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Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on June 11, 2010 by bp complaints

He said he’s been fighting from day one – you decide. Based on Kevin Kristy’s photo essay at PolitiPage. politipage.com

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  1. tuffythetiger says:

    Here is the solution to stop the oil spill.I challenge everyone who believes in written statements like In God We trust to understand that this is a time for national and international prayer.Why can’t the president fulfill his national prayers day service which he missed last year.

  2. tuffythetiger says:

    It appears to me that the president is starting to experience the strong pressures of being a national leader shaken by the gulf crisis.One thing i know, the president is not a coast guard to make technical decisions on oils spills.Increasing vacations help presidents think better.

  3. LoneTinaja says:

    Continuation of comment-The U.S. Pacific & Atlantic
    coastlines are a small fraction of the world’s coastlines.
    Oil companies will continue to drill in deeper water
    worldwide to try to get the most oil they can. For example,
    a well is being drilled in 10,000 feet of water off Brazil,
    twice the depth of BP’s leaking Gulf well.

  4. LoneTinaja says:

    It is a preposterous, worn-out right wing extremist
    lie to say that a prohibition on drilling off the U.S. Pacific
    & Atlantic coasts is the reason why oil companies started
    drilling in deeper waters off the Gulf coast. As exploration,
    drilling & production technologies progressed, oil companies
    drilled in increasingly deeper waters in the Gulf & off
    foreign coasts worldwide because they knew that yields
    from deepwater wells would be far higher than shallowwater
    wells. Comment continues-

  5. BeondaPale says:

    Very good, now do another equally dishonest video for the GOP governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal.

    …make it seem as if he’s been operating robot subs every day

  6. iggy082 says:

    @Spectreman manbearpig? that’s not cool! limbaugh is ardently trying to lose weight!

  7. Spectreman says:

    @iggy082 Oh I’d love to, but Karl Rove and I need to put the finishing touches on the Weather Control 5000. Just a few more tweaks and we’ll have ManBearPig squealing about global COOLING in about a month.


  8. iggy082 says:

    @Spectreman i’m on my way to a satan worshiping rally!oh wait,that’s a teaparty!
    i’m hoping to meet satan’s high priestess herself, sarah palin.how she manages to write so many satanic bible verses on her hand is beyond me! you should come along ghostman,you’ll feel right at home!; ]

  9. ImperialWizardOfOz says:

    What the hell does Obama care about blue-collar White Southerners who were hit hard hit by the Gulf oil spill? Obama is an afro-commie and white hating mau-mau who doesn’t give a damn about White America. Also, negroes don’t care about animals or the environment. There are no negroes in PETA or the Humane Society. On the contrary- blacks are statistically overrepresented in animal abuse/neglect cases. Blacks are sadistic, selfish and have compassion only for themselves.

  10. haiyaku333 says:

    Don’t miss the sequel to this video!

  11. YwOwUwTwUwBwE says:

    Obama wanted to “change” the world, clearly we misunderstood what he meant with “change”

  12. richfisherman says:

    Good thing the Big Owe is giving $400 million he doesn’t have to the Hamas terrorists / spit / instead of building a big cork with that money.

  13. drizz55 says:


    Exactly. Unfortunately the left wing media wouldn’t dare become the least bit critical of Obamessiah.

  14. Spectreman says:

    @iggy082 Dude, don’t you have some pro illegal, anti jewish protest to be at so you can show off your new keffiyeh to the gay boys you hope to infect? Really, you better get going. Oh and that little boy you worship is endearing himself to no one but you and that wu tangy nigga wannabe @velayasha

  15. chaba49 says:

    I saw his wife on TV again last night asking for $10 for the people of HAITI

  16. Spectreman says:

    @Velayasha His “cool low key style” did nothing but seduce and brainwash the liberal masses. Everything said about his lack of experience at anything, his never making a decision by voting present, his leftist heroes and his own far left liberalism has come true. Hell, even the hardcore leftist rag rolling stone is unimpressed. Either you are too blind to see, or you like the selfdestructive turn this country has taken under his lack of leadership. He is not smart and never burned anyone.

  17. Velayasha says:


    To put it simply, his cool, low key style has proven to be a political blunder this time.

  18. Velayasha says:


    I agree with you on 1 thing. Obama did not make a visible enough prescence in the days shortly after the oil spill. I think that he thought, BP had a handle on this and that damage would be minimized.
    That’s not to say he was ignoring it, but quietly [too quietly] monitoring the situation with briefings and updates.

    Obama is smart and he has burned you Obama haters many times. But politically the perception is that he’s AWOL. Score 1 for the Obama haters.

  19. olliemcnice says:

    um…. why isnt anyone complaining about bp fixing it???

  20. dedebiren says:

    @nicklaust1 I agree with you. I think that Obama is enjoying the hell out of this catastrophe. ANY of our past presidents would be offering any kind of assistance that they could to help. All Obama can do is play the “blame game” But, that seems to be his MO.

  21. lavaladylynn says:

    he does not care

  22. nicklaust1 says:

    Did you know that 13 countries offered to help clean up the oil spill. They have superior vessels and equipments that could clean up the spill 3x faster than what we have and Obama refuses every offer! All he had to do is to waive The Jones Act to allow vessels in the Gulf Coast. The reason he’s not accepting help is because the worse the oil spill, the better chance of him passing Cap and Trade! Don’t let a crisis go to waste is what he’s doing!

  23. Velayasha says:


    Your words:”Call me sick, but I love this. Obama can’t run from it, no matter how much he engages in finger-pointing.”

    I find it funny that you would rather see the Gulf destroyed, and wildlife lost, just for political gain against Obama. That doesn’t suprise me. You right wing hypocrites are the 1st to wave the flag, but will take pleasure in America’s pain for your politics.

    You don’t love this country. You love Tea Party-ism.

  24. oceanritual says:

    So Umm why cant our governemnt pay for the clean up and then get reimbursed like the rest of us do with our own health care???

  25. oceanritual says:

    So Umm why cant our governemnt pay for the clean up and then get reimbursed like the rest of us do with our own health care???

  26. Theladiesman04 says:

    @jbyeats Hey JB you should sub to Russia Today a great non bias news channel. (Only news channel I watch) They have been talking alot about Bilderberger over the past few days. They have good people on like Max Keiser and Alex Jones.

  27. galteeview says:

    Halliburton bought boots and coots (an oil pressure control company) just a few weeks before this disaster. It has also been reported that halliburton worked on the rig only twenty hours before the spill began, maybe they are contracted to work on the rig all the time but it seems awfully coincidental.

  28. CentrlFlagrl says:

    @Theladiesman04 They reported maybe 3 or 4 years ago that the Mineral Management Service was literally in bed with the oil companies with their sex parties & drugs. It was an outrage then & it is still an outrage today since obviously no house cleaning has been done as it’s being reported again like new news. One employee even admitted in the past of being high on drugs when they did an inspection. They need to get rid of the whole lot.

  29. Theladiesman04 says:

    which safety inspections failed to discover. So much for the efficacy of federal regulations.

  30. Theladiesman04 says:

    Funny last year, the Obama administration bestowed a safety award on the very BP drilling platform that is leaking in the Gulf. Obama also recieved more in political contributions from BP than any other federal candidate in the last 20 years. The Minerals Management Service, which is part of the Interior Department, inspected the rig monthly and claims it inspected the drilling platform just 10 days before the accident. The rig’s emergency shutoff valve purportedly had a dead battery,

  31. jbyeats says:

    Let’s see how he handles all this. At the moment he is
    talking big – . Let’s see how he is in a few weeks from
    now. Many thanks. jb.

  32. jbyeats says:

    Let’s hope so. The whole thing has a very strange feeling about it.
    Appreciate the comments. jb.

  33. jbyeats says:

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison – the old saying goes.
    The possible catastrophe for Obama can play out as a windfall
    for Haliburton. Thanks. jb.

  34. CentrlFlagrl says:

    BP is putting a dispersing agent on the oil slicks to break it up, yet the EPA has deemed the one they are using as unsafe. They have stock piles of other agents to use yet BP refuses.
    The beaches are the easy part, the oil in the marshes are going to be a tremendous task to clean up.
    I heard a report today that they have discovered an oil slick heading for Alabama that is miles huge & 1/2 mile thick! The clean up efforts will be Obama’s downfall.

  35. 1984noway says:

    spot on JB the American people will realise this guy is not his own man.The reality ,that this guy, is just a PR puppet, will unfold as the events play out

  36. anolmec says:

    How do you figure this is a catasrophe??? I am sure the KBR Division of Haliburton will make out just fine. They are in the clean-up rebuilding business.

  37. galteeview says:

    Hi jb
    you might find this youtube video valuable “brian gerrish & anthony hilder EU hitlers dream come true”

  38. galteeview says:

    @Dollymix001, search youtube for “credo mutwa predicts oil spill” there are a few videos on this.

  39. jbyeats says:

    He heads down to the South Eastern States tomorrow –
    let’s see how that all plays out. He is a politician – and the citizens down there
    will be hopping mad. He will ‘ talk the talk ‘ but -‘ walking the walk ‘-
    will be a totally different kettle of fish . Thanks. jb.

  40. jbyeats says:

    Looks like something is really cooking in the pot alright.
    The next month or so , will be most revealing.
    Appreciate the comments. jb.

  41. jbyeats says:

    The whole Obama political experiment is slightly surreal.
    He heads down to the Southern States tomorrow Friday.
    Let’s see how that works out. Thanks. jb.

  42. jbyeats says:

    Appreciate that insight. Fascinating comments. Thanks. jb.

  43. jbyeats says:

    I get a funny feeling this may lead down many avenues – especially
    as American public opinion comes into play. Many thanks. jb.

  44. jbyeats says:

    It’s obviously much worse than BP would admit .
    Such an admission would hurt their share price & affect
    their overall profits. Sick stuff. Many thanks. jb.

  45. jbyeats says:

    Let’s hope that doesn’t come to pass – & these elitists go down
    another route. Many thanks. jb.

  46. loai050 says:

    Good info on BP’s top 2, didn’t know that. See Obama saw fit to go on TV today to assure everyone that it’s been his #1 concern since day 1.

  47. axionication says:

    Nice video jb. Well historically linked.

    There is talk of Katla wanting to pop its wad.
    Nut Job Kim seems to want to stake his claim on history as well.
    Maneuverings in the Gulf.
    Cadaverous Hillaly flitting around Asia.

    I think there is shit in the corn.

  48. stevo728822 says:

    And it took 3 attempts to have Obama sworn in as President.

  49. stevo728822 says:

    Yes, just weeks prior to this disaster he was pushing for offshore drilling on the Eastern seaboard.

  50. SolitonPL says:

    Salbuchi said it … that this is Charnobyl style accident but this time for the USA to demonstrate that the world can’t rely on America. After that there will be a push for Global Solution and shift of the power from American Empire one level up exactly what the NWO wants. They are dumping USA like they were dumping USSR at the beginning of the 90s. Charnobyl was a nail in the coffin for USSR & Oil Spill is nail in the coffin for USA.

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