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NASA Releases BP Oil Spill Video ~ Time Lapse Images of the Gulf

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

This is a short video of satellite images from NASA which was released May 27, 2010 of the BP oil spill, which began on April 20,2010 with the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon offshore drilling rig. All rights belong to NASA with this video falling under their open license with proper credits given. No alteration has been made to the NASA video and no money will be made from it. These stunning images show the enormity of the oil spill which is the largest in US history. This is our crude awakening. Support clean energy alternatives. Click on this link to sign the petition to stop offshore drilling. Let this be our crude awakening. Support clean energy! We need to have a Green Revolution! Sign the petition to say NO MORE OFFSHORE DRILLING! secure.avaaz.org svs.gsfc.nasa.gov
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  1. ancientgodofcats says:

    @EarthMuffinHugs The dificult part is mustly all the lifestyle depends of that. Do you know if are a worldwide website about other ways to suply us and ot dependig of oil ?

  2. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    @ancientgodofcats, you’re right.. we need to learn from our mistakes and make some lifestyle changes to break our addiction to fossil fuels…. I don’t trust any oil company or government agency to tell us the truth about this disaster…

  3. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    @3slimdog, the more information that becomes available, the more disgusted I get…. the worst part is knowing this entire disaster was easily prevented…

  4. ancientgodofcats says:

    This is so sad. The only way is find other ways and not depend of oil or other things they made for control us.Yes the human beings pollute but not so much as the big industries,we must to learn of our mistakes. In the same time,how we can’t trust in this institutions ? Nasa lie us since a long time.

  5. 3slimdog says:

    So sad. A stupid shut off valve installed on the rig would of prevented this. Other countries have shut off valves mandatory. Bush relaxed the codes and regulations. So to save money BP and Haliburton didn’t put the shut off valve on.

  6. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    Suze, it makes me cringe to see these shocking images, but in my heart I know it’s important for us to be informed. If the oil slick looks like that from satellites, I can only imagine the horror that is taking place in the ocean. It’s sad indeed. 🙁
    And, CS, right back atcha! Thank you for being you. You light up my life more than you will ever know. Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing!
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  7. DejaVuSu says:

    Lump in my throat and a very sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.
    Thank you for being you and making this for us to share. Which I will do. So sad 🙁

  8. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    If humans had the ability to go farther into space… would we pollute the entire galaxy and mess up the sun, the moon, and the stars?

  9. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    Laura, isn’t it just sickening to see this being done to the Ocean? These images tell the story BP doesn’t want us to know….
    Much love to you as always!!
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  10. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    PeaceProfit, thanks for your beautiful thought provoking comment….
    As always, it’s great to see you. 🙂
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  11. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    @tweakynips, my sentiments exactly….

  12. Floweramamama says:

    This looks like a trailer for a horror movie! What have they done????

  13. PeaceProfit says:


    Grow*Baby, Grow… Bio-Fuels, Forests, Wetlands, Ocean Health, Lawns-2-Lunch, Peaceful Profits, Economical Alternatives… Grow*Baby, Grow…

    Nature freely offers he’r very best, & demands only the same in return, thus humanities challenge is to*be, GREAT, yet*humble… therefore…

    A healthy reality, allows that hope leads the spirit, trust the heart, reason the mind, action the body while evidence draws the being…

    Unite the C.H.A.O.S.

  14. tweakynips says:

    I cant believe i saw an advert on utube asking our advice on how best to deal with it. Heres an idea, stop drilling, find other fuel sources and stop acting like a bunch of evil, greedy, worthless bastards and try and actually care about our world and think, for once beyond your own desire to make fucking money.

  15. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    Josh, I agree with you that we individually and as a whole are stupid and dead without the rest of life. I hope we can find a way to move beyond our arrogance as humans before we completely destroy all life on the planet. I go back and forth from being absolutely heartbroken to being downright militant. I want to see a complete ban on all offshore drilling.
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  16. aPpLeJuIcE37RainLucy says:

    Couldn’t agree more my friend.

  17. GoldenFinchFellow says:

    yuck 🙁 up here they’re trying to help stop off shore drilling off BC’s coast since this.

    The animals are more human then people. comes from humus and humble. an arrogant human is a human buried inside it self I think. We learn when we peek outside our selves(in our case as a whole, at the rest of life and how well adapted they are. we are stupid and dead without the rest of life) Just my philosophy on idiocracy

  18. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    @eddybuddz, yep… I agree with you about idiot humans… I wonder if we’re ever gonna learn? *sigh*
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  19. eddybuddz says:

    thats horrible what a bunch of fucken idiots humans are

  20. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    @iamearthbornami, thanks for watching and leaving your comment… I appreciate it very much. 🙂
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  21. iamearthbornami says:


  22. EarthMuffinHugs says:

    Hi Stewart… thanks for watching and commenting. I am so heartbroken about this whole mess, and also very angry. I really hope that more people will become involved and take action for clean energy.
    peace and earth muffin hugs,

  23. 2minstral says:

    Thanks for sharing the video and the link!

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