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Oil slick engineers suffer major setback

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

itnnews — May 09, 2010 — Back to the drawing board: BP engineers suffer major oil spill setback. Copyright itnnews 2010 BP oil spill disaster Louisiana gulf of mexico environment beach rig plan b fails setback Florida Mississippi environmental deep sea ice crystals oil leak fix

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  1. fal2grace says:

    @JeepChew all the dispersant does is to spread it out so you can’t see the oil spill as well… it’s still there… they must really think we’re stupid:)

  2. JeepChew says:

    Just add dispersant! Yeah, sweap the mess under the rug where people won’t see it.
    Yes Waiter, I’ll take the Shrimp with 40 weight and garlic sauce. Don’t worry, Big Oil and Big Pharms will team up to find a Treatment for your oil soaked sea food caused cancer. Pretty sad when eating freshwater carp will be safer.

  3. fal2grace says:

    @JeepChew 🙂 thanks

  4. JeepChew says:

    Who Put the Oil Slick Under the Sea? SpongeBob BP!
    Lets just round up all the Bibles and dump over oil well. Maybe there will be a Miracle.

  5. fal2grace says:

    @EquivocallyAbsurd I know….your user name is the perfect response to this:)

  6. EquivocallyAbsurd says:

    “…BP’s promised not to give up…”, it’s their flipping mess!

  7. donniebrasco24 says:

    @lcbaudar give it some time this spill is still a baby, they are nowhere near containing it…

  8. lcbaudar says:

    @donniebrasco24 Actually this is close to the Valdez spill, which is only the 34th largest oil spill. Several sea well pipes have ruptured in the past which went on for as long as a year unrepaired. Marine life didn’t get killed off and oil prices didn’t cause a global depression. But nevertheless this is a tragic event.

  9. fal2grace says:

    @mbrowshan It’s totally idiotic. thanks

  10. mbrowshan says:

    New BP slogans……” Now you really can afford that beach house.” and ” Visit Florida and Louisiana , now lubed for your pleasure.” Leave it to big oil to drill a mile deep with no real plan to stop this catastrophic event…..Idiots!

  11. eliasmouawad says:

    Oil is the source of major problems like global warming and wars
    damn it

  12. mcgrawtim123 says:

    I watched the film footage of those welders putting together that “steel dome” and about died laughing. I thought of Mr. McGoo trying to fix a broken faucet with a thimble.
    Sad story. Thanks for the video.

  13. donniebrasco24 says:

    this is going to be the worst disaster in history… well aside from ww3 funny thing now is that we will pay much more at the pump for their stupid mistake, they should be giving us gasoline for free for years for fucking up our environment…

  14. spinalfluidontap says:

    @ShillBasher There were measures in place for just such an emergency but Bush/Cheney changed that. Personally I think we have to get the fuck away from oil all together. Never mind drilling in the ocean. The bastards are eyeing the Arctic now.
    Three more months of this at least and huricane season is just around the corner.

  15. isaacnd200 says:

    How about the fact that the crude is a type that actually emulsifies with water. That’s right. There are many types of crude. A veritable rainbow of flavors for you oil nuts out there.. Anybody with basic chemistry experience knows acids break down oils , and salt is an acid. Right now this is a small spill compared to ones in the past, but we all know it has the potential to go from being a disaster to a nightmare if they can’t stop it. Support bio-diesel.

  16. ShillBasher says:

    Thanks, I thought a comment like that was comming my way : )

    All I’m really saying is: let’s try to be less intensively depressive about these things. They happen and there’s not much we can do but learn from our mistakes and try to prevent the same thing from happening again.

  17. isaacnd200 says:

    How can it be considered an accident when it wouldn’t have happened if the well was properly outfitted ? I call BS. Also something to consider….many deep ocean wells are outfitted with a last resort that is a high explosive that can be detonated to close the well FACT .Soviets have used nukes 3 times to do this above ground, once for a 3 year uncontrolable gas burnoff.ALSO FACT. BP is only concerned with capturing the oil to refine and sell. They could have closed it right away.

  18. chena3 says:

    hope that relief well works

    if not
    we will have to explode that well shut …
    what a mess …

  19. seseljsrs says:

    A plan B could take some time……

    That’s why they call it BP…..

    It’s BRITISH Petroleum, don’t be fooled.


    The worst environmental offender of our times,
    BRITISH Petroleum.

  20. Airave says:

    Meh…. at least Katla is till sleeping
    and Eros if far away… for now….
    Still, enjoy Life best you can! 🙂

  21. seseljsrs says:

    Just a reminder it’s BRITISH Petroleum.
    Don’t be fooled, it’s BRITISH Petroleum.
    The name of the company is BRITISH Petroleum.
    The headquarters is BRITISH in Eldorado Island (England).
    It’s BRITISH Petroleum – BRITISH.
    BRITISH Petroleum is responsible for the oil slick.
    BRITISH Petroleum is the worst ecological offender of our times.
    BRITISH Petroleum is wreaking a genocide on Gulf of Mexico wildlife.
    BRITISH Petroleum is filth.

  22. spinalfluidontap says:

    @ShillBasher You could do PR work for BP. 🙂

  23. ShillBasher says:


    Asking me “when has something like this happed before” shows that you have not bothered to research it yourself. When you do research it make sue to also look up ways in which the oil can be controled and biodegraded. As I said, yes this is a disaster but it sounds like your overreacting big time!
    Get a grip of yourself and do some research instead of just yelling “we’re doomed”!

  24. spinalfluidontap says:

    @ShillBasher When has something like this happened before? Have you looked at the numbers? 5000barrels ( I doubt that is the truth) a day for the next three months, at least, gushing into the ocean. 25,000 cubic miles of oil are in that deposite.Not to mention the gas. Then there will be problems with the sea floor, Seriously when has this happened before? Something like 1/5 of the worlds sea food comes from there. Maybe you’re right. This is no big deal.

  25. NowisEvollovetion says:

    Why don’t they just buy a plastic system for repairing such problems from CHINA?

    Everything else comes from CHINA.

    Seriously though, what a damn shame.

  26. djcolin says:

    dead zones…

  27. phyxiusone says:

    Rachel Maddow talked about this last night. Problem is – the microbes use up oxygen in the water, leaving massive dead zones. I cant post links, but go to her site and watch her interview with Dr Samantha Joye, titled “Oil plumes, Gulf’s unseen disaster” – skip to 5:15

  28. Seldona says:

    I want to see BP and Coast Guard officials answering for why this has not been used extensively from the very beginning. Monday morning!

    A groundswell of grassroots support needs to make this the main issue front and center. Send this to your news venues, right or left.

    This goes beyond politics, race, religion, money, or any other reason we use to separate ourselves. IF the science on this is solid, and I admit I know nothing about bio-remediation, than I actually might feel some hope.

  29. RamsesReturns says:

    I remember a microbe experiment 15 years ago. It amazing. Can you imagine if it’s not cleaned up before hurricane season? Oil is lighter than water…

  30. LibertaerUeberAlles says:

    That’s a neat idea. I hope it’s tried!

  31. GrievousCommander says:

    Cool story, bird.

  32. smileytrucker says:

    posted on my twitter and facebook.. thanks for posting!

  33. kixdirtsevin says:

    and it will never go down…… so sad.

  34. nonaCbarC says:

    😀 Thanx Bro. 😀
    Did you check out the link I sent you??

  35. nonaCbarC says:

    I’m sorry about all the redundant massages. Something’s wrong with YT or certain servers or something, every time when I wrote a comment & clicked ‘Post’, I got an error sign. So, I did it again again until it said ‘OK’. But now I come back to here & see three of my comments which are exactly the same. so, something’s not working properly here.
    Cheers, Bro, Sir.

  36. Federaljacktube says:

    @nonaCbarC Go right ahead

  37. nonaCbarC says:

    Hey, Jack, can I upload this??

  38. nonaCbarC says:

    It’s not only oil but also sewages can be cleaned this way. So, them (govt) putting chemical to treat drinking H2O is all Bullshit.
    Check out the link above.

  39. nonaCbarC says:

    This is very good Jack. I read about this before & I forgot. I send you a link

  40. ZullGostnu2 says:

    It looks like the problem is the Federal Government. It is time to do away with the federal system. Tell all the states affected… Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana . If a hurricane sucks up this oil and brings it inland, we are going to see a bigger mess. Thanks for posting this video.

  41. RamsesReturns says:

    Remember the Globalists don’t want a solution. They want control. So they want this “accident” to be heavy on everyone’s mind. Much the same way they have been pushing global warming. If we are given problems that are international in scope, they assume we will accept they Global Government, then “their regulations could prevent things like this.” They are cunning and sick. So we must be wise.

  42. rebelrouser444 says:

    No video needs to become viral more than this one right now! SPREAD IT PEOPLE!!! ~~~PEACE

  43. jmabela says:

    thank you so much for sharing this!

  44. TheFreedomship says:

    We gotta get Alex to talk about this on Monday’s show, and maybe get him to get one of the experts from one of these companies on the show during the week. I will email him to suggest this, can you all do the same?? The more the merrier.

  45. animefangz says:

    @Judy101101 its ok it didnt say u gave a thumbs down it says 0 thumbs down

  46. animefangz says:

    i’m sending this to all my friends this needs to get around

  47. billybbob18 says:

    Everyone mirror this! EVERYONE. The uploader is not looking for fame. This is dire.
    We have permission to spread this! Do it NOW!

  48. Judy101101 says:

    @BLLAARRRGG I agree, we need to just get out and do it don’t wait fo the big contract

  49. Judy101101 says:

    @fuzzy4504 opps my mouse gave you a thumbs down – sorry I was just mousing down lol

  50. Judy101101 says:

    @TheGoodnessIsGood ya kill all human life and it will come back to life.

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