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Oil rig spill set on fire in Gulf of Mexico

Posted on June 16, 2010 by bp complaints

The US Coast Guard on April 29, 2010, released a video clip showing a portion of the controlled burn of Deepwater Horizon oil rig oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Read continuing coverage of the oil rig spill at www.al.com
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  1. kc2olb says:

    @pow595 that co2 would have been released anyway when people use the very oil that they are burning on the ocean

  2. underpantswedgy says:

    @crakamartin The RIG was actually American owned by a company called Transocean. BP lease it from them!

  3. pow595 says:

    why would they set it on fire and more co2 fucking bp just fucking pot more presure on british pepole

  4. crakamartin says:

    @dindent76 The oil rig was a BP – BRITISH petroleum.

  5. dindent76 says:

    burn the us for god sake!!!

  6. ReneeNme says:

    Not at all what I expected. I wanted to see A WALL OF FLAME BABY !!!

  7. azjeff1971 says:

    Burn Baby Burn!

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