition of Low IQ is” ur , ur , ur , ur” the teabag corporatists use this dumb spelling all the time on there signs

  5. nomindcafe says:

    He says, “We are going to have to ‘deal’ with some oil over the next several weeks”

    yea sure pal

  6. analyzingfunny says:

    Doppler 5 Oil Radar! Only on Channel 5! all we need is geet, dammit. get geet.

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