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MOXNEWS 3 TOP KILL FAILS! BP Press Conference (29/05/10)

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com youtube/MoxNewsDotCom Robert Louisiana Deepwater Horizon Resonse Gulf Oil Spill Briefing: Coast Guard BP Update on “Top Kill” Procedure TOP KILL is not working BP: Method has been unable to stop leak. Rear Adm. Mary Landry US coast Guard: ‘Disappointed in today’s announcement’ ‘No Silver Bullet to stop this Leak’, ‘We have directed BP to move forward in attempt to stop leak’, ‘Seafood sampling has begun’, ‘Trying to minimize economic and environmental impact’.
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The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is going to change the Earth…and it has already started to change the marshes along the coastlines. There is much I can say, but there is so much information readily available to those with the initiative to search it out. I just got a new program to play with, and this video is only a test. Part 2 coming soon


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  1. TheArenaOfIdeas says:

    If they wanted to cap it, it would be capped. We can split atoms, send satellites to the edge of the solar system and build a Large Hadron Collider…and they expext us to believe that we can’t plug a hole? If they wanted the leak to be stopped they would have stopped it.

  2. dale777ful says:

    Someone explain to me why they can’t cap the well. It just seems to me that they are taking an awful long time capping what seems to me to be a job oil companies do all the time.

  3. TheArenaOfIdeas says:

    @controlfreakssuckass exactly

  4. controlfreakssuckass says:

    if the oceans die, WE DIE

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