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Oil Leak Rupturing?

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

Live oil feed of what looks like the leak has ruptured to some degree … if you go watch the live streams now you can clearly see the oil is flowing at a more “energetic” rate then it was just a couple hours ago. Hopefully their testing for the “top kill” procedure didn’t just go bust.

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    @o0Levitikuz0o – the best world potential to stop the leak already work for BP.

  2. boots920 says:

    Don’t pay your Federal Taxes, when they come for you you’ll have to die.
    Die on your feet or on your knees, that’s what’s coming.
    40 years of counterfeiting – its only paper right nothing backing it.
    You either die now or die latter on your knees. Doesn’t have to be this way get Obama out of office for starts he can’t even prove citizenship that’s ridiculous.

  3. wetweasel56 says:

    @boots920, and how exactly are we supposed to stop this government that has full control over the military?
    When everyone in politics is corrupt who will do the prosecuting?

    It’s not as easy as you make it or we would have done it decades ago. Right now, we have our vote and we are voting out these people that are the root of the problem. That’s all that we can do short of taking to the streets with our guns. But then there’s that military thing we have to get past.

  4. boots920 says:

    Simple US constitution
    – sound money
    – end the stupid wars
    – start prosecuting the assholes destroying your country
    You know like George Bush the war criminal and Obama the illegal immigrant.
    You folks won’t wake up, so you implode can’t stop that.

  5. wetweasel56 says:

    @boots920, we know what’s going on. So if you are so brilliant why don’t you tell us how you would stop it.

    Can’t? No surprise.

  6. TallkittenOne says:

    Always Pass the Buck…. GREED/Control and the collapse of our country is what a lot of this is about. Playing GOD Creator, destroying our earth and seas….MUCH MORE To what meets the eye. Do your homework and dont believe its all about BP
    They intend to collapse our country and take it over, meanwhile destruction on every hand. NO amount of money or manpower can restore of fix this problem! SAD the hearts of those are waxed COLD as STEEL and de =humanized!

  7. Boundlesscleric says:

    Man the fact is Americas head is stuck so far up satans ass.

  8. DJVICARENA1977 says:

    rumors are going around that youtube or some other force unknow to us is blocking negative posting of bp which is a violation of our freedom of speech I think the DOJ is going to have to step in and investigate this alligation.

  9. dvmcgovern says:

    @mattmatt115 Good luck with that honey. Daph

  10. mattmatt115 says:

    @odeswx Well considering that treasonous Bush, Cheney, and Obama have either engaged in, profitted from, or perpetuated the deregulation that allowed this to happen, i would say this fits the bill of an inside job. But still, it doesnt matter, Americans will take it in the ass like they did with Building 7 on 9/11, the immediate cleanup of debris from the CRIME SITE at the Pentagon, and all the other lies

  11. boots920 says:


    Americans are totally oblivious to what’s going on. They have no idea how screwed they are.
    40 years of counterfeiting currency means total implosion of society.

  12. mattmatt115 says:

    @dvmcgovern Go pray before they come for you, let the rest of us handle the beheading of the snake while you wait for jesus

  13. mattmatt115 says:

    America is under siege.
    The Russians proposed nuking the floor of the sea, why not scale it back a bit, DRILL some holes into the ocean floor AROUND the well, put in some conventional warheads, detonate and SEAL the fucking well for good! Instead we have to watch them play games like little children who are trying to stay awake past their bed time and their parents are about to snapon them
    But in this case, Americans wont snap they are unable

  14. Faztlan says:

    The Voice of freedom has spoken, Viva La Revolucion Mi Gente! Ron Paul 2012!!

  15. curiouschem says:

    that’s a lot of pollution

  16. codini2000 says:

    this is exactly what i envision is going to happen when they do the top kill. theyre just going to be pushing more shit through the tube, the tube is gonna break even more, not clog.

  17. dvmcgovern says:

    The Illuminati NWO have a single purpose and that is to take as many souls to hell with them as they can. Wake up people this is a Spiritual war that has been manifested physically. It cannot be stopped. It has been written. Come to Christ and accept Him as savior while there is still time. He is the Peace that Passes all understanding. Amen and Amen.

  18. boots920 says:

    Nixon – only gold and sliver coin is US legal tender – Nixon ends sound money nobody says anything.
    Vietnam war – common purpose – “end gold backing of US dollar”
    Its all by agenda since 1913 – they want us dead , have no doubt .
    Inbreeding causes insanity (they have endless wealth to fuck up the planet)
    Nobody objects, Social Genocide being going on for centuries

  19. boots920 says:

    Subversion – Rule of law (even common sense) is subverted
    Perfect example – counterfeiting paper money destroys society
    1923 Germany was deliberately done to the German people (hyper inflation)
    Result social genocide nobody says anything.
    Nixon – only gold and sliver coin is US legal tender – Nixon ends sound money nobody says anything.

  20. boots920 says:

    Of course it is – the sitting president can’t even show a long form birth certificate for fucks sake.
    He jerks off to the destruction nightly, the US taxpayer pays their government to murder them. People won’t wake up , so they will die.
    The planet’s better off believe me, USA – Fascist Police State counterfeiting world reserve currency into oblivion. High gold price.

  21. boots920 says:

    Off topic but previous subversion – destruction of people nobody cares
    Churchill side deal with Henry Ford not to bomb his German truck factories ?
    Hitler – Stalingrad – the German army could have broken out, Hitler order them to stand – were slaughtered nobody cares – perfect murder
    Miricle at Dunkirk – The allies were against the beaches , but if the Germans slaughtered them the war would have been too short.
    Patton knew – they (banks) murdered him

  22. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @boots920 hmm .. I’m afraid that sounds about right … hopefully from the gov’t deliberate act of doing nothing, (which I don’t know if I can call that an “act”) this will backfire and at least expose their true intentions to a lot more Americans. Other then that I don’t know of any other good things that could come from this.

  23. boots920 says:

    Its a subversive war tactic – look how many Americans are going to lose their income and lives.
    The US taxpayer pays the corporations and government to kill them.
    The well could have been re-completed weeks ago.
    The US government should have been coordinating the clean up, they do nothing. American hamsters won’t wake up.

  24. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @odeswx That is beside the point now … The gov’t with out a doubt has sat on their hands this whole time … continually passing the buck to BP … when does it become “bad enough” to kick BP out of the way and use all great potential around the world to stop this leak.

  25. odeswx says:

    Was this an inside job?

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