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BP Complaints


Posted on June 21, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com June 04, 2010 MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show
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  1. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1/Manstalker, Gay This, Gay That! Fucking Yawn, And More Pointless Jargon!

  2. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor More gay cut and pasting!

  3. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1/Manstalker, More Pointless Jargon!

  4. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor MORE CUT AND PASTE! Less manliness. Maddow would be proud

  5. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1/Manstalker, More Pointless Jargon!

  6. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor HOMO SAYS WHAT? See other video for my reply to your cut and paste.

  7. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1, ok man stalker! You’ve offered pretty much the same statement on 3 different videos. Your obsession with gay is your own issue! I’ve tried to explain that redirecting your internal issues on others is truly flawed logic, yet you continue! You’ll never self heal if you continue denying something you clearly have an issue with! Wasting words on you is a moot point as you’re clearly talking just to talk. “Pointless Jargon” will be my response to your drivel from now on! Self entertain, bitch!

  8. 911LIARS says:


  9. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor Don’t be ashamed of yourself homo. It’s the person, not the persuasion that counts! LOL

  10. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1, you still have no point, or at least none that can be seen, seeing as how you removed them on the video I posted here. Your mission will be as successful as your namesake you pointless man stalking troller! Your continual showing of interest in my sexuality is disturbing. Left Wing huh? You’re an idiot. It’s not only common of The Right to label people that don’t concur with their lunacy as that, but you bitches have a patent on redirecting your sexual issues on others! LMFAO, well done!

  11. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor I’m clearly on a mission to expose your gay ass masquerading as a super patriot you left wing collectivist scum. Was that your face I saw on NBC’s coverage of gay weekend on Fire Island last labor day? Ha ha ha. Applying cocoa butter to RAUL? lol

  12. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1, look, you man stalking homophobic assclown, your one liners get old after the 4th video! You still have no point! On another video, you asked me to offer evidence of your stated racist hasty generalizations from the past, yet you deleted them from the following video!!!!


    Keep trolling! Your monotonous swipes at my masculinity dictates that your status as a troller is reaching legendary levels!

  13. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor Because a queer is calling me names on YT?

  14. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1, the only thing you have proven is that you need to take your medicine. Since you clearly have come here seeking me out, with nothing to add to the topic, and offering the same delusional worded malarkey as you did on that other page, PROVE your accusations here! What exactly do you base your troglodyte clad accusations on? I tell you one thing Troller, you’re clearly overly concerned with sexual preference! LOL, why is that?

  15. bush1tman says:

    @MyRiseToHonor Oh I’m sorry. Did I disturb your youtube humanitarian commentary efforts? Drained the shallow piss on your little plate? Derail your love letters to Bono? Tough shit phony soldier boy. Get your ass in gear you queer

  16. MendingMedia says:

    Madcow lost her mind

  17. MyRiseToHonor says:

    Melpheos1er, you know it my friend! Obama mentioned two weeks ago that the unemployed fishermen would be paid and able to help with the clean up. Now they are all getting sick, much less their livelihood being decimated for the foreseeable future! As you indicated, it is a target friendly environment! I watched something the other day about some fishermen being compensated. That is at least something, even though it’s not much.

  18. MyRiseToHonor says:

    B1, your attraction to me is starting to become disturbing. You mentioned something about homo status on that page where I engaged the unfortunate exploitation of children in Brazil and Indo China, yet all you offer is preference jargon, race based hasty generalizations, and fringe right pole polishing! As we’ve seen with politicians lately, specifically the right, those offering the loudest voice are actually the ones guilty of exactly what they say! That said, kindly go play in traffic!

  19. luisbeck007 says:

    Drill baby drill; put some oil in the ass losers….

  20. Vinifera7 says:

    In fewer words: not relevant.

  21. unitywave says:

    Uniting All Voices, Hearts and Minds for Planetary Healing Unity Wave

  22. halcyon0830 says:

    earthtimes. org/articles/show/326785,pakistani-flotilla-witness-says-israelis-shot-victims-in-cold-blood.html

    gulfnews. com/news/region/palestinian-territories/israelis-pointed-guns-at-1-year-old-to-halt-gaza-aid-ship-1.635774

    current. com/items/90637131_how-mossad-controls-our-political-parties.htm

    Apologize for Lying Zionist Sayanim Mossad-Paid Lying Propaganda Trolls

  23. halcyon0830 says:

    Maddow WILL NEVER Expose the Israeli LIES. Everything Nazi Israel has said has been LIES…..

    maxblumenthal. com/2010/06/under-scrutiny-idf-retracts-claims-about-flotillas-al-qaeda-links

    deadlinelive. info/2010/06/01/no-weapons-found-on-gaza-flotilla-more-ships-headed-to-break-israeli-blockade

    darkpolitricks. com/2010/05/israel-forces-fired-on-sleeping-civillians-under-cover-of-darkness

  24. halcyon0830 says:

    Zionist Jew Maddow WILL NEVER Mention the Gaza Flotilla Massacre by Israel.

  25. skaraborg55 says:

    Poor animals. 🙁

    Okey BP, you pissed me off…

    THERE IS NO GOOD NEWS, YOU HAS ALREADY BLEW IT BIG TIME and created one of the WORST DISASTERS EVER thanks to your clumsiness, incompetence and greed.

    BP it’s to late to play heroes…the damage is already done.

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