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New BP underwater video of oil, gas gushing as spill spreads.

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

www.mateja.se Video from RussiaToday www.youtube.com US Coast Guard says the growing size and scatter-shot nature of massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is creating “severe challenges” for those trying to clean it up. Meanwhile BP has released new underwater video showing oil and gas erupting under pressure in large, dark clouds from safety device on the ocean floor.
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  1. radoryder says:

    -mass media smoke screen in place
    -Gulf of Mexico (BP) oil disaster is an astronomical, glacier sized METHANE deposit!
    -the METHANE is replacing the oxygen in the water (killing everything)
    -glacial, crystalline METHANE melt in process
    -METHANE replaced (oxygen) water mixing with nitrogen in upper atmosphere
    Please research the implications that are here :S

  2. Stonedfury says:

    When are we as a people actually going to stop typing up our anger and start to take it to the government heads? We are allowing this to continue because we are safe in our homes and now this is so bad it might affect us there without us ever moving around. stoned@letskill.org

  3. chocolatepowershovel says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but this seems to have a catastrophic level of a terrorist attack.

  4. 2Bgrego32 says:

    all sea life will die! the reason fishes are not showing up is becuase they still have clean water to go ro…wait until the entire sea has oil…will be biblical!

  5. TomPayeaLive says:

    BP needs to build giant vertical pipes stemming from the mouth of the oil spill immediately. The pipe would extend high above the surface of the ocean and the force of gravity would act against the force of the oil ejecting from beneath the ocean and at some point within the pipe high above the water the oil would reach equilibrium, stopping the spill, balanced only by gravity. This would be more effective if the piping above the water was shaped conically.

  6. anothercheater says:

    this has happened on purpose.

  7. douglong77 says:

    lets lower a gigantic iron two story grid over the leak area , screw it to the ocean floor and secure caps or tubes to each square shaft as needed eventually closing off the leak, keeping it flowing and equalizing the pressure of the entire grid, these grid or “quadulators” could be used on any ocean floor leak , cut the pipe off level to the ocean floor so the grid can be lowered on top and capped off one square shaft at a time, caps or tubes bolted on one square at a time..it’ll work!

  8. oragami76 says:

    that is only one of the leaks. btw, its not only earthlings that are pissed about this. there will be hell to pay

  9. spooninspoon says:

    Instead they spend more money on the space program then they do on our own planet… This COULD have been avoided, prove me wrong but shouldn’t there have been percautions in place to prevent this from happening?

  10. lialammas says:

    Unfortunately is no reverse bottom. Unless they use the politics to put their mouth where it should be. Protecting the Environment and creating Laws to make sure this will never happens again.

  11. MrOwenSpendlove says:


  12. 3sv1965 says:


  13. Omegatide says:

    Why would our goverment lease oil reserve land to a company that will turn it into a 20 million a day bizness? Is the Goverment not competent to drill for oil and make millions a day? The GOV. is first BP called when they got into this disaster. Point is the American goverment should be drilling for oil not British Petroleum. American Gov runs the world, so drill oil and make money. But Americans are to dumb to realize this.

  14. RichieRich64UK says:

    This is very worrying!

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