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Oil Forecast: Spill drifting toward Florida’s West Coast; 120 miles from Tampa Bay

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

— — WFSFCS West Florida Continental Shelf forecast of surface trajectories for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 120-hour Forecast, May 30, 2010 – June 3, 2010 An arm of the oil slick appears to have exited the Loop Current and is drifting eastward aided by onshore winds. By June 3, oil is predicted to be 120 miles off the coast of Tampa Bay and Florida’s west coast. Satellite Imagery: NOAA Video: floridaoilspilllaw.com Tags dispersant riser pipe syphon gulf louisiana alabama mississippi miami lauderdale tampa “st. pete” “palm beach” turtles coral reef pelicans dolphins terns oilspill oilslick oil BP Deepwater Horizon Transocean Halliburton Anadarko wellhead junkshot containment boom dome rov rig blowout preventer “lower marine riser” LMRP “top hat” “top kill” containment dome hat ixtoc exxon valdez volcano geyser loop current gulfstream “new orleans” biloxi
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  1. robslick718 says:

    I feel sad for our environment. I feel ashamed that I depend on the very oil that is destroying us. Its a bad time for life humanity and mother earth.

  2. kabrowe says:

    and I find it hard to beleive US government is not doing all they can to solve this situation. This is by far the worst incident since.. you name it. I mean there is still oil coming out the pipes. Not even scientists can predict the damage this will cause.

  3. 1lasttyrant says:

    bp sucksthey will fkup the planet

  4. imthisonenigga says:

    if this is true then thats really fucked up and ive seen it on some other videos saying its 20 miles from florida right now…. this is like an attack on america

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