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Obama Gets BP to Pay $20 Billion

Posted on June 22, 2010 by bp complaints

President Barack Obama emerged from his meeting with BP executives with a major victory. British Petroleum (BP) will put billion into an account ( B per year over 4 years) to pay for the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill dirtying the water of the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of the Gulf Coast states. The story: www.reuters.com BP exec in hot water over “small people” comment: www.youtube.com Join The Daily Conversation on Facebook tinyurl.com Follow our Tweets for new videos twitter.com Background image can be found here: www.flickr.com Used with permission under creative commons license: creativecommons.org
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  1. freethetruthIarry says:


    I never saud it was his fault. I said he is doing very little!

    I want obama, the government and BP to to hire at least 500,000 people to clean this up, as many people that it takes. the country needs jobs well here is a chance to put many people to work. I also want Obama to Hire Russian experts to shut off the gusher since they claim they can stop it very quickly! also there are oil eating microbes and new technology lets get these things working on the oil now!

  2. billrah says:

    In Obama’s speech he said the 20 billion was NOT a CAP.
    He also said it was going to be administered by a third party, who he was appointing.
    My question is who gets the fees for administering this fund, ? Obviously there are costs involved in administering any fund like this.

  3. thesurpriseshow says:

    Every little bit helps “the small people”.

  4. 42Unknowns says:

    In order to pay the entire damages that this spill has cause, BP would have to liquidate.

  5. TheDailyConversation says:

    @crocfme Well said.

  6. crocfme says:

    23 bil…. I don’t think its going to be enough; as well as lost revenue it is only fair that diminished real estate, housing and business resale values are compensated for, as prices will not recover for decades.
    Alaska’s coastal wetlands and marshes are still black and dirty and greasy 20 years after they copped about 1/100 of the crude currently in the gulf – this is big; a lot bigger than 23 billion…..

  7. TheDailyConversation says:

    @freethetruthIarry Yeah, because this is all Obama’s fault? Are you kidding me???

  8. freethetruthIarry says:

    Please! 20 Billion is nowhere enough This nightmare is going to cost Trillions! Obama is totally worthless! They have not even stopped this gusher and now the sea floor is cracking open and spewing oil in a 20 mile area. wait till all of Florida’s beaches are covered in oil and then Georgia ect. Then the shit will hit the fan!

    Hey Obama why don’t you hand over all the money got got from BP you greedy bastard!

  9. TheDailyConversation says:

    @dangerouslytalented Not sure…hopefully a minimum.

  10. dangerouslytalented says:

    Is that twenty billion a minimum or a maximum?

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