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Ocean currents likely to carry oil to Atlantic

Posted on June 22, 2010 by bp complaints

A detailed computer modeling study released today indicates that oil from the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico might soon extend along thousands of miles of the Atlantic coast and open ocean as early as this summer (see www2.ucar.edu ). The modeling results are captured in a series of dramatic animations produced by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and collaborators. The colors represent a dilution factor ranging from red (most concentrated) to beige (most diluted). The simulations do not make any assumptions about the daily rate or total amount of oil spilled and the dilution factor does not attempt to estimate the actual barrels of oil at any spot. Instead, one unit per day of a liquid “dye tracer” is injected in the model at the spill site (injected continuously over the period April 20 through June 20). The animation on this page shows possible scenarios of what might happen to dye released in the upper 65 feet of ocean at the spill site. The dilution factor depicts how dye released at the site of the spill will be progressively diluted as it is transported and mixed by ocean currents. For example, areas showing a dilution factor of 0.01 would have one-hundredth the concentration of oil present at the spill site. The animation is based on a computer model simulation, using a virtual dye, that assumes weather and current conditions similar to those that occur in a typical year. It is one of a set of six scenarios (see www2.ucar.edu ) that simulate

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  1. CypherAurora says:

    god help us all…
    the humans are virus…

  2. Dsty2001 says:

    The government should have responded quicker, BP should be held accountable and pay for the cleanup efforts. Simple as that, as for long term impacts, I have a feeling in 5 years this will be a distant memory for most people, and that the devastated beaches will be once again beautiful and wildlife will flourish. Earth has survived disasters far worse then this

  3. Dsty2001 says:

    @josheek1 Earth is a parasite to Earth, a volcano erupting can and has caused more long term effects and damage then this incident ever will. I’m sorry, but in 5 years this incident will be a distant memory and things will return to normal. Earth has survived far more large scale disasters then a oil spill.

  4. somejackball says:

    BP got too greedy

  5. WSCybertraders says:

    people should not get angry at BP management,.. i mean come now,. they need a 20th mansion and a 50th million dollar yacht,.. and a 100th ferrrari,.. come on now,
    these guys are just tryin to make ends meet,.
    I mean how would you feel if you only had $300-400 million in your personal savings account. come on now,.. do they have a donate button on their site. id like to donate to their million dollar christmas bonus program

  6. Deltatist says:

    Oh thank much now its coming for Europe

  7. WSCybertraders says:

    wow, looks like all of florida and any other nice US beach on east coast is going to be destroyed forever.
    if i owned any beachfront property,. id be quick to sell it at a loss

  8. kdarty71 says:

    @DragonTiger666 Current but still unofficial estimates from BP are 100,000 barrels of oil per day

  9. PopSickO says:

    @threesixtyicon You Bike has things made of rubber. Take some responsibility.

  10. mueygringo says:

    It isn’t difficult to figure out all of Florida and the majority of the east coast of The United States is going to get hit with this. The Leatherback and Loggerhead Turtles will be virtually wiped out. It doesn’t look good for The Bahamas. Anybody figure out what will happen to the Bahamian when they begin to starve?

  11. Daffy711 says:

    @daCuzzyy believe me, we will….

  12. lslavychecker says:

    MOTHER EARTH is our home land divided in the countries…the accidents like these we should be all allowed to help to clean up and any engineer should be allow to help to stop it……no matter which country happened…

  13. NASCreations says:

    @hcbasketball15 I don’t think there is currently any problem for South Carolina, nor will there by for quite some time yet.

  14. NASCreations says:

    @daCuzzyy Tell that to the poor residents living along the Gulf coast, you very ignorant person. Even I know how much they are suffering and I don’t even live in the US!

  15. tokee1234567 says:

    @MarijuanaCommunity you’re retarded. marijuana can’t run your car

  16. tokee1234567 says:

    Look at the map. Not only did the BP ruin lives for ppl in the US and those living in the gulf, but also Canada and the ppl there who rely on fishing. Screw you BP

  17. creeperreefer says:

    BP’s ruptured well could flow for 25 to 30 years at a rate of 120,000 barrels a day. When the hurricanes arrive, the hurricane will blow this oil on shore and it will basically paint the Gulf Coast black and it will shut down the refineries, the power plants and it will be America’s worst catastrophe nightmare.
    Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their total holdings, 4,680,822 shares of BP stock in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman Sachs earned about $ 266 million on the sale.

  18. real934 says:

    It ‘s a shell game . Obama adm. and BP are all in on it. It benefits bp and obama in the end. BP owns almost all the carbon credits ready for distribution and obama needs a crisis like this to push the carbon tax on us.And if BP goes bankrupt remember they are” too big to fail”and ‘we the people’ will pay the bill.

  19. jamesandhoa says:

    @MrTruthpatrol After a year of this oil gushing in to the ocean and the realization that it can’t be stopped, those words will be held in high regard.

  20. UnknownStoner420 says:

    BP when they were making the oil rig they decided not to put a shut off valve on the pipe which cut the flow but it costs $500,000… well that sounds a bit better then 7 billion to try and clean up the shit when it coulda been prevented, stupid money hungry CEOs!

  21. nicelogin2 says:

    Why am I not surprise?

  22. MarilynZero862 says:

    It looks like the Gulf and the Easter seaboard are all going to scudded by the oil spill.What in the ‘Hell’ is Obama going to do about it?It sound like we are all fuck.

  23. jorgeroxs47 says:

    Arg! it’s time for BP to walk the plank!!
    ….into the oil spill

  24. 22jom says:


  25. LaneRealEstateTeam says:


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