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MOONPORT PRODUCTIONS SPECIAL REPORT – Gulf Oil Spill Part 3 Top Kill does not seem to be working

Posted on June 11, 2010 by bp complaints

From this live video, it does not appear that the TOP KILL method is stopping the flow. If anything, it has gotten worse. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I believe we are witnessing Epic Phail. And the Earth pays the price. Part 4 coming soon!
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  1. BigJimW10 says:

    @spunright Sad but true. I was the very first to report that TOP KILL failed. It took BP days later to admit this.

    I admit I went out on a limb and was praying I was wrong. I’d rather take a ton of trolling and bashing on YouTube on being dead wrong, then being right about the Gulf being destroyed.

    It sucks.

  2. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright if the break away had worked, thet could just lower another B.O.P. stack down on top of the old one , and bolt it securely in place, start pumping kill fluid , then slowly close in the B.O.Ps , then THE ‘TOP KILL ” might work.
    if it doesnt , run conductor pipe to surface – 1 mile that will give enough height
    to create a hydrostatic head to kill the well.

  3. Doug6344 says:

    The leak wont be bigger, instead of haveing 4 small leaks you will have
    one big one .
    In the event of a major catastrophy , like this one , there is a break away or shear point between the B.O.P. stack and the conductor pipe .
    But this device failed aswell.

  4. spunright says:

    @Doug6344 Were they holding off off this approach because when they cut it they will have a bigger leak and the attachment is difficult or maybe not possible?

  5. Doug6344 says:

    The best thing to do in my oppinion , is to run a new conductor pipe down to the
    the top of the B.O.P. stack .
    after the old conductor pipe is cut off, run it to a surface ship that is basicly one large manifilod that can load four tanker ships at the same time.
    The amount of oil recovered will depend on how good the seal is between the B.O.P. stack and the conductor pipe.

  6. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright thank you for the complement
    The key to stopping the leak is well control, but that cant happen until the relief well is drilled .
    what we can do ibetween now and then is containment minamize the oil entering the gulf.
    this plan B.P. has is as good as anything i can think of
    Cut off the old conductor pipe run a new one , the oil will be diverted from sea bottom to surface for recovery.

  7. spunright says:

    @Doug6344 Hey I already congratulated you five hours before this post. I’m impressed with your assessment of this. There hasn’t been anyone emphatically coming out and saying it wouldn’t work so you the man.

  8. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright I dont have all the data, like presice depth unusually high presure
    formation , but when i wrote my first line supervisors ticket , thats what they call
    awell control or B.O.P. ticket, like a journeyman electrician , mechanic etc
    I will try to ansewer your questions as accureatly as i can thank you

  9. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright i will watch the news but iam not aware of anything that can close in the well other than another B.O.P.stack

  10. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright my concern now is the hurricne season is starting.
    this will only slow or completely disrupt the relief well drilling opperation,
    and extend the well kill date from august to december.
    that scares me .

  11. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright Your other question
    will the oil run out ?
    the ansewer is no , because the reservoir is roughly the size of the northern quarter of the entire gulf, it would cover the earths oceans before it ran out

  12. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright Cutting off the conductor pipe, that is the name of the pipe that runs from the top of the B.O.P.stack to the drilling rig on the surface. by cutting off the old one and connecting a new one running to surface , there is a good chance of recovering alot of the oil that will come out between now and when the relief well is drilled

  13. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright 3-4 if things go good
    there are 4 rigs drilling relief wells 1 of the 4 should run 90% trouble free
    we only need one relief well, but its good to see B.P. has three back ups

  14. spunright says:

    @Doug6344 Well you call this one correctly so I have to believe you 3-4 month prediction. Is there any chance the well will lose pressure during this time period or will it just keep spewing out at the same rate? What about this news today talk of cutting a pipe and attaching something that can be closed off?

  15. spunright says:

    @Doug6344 Congrats you should be a consultant on this thing. I’m impressed.

  16. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright basicly if the drill mud stays inthe well it will work
    if you see it blowing out the riser pipe on t.v . its not working
    you saw it blowing out so did everyone its not going to work

  17. Doug6344 says:

    What youse comeing out is the “mud” in this case it is a KILL FLUID
    just to use the correct termanology,
    WHEN your watching the plumes of oil gas etc coming out at that depth
    there is 4,750 psi . the formation fluids are haveing no trouble
    entering that pressure so every thing they pump into the B.O.P.s to KILL THE WELL is being blown out into the gulf by the formation with a force of
    approx 20 000 psi when you saw the change in the plume that meant
    it wasnt working

  18. Doug6344 says:

    So now they will come up with an idea that wont work again to avoid telling
    the people the truth.

  19. Doug6344 says:

    I just turn on the news, and B.P. saying now that TOP KILL WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL
    There words. iam not saying its armagedon, i just know what will and what wont

  20. spunright says:

    @Doug6344 So why are they saying only drill mud is backing out now? If this is true they are getting the upper hand on it as the oil and gas is being held in the hole. I’m taking the side of hope and intelligence versus the hand wringing tearful eye whack jobs on the national news standing around with a pelican in their hands. In fact last night the news let something slip. They said if the leak is stopped now the cleanup could be completed in a few weeks! What I thought this was oil Armageddon.

  21. Doug6344 says:

    thank you for the comments
    you will find over the course of the next month or three that nothing will work
    until the relief well is drilled
    I have 25 years of well control experience and pray iam wrong
    but experience tells me iam not

  22. Doug6344 says:

    its another B.P. smoke screan
    i ran the #s you gvae me for a kill formula.
    19 570 psi .
    cannot be ceated in a non functioning B.O.P. stack

  23. Doug6344 says:

    hi spunright

  24. spunright says:

    @Doug6344 Well as of yesterday it is working and the blow back is mud. They have to drive enough of the heavy mud into the hole to create a column heavy enough and viscous enough to offset the oil and gas pressure and it appears they are moving in that direction. Remember this hole in the sea floor is 3 miles! The physics of what they’re doing is understood only untested at a mile deep so their 60-70 % success estimate is fair. The hand wringers really don’t want it to work for whatever reason.

  25. Doug6344 says:

    @spunright ON MONDAY
    that will be the the 31st, you will find that “TOP KILL ” DID NOT WORK!

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