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Mexican gulf oil spill solutions, maybe

Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you have any ideas that can help to stop the leak or clean up the mess or anything, don’t keep them in, Maybe YOUR ideas will eventually save the world…
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  1. BloodNGutts says:

    @wenboown haha I wish I had more details from the report. then I could give you the imformation it said about the preasure difference. I honestly can’t remember.

  2. wenboown says:

    @BloodNGutts This can be estimated: pressure of water at 5000 feet =1000 (kg/m^3) * 9.8 (kg*m/s) * 5000 (feet) * 0.3048 (meters/foot) =1.5*10^7 Pa ~= 2000 psi;

    The oi pressure is the water pressure plus the weight of the part of seabed sitting on top of the oil reservoir.

  3. BloodNGutts says:

    @wenboown Yeah I do NOT know if the water pressure was factored in the equation in the report . I would tend to agree with you on that respect . I guess thats part of what BP is trying to hide .but the report did say the psi of the unregulated oil / gas pressure out of that pipe was in the thousands . thanks

  4. wenboown says:

    @BloodNGutts Yes. But the water pressure at that depth is also around thousands psi. The oil pressure is indeed higher than the water pressure, but not thousands psi higher. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a leak, it would be a volcano.

  5. BloodNGutts says:

    @CountryBoyGoodness Yes your exactly right the blowout preventer is the only vertical part remaining and that on the floor .So how do you make a clean cut with a glorified pipe cutter on the valve itself 5000′ below the surface of the water with the PSI of the oil pressure in the thousands? ANSWER You can’t. A Relief well will reduce the pressure, but not much. We have a real mess folks

  6. wenboown says:

    @retrayb I start believing that, too.

  7. wenboown says:

    @CountryBoyGoodness Yes. The video was made when the pipe didn’t fall down. I was expecting that they would fix the problem before it became more messy like now. I start to believe the theory that they never wanted to fix the problem…

  8. wenboown says:

    @BloodNGutts Thanks. English is not my first language. I always make such mistakes…

  9. BloodNGutts says:

    By the way I don’t mean to be picky but the name of the gulf is the Gulf of Mexico .

  10. BloodNGutts says:

    The psi of the oil pressure at the sea floor is in the thousands

  11. BloodNGutts says:

    @wenboown The well head had a shutoff valve that blew out. A smaller pipe wouldn’t go in . The riser above it was bent to the point that your idea wouldn’t work either . Sorry


    Look At ESSENDONSINVENTION’s youtube channel.

  13. budgood099 says:

    @retrayb you’re on the right track in my opinion, to collect oil while the repair is being made. Except no barges, we need a pipeline now!

  14. budgood099 says:

    @retrayb I’m convinced of that already.

  15. Xmare1 says:

    @retrayb Your right, condoms are always the answer.

  16. retrayb says:

    Use a large rubber or plastic dome ,30 feet tall and 100 feet in diameter, placed over the leak to collect 100% of the oil,with a 20 inch pipe at the top.place the dome, anchor as high as necessary to still be able to work under it. pump the oil to the surface with several impellers installed in the pipe. Use a barge at the top to collect the oil and anchor the pipe,anchor dome with several blocks of concrete 7 foot square

  17. CountryBoyGoodness says:

    The Pipe isn’t like that, it’s on the ground and in a mess, not stright up, so good idea, but idk

  18. retrayb says:

    I posted an idea on BP website on how to catch 100% of the oil spilling out two days ago, now I find that it has been removed. There are a lot of nutty ideas bieng posted on the website, they are still on it,but my idea which is a very good one, was erased.It leads me to assume that they do not want good ideas, that will NOT ALLOW them to sucessfully tap into the exsisting well head, and recover clean unpolluted oil, no matter HOW LONG it takes.

  19. deltaxcd says:

    Your ideas are realy dumb. do you expect that oil running oil will not generate enough hat to melt that frozen oil cork or just plain push it out? pressure is enormous there.

    First priority is not to close hole but capture escaping oils and pimp it into ship.
    once you stopped leak there will be enough time to develop working solutions.

    we cannot afford us to waste time playing this stupid engineering game of who will develop best cork
    this can be done later.

  20. wenboown says:

    @Yourveryking You got me. I work in a low temperature lab. Playing with liquid nitrogen is my daily job.

  21. Yourveryking says:

    You sure like liquid nitrogen :P, I like the video

  22. sergiofrei says:

    how about installing two (2) half spheres around lower tube. now lifting slowly up over the spill /damaged zone et voila. another dumb idea?

  23. blindrawing says:

    this is great but the only problems are the pipe is not upright like your drawings..the pipe is bent in many different directions laying on the sea floor 2 miles underwater!! there is also about 3 or 4 different holes in the pipe thats leaking oil

  24. 24kenjensen says:

    Since they cut the pipe. I think sliding another down in and then welding the outer part would fix most of the leak issue and they can save their precious oil. They just need to cap it off. It seems it would be asy to just slide a cap in side and weld it shut…………….

  25. DrGM818 says:

    @wenboown not exactly what i meant , but if you’ll force iron particles to go under almost -200 C , this will highly affect the tension-resistance property of the tube … and will crack like glass …

    i’m sorry my english can’t help me to represent the idea in a better way 🙂

  26. HeyImaVampire says:

    “well what happened?”
    “It didn’t work”
    “you guys are fucked”

  27. yourstepdad1 says:

    chill jay, we did boycott exxon for awhile but got over. bp’s still turning a profit and we’ll be distracted enough next time one of tiger woods’ hookers makes an appearance

  28. uuduu7 says:

    No sushis OR sashimis has ever survived a coffee spill , check wikipedia, its true..

  29. jay69116 says:

    did you yanks all boycott exxon mobil aswell, when they ravaged the coast of Alaska? didn’t think so… what about the 5000 people that died in the US chemical spill in Bopall India, that the US denied any involvement, didn’t think so either..

  30. Xx7Zeithious7xX says:

    This was so AWESOME~!

  31. aceyorba says:

    boycott arco,amaco,bp and castrol……abd drive 10 percent less

  32. screwopenborders says:

    bp gas stations are usually empty now.

  33. DigitalSkyline says:


  34. ObsceneOutcast says:

    haha lol reminds of those bp douchebags

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