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Nuke the oil spill: Could nuclear bomb fix Oil leaks on US Gulf coast?

Posted on June 04, 2010 by bp complaints

A giant funnel to be installed at the scene of last month’s devastating explosion off the US coast, is BP’s best hope of halting the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The device, designed to channel oil from the seabed to the surface where it can be collected safely, will be set up on Thursday. However, with the energy company itself not sure it will even work, Russian experts suggest that a nuclear missile may be the solution.
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  1. iRSMOKEY says:

    Yeah i think they’re better off dumpin kitty litter on it at this point… I mean c’mon… A nuke? That idea would come from Russia.

  2. aviator4 says:


  3. KrysRandomTV says:

    fuck the fucking world…
    a giant dome… fucking seriously???

  4. Iloveyouholliboo says:

    that is the dumbest idea i have ever heard of a 12 yr old had a better idea with making a giant wall to surround the oil lol oh god if they nuke us were dead

  5. Oilpocalypse says:

    BP destroyed the Gulf of Mexico,THEY SUCK !

  6. zintox01 says:

    not funny at all

  7. HlHater says:

    You really just like to talk out of your ass, dont you? how about you go and exercise, lose some weight and maybe your life will get started before it “ends”.

  8. 38decembers says:

    @baroncorky -Have you checked out the product called Amerihaz Petroleum Solidifier?Looking at the YT video on how it works on oil,gas,jet fuel,anti-freeze and others-it’s a powder that is applied to these petro based liquids that sop up the oil and clump up and can easily be skimmed of the surface.But is it being used in the gulf?No it isn’t.Makes you think they have a contract with the company providing the disspersants doesn’t it?

  9. thedevilsown76 says:

    HA, HA…Heck if it took Mexico with it you would still be miles ahead, even if it didn’t stop the oil leak!!!

  10. UnforgivingCritic says:

    use Nuke-bomb on those million gallon oil region, then what next? but, uhh.. i guess its ok, its only having the possibility of wiping off Mexico.

  11. cyberlight22 says:

    @cerealkiller103178 not oil gas

  12. baroncorky says:

    Does anyone know if Pres.Obama will intervene & use FULLY tested, NON toxic Black D? It cleans both on shore & out at sea. The oil DIDN’T have to hit the shorelines! This product could have been used since day 1! And listen to this – It protects wildlife & shorelines, it doesn’t stick to sand or rocks BUT BP clean up advisors insist on using TOXIC chemicals! WHY?! Who exactly are the clean up crew? Does anyone have any names? Have a look at Black D Oil Spill on You Tube.

  13. puffadderbite says:

    Great idea! nuke it,..make the hole bigger so the oil spills out more,..also ..we would love the radiation !! it would be great to see everything die off in the USA and have only roaches on our grounds.

  14. tooyoumyfriend says:

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    BunnyLover9000 2 weeks ago

  15. goodgooglegoo says:

    `ha ha ha ha … this was a good one .. .but I believe good old welding would do the problem …. but bp and it’s leaders are playing this to their advantage right now …..

    They could have shut it down in 3 day s… but they are trying to save the site for later use and / or continue to pull oil from that location.

    Their money is more important than the environment and the people who will be effected by this.

  16. timothy0729 says:


  17. crazyassassinkill says:

    @dangermous1968 u dont say i already new u wer jkin i mean its prety ovious u wer describing the movies lol

  18. cerealkiller103178 says:

    nuking is what there gonna have to do. thats what the russians did with one of their oil spill problems and it worked

  19. 10bluedude1 says:

    nuclear is the answer!

  20. ColligativeNeedle says:

    watch?v=8VfypUzx1tI&feature=popular -Solution?

  21. KICKROCKS561 says:

    @ishmari14 7_11_25 the best way.,

  22. RevPHStillwagon says:

    Nuking it just might be the ticket! We have all kind of nukes, large, small, high yield, low yield and some that leave no radiocative residue. We need some brilliant scientist to figure out how much, when and where. If Russia did it succesfully, we should partner with them like in the space program.
    Another 2 months of flow will surely kill the whole Gulf area.

  23. RevPHStillwagon says:

    Can You back that up? I never heard of them doing that. (which BTW doesn’t suprise me)

  24. KYLEZ0R09 says:

    Divide it by zero!

  25. PlayboiX122 says:


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