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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 Gulf (part06) -The Disaster of Oil Spills

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part!
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Cousteau Jr.: ‘This Is a Nightmare… a Nightmare’ Philippe Cousteau Jr. and Sam Champion take hazmat dive into Gulf’s oily waters. 05/25/2010 Regulators Accepted Gifts From Oil Industry, Report US Coast Guard estimates of the amount of oil surging into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon rig may be low by a factor of 10 or more, National Public Radio has reported. Analysis of sea floor video made available Wednesday by BP suggests that 70000 barrels a day are pouring into the Gulf, not 5000 barrels a day as estimated by the Coast Guard, the report says. If the analysis by Purdue University professor Steve Werely is correct, the amount of oil in the Gulf has already exceeded, every 4 days, the 250000 barrels spilled in the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker accident in Alaska. The amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico may be at least 10 times the size of official estimates, according to an exclusive analysis conducted for NPR. At NPR’s request, experts examined video that BP released Wednesday. Their findings suggest the BP spill is already far larger than the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident in Alaska, which spilled at least 250000 barrels of oil. BP has said repeatedly that there is no reliable way to measure the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by looking at the oil gushing out of the pipe. But scientists say there are actually many proven techniques for doing just that. Steven Wereley, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, analyzed
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  1. ground5443 says:

    BP has opened a PANDORA’S BOX in the Ocean…..this is so heart breaking!! All those marine animals dying…..Oil Companies Greed has started dooms day for our oceans and our coasts….We Knew this was going to happen eventually if they kept Drilling in out coasts….But they Ignored our warnings and instead Ridiculed our concerns, NOW LOOK AT WHAT WE GOT

  2. drewpoc88 says:

    this video is really really sad 🙁
    but the music made me really happy for some odd reason.

  3. DezinerGirl411 says:

    BP sucks at life

  4. DoktorSick says:

    @aaaalamo they have to use those devices everyone else when they drill but thinks to be bush and chaney they didn’t to use them here off america’s coast.

  5. lovelyloyaltee says:

    your lack uv interest and concerns bothers me … this is devastating how selfish are you! .. praying for you and leaving you alone if you are not at all concernd about the OILL SPILL

  6. sumachuya says:

    That is painful!…. stop oil spill not given the choice to use our continet to extract more oil. Go far away!.

  7. TheBzzer says:

    T_T damn those greedy bastads

  8. aaaalamo says:

    this ingeners sometimes I wonder. if there will be a rule to have insatal a “relief / by-pass valve” with alarms and electronics, (the technology is there) and the investment is worted and we pay anyway the cost; j ust like the one in every water heater in avery home routed to a safe place. excuse my bad spelling.

  9. boisebear says:

    This just sickens me…..

  10. marisascurves says:

    i want 2 help …but how

  11. anonwillprevail247 says:

    (crying my eyes out!)

  12. Allamericom says:

    Obama’s plan got people to go to work

  13. Janet6961 says:

    Not unexpected at all…anyone that thought this wouldn’t happen,didn’t have thier eyes open…this is just the beginning and most people couldn’t care at all,because they don’t want thier perfect lttle lives to be upset….well soon they will have no choice as some huge changes are coming for all…good luck…

  14. qimag1 says:

    Stop Dispersants APPLICATION PLEASE

  15. Selbsttranszendenz says:

    Analysis of sea floor video made available Wednesday by BP suggests that 70,000 barrels a day are pouring into the Gulf, not 5,000 barrels a day .
    The 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker accident in Alaska has spilled 250,000 barrels,
    so there has been spilled 1 exxon valdez amount per 4 days !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. RevoltorAdapt says:

    It’s a sorry state we are in. This disaster could prove to be the breaking point to bring in global government or the tipping point to raise public dissatisfaction with the fake economy & slave market system

  17. HyperionAnBellarmin says:

    Biggest oil spill ever !

  18. Habasch78 says:

    This accident will cause more cancer than smokers do by themselfs. Oil is contaminate our foodchain. What does that mean? Smoke is going to be a healthy thing. Strange, isn`t it? But that`ll turn to our reality. All cleaners should be given weed for free, it helps against headace and all cancer instituitions should swap their mind and take a focus on our real cancerproducer. Oil Gulf, Prypiat, Nucleartests, a.l.m.

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