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Obama “Who’s Ass to Kick” Regarding Bp Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

Obama says “I Want to know who’s ass to kick” concerning the BP Gulf Oil Spill. www.electroniccigarettesinc.com “I was down there a month ago, before most of these talkin’ heads were even paying attention to the gulf. A month ago…I was meeting with fishermen down there, standin’ in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this could be. and I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminare, we talk to these folks because they potentially…have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick”. President Obama told Matt Lauer of NBC NEWS he wants to know “whose ass to kick” in response to the BP oil spill


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  1. valmorgan says:

    He should have known whose ass to kick BEFORE taking office, turns out hes friends with them. RP2012.

  2. valmorgan says:

    @chillydogification This is his base, blind people lacking the IQ to see past “race”, no matter what he does and how he lied to do it. Shame.

  3. DrPeeper101 says:

    @RhodaMarie85 Well put. It’s nice to see someone with common sense.

  4. valmorgan says:

    @sholmesEC12 Nationalise industrys and then fill his cabinet with Golman Sachs exs , you know the guys that not only are LITERALY looting us and other countrys like dominos (complete consolidation of wealth to the wealthy), and back a barbaric act on the high seas for a lobby that takes our tax money… IN ONE WEEK.

  5. watintaworld says:

    Also, ass isn’t really a bad word. For example, the movie titled “Kickass” or donkey (Equus Africanus asinu). Or ass -a French car made from 1919 to 1920.

  6. future4seen says:

    @RhodaMaries85 Nobody brake’n my butt more than this administration now. Brake’n my childrens butt, brake’n my grandchildrens butt. The real crooks are my government. And your hero aint fixed nothin. He’s a joke. A loser.

  7. RhodaMarie85 says:

    THAT’S RIGHT KICK SOME ASS!!!! I got your back!!!! I would like you all to remember that it took those crooks 16 years to get shit this way, and it’s going to take longer then 400 days to fix the shit… You all sitting her complaining while the real crooks sitting back laughing at our broke ass, cause they got all our money. Need to find they ass turn them upside down ans shake the shit out they ass!!!!!

  8. KAYROSE91 says:

    @keepingthefaith707 – hope the government don’t fraud fake votes for obama to go another term.

  9. micsc50 says:

    I suppose his daughter told him to kick some ass. I would love for him to try to kick my ass. I would love take out some primitive frustration out on his monkey ass.

  10. TheImpeacher says:

    More lies, America doesn’t believe you any more. America needs to KICK YOUR ASS OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE. That should answer whose ass.

  11. whileimwaitin says:

    i dont like that he is blaming americans for demanding to much oil and fuel well i don’t know about you mr.obama but it seems to me that you are for getting that you use fuel and oil to for your airforce one plain your helicoper rides, your limos so i guess you can “KICK YOUR OWN ASS” you are a fool you don’t have a clue. of what’s going on get out of your suit an tie an go to the american people an see what you are actully doing to america you dumb ass…get out of america you shit head

  12. mikelae19 says:

    I think hes been spending too much time with biden.

  13. bijand25 says:

    Your search, “youtube.com/watch?v=NtFj7I9u2Y I”, did not match any documents

  14. fuddmethen says:

    @noyan000 its ok, I know that name calling is one of the traits of being a democrat, i’m sorry you live with the sickness of liberalism … now thats one sickness that Obama Bin Ladin SHOULD cover under free health care, you could be the test subject!

  15. underwood154 says:


  16. future4seen says:

    You go ahead and point those fingers, talk tough, and kick some ass. Come Nov 2012 it will be us pointing our fingers at you, talking tough about you, and kicking your ass right outta office. You screwed this one up big time. Just another screw up to add to your list since taking office. Even Bush is laughing at you and Jimmy Cater is running around shouting…”I”M NOT THE WORST ANYMORE, I’M NOT THE WORST ANYMORE”.

  17. gsnaples says:

    Finally someone in the Government shows some major balls in this disaster.

  18. usam1981 says:

    @carwile75 It would make us feel better as well.

  19. carwile75 says:

    There is in easy answer to that question you don,t need a team of experts to figure that one out. You and Tony Hayward need to bend over and let every one that lost their jobs in the gulf line up and give you each a steel toed kick in the ass. It wont help the situation but it would sure send a message

  20. thisiscommentary says:

    video is out of context, see the truth here youtube.com/watch?v=NtFj7I9u2YI

  21. brijjjazz says:


  22. Pattycakessmiles says:

    @flyboymd82 Speaking of Gov Palin…I’ll bet this morning Barack is wishing he had a tad of her golden touch whn it comes to backing candidates. She’s amazing, and he…well he’s not.

  23. dkkght46 says:

    Obama does not meet with BP CEO. Apparently the community organizer isn’t even very good at organizing a solution group. Nice job “leader”. The ManChild is in over his head and not wanting to Waste a Good Crisis I believe it has never even occurred to him to try and actually solve a problem. As a coward, he probably is afraid the ass-kicking will come to him instead. Speaking with the BP CEO is above your pay grade!

  24. keepingthefaith707 says:

    @the4thj WELL. I didn’t say that..But now that you bring it up: My education is authentic, No rich Arab Muslms had to beg good schools “to give this poor boy a chance”. I had to EARN my entry AND my grades. And speaking OF grades…mine have always been in full display & disclosure for my employers and the world to see. To that I will add: Who the hell has a degree marked Magna Grad, then pays a fortune to have it sealed and hidden? Cheeky? Sure is! Time to give up the Kool-aid, he jig is up.

  25. judimoreo says:

    I like to hear less about meetings a month ago and more about what’s being done to get this fixed. This is a disaster! Those poor birds, fish, and mammals are losing their lives and the people involved are losing their livelihood. It’s time to set some goals and get something done.

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