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Maddow- That Was Then This Is Then, 1979 & 2010 Oil Disaster Similarities

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

MSNBC’s Dr. Rachel Maddow’s segment titled “That Was Then, This Is Then” From 5-26-2010. An Expose on the similarities between the the 1979 disasters with the Alaskan pipeline and the many similarities between the 2010 disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The shocking part comes when Maddow points out the fact that the processes being attempted today to contain the Deepwater Horizon disaster are pretty much the exact same procedures being attempted today only in much deeper water circumstances (1979 explosion occurred at 200 feet while the 2010 disaster is ongoing at this writing at 5000 ft.) NO ADVANCEMENT IN HANDLING THIS TYPE OF TROUBLE IN OVER 30 YEARS!


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  1. horror11 says:


    well she is a total supporter of israel and i was just upset of the barbaric massmurder in international waters committed on europeans by an israeli piracy act ,so it wasnt really about that matter but she is aearing to me as a dishonest person when she defends this criminals so i thought i just post my anger here to let ppl know that she is just a zionist tool.

  2. mickatmidnight says:

    @horror11 Not sure what that’s got to do with this particular discussion. But I’m sure if you send her an email somebody might see it. Never know.

  3. horror11 says:

    well ask this freak what she thinks about the israeli terrorists who entered in international waters european ships in an act of piracy and killed up to 20 unarmed civillians trying to defend themselves from the israeli pirates:)

  4. bayoubuzzard2000 says:

    too bad no one watches msnbc… they actually used some real reporting techniques

  5. bayoubuzzard2000 says:

    Too bad nobody watches MSNBC. I am impressed at their attempt to actually report something with facts for a change.

  6. sheacc says:

    Funny, on the news they said that one of the reason they’re having trouble stoping this is because it’s never happened before????

  7. MrWaeseL says:

    This is astonishing

  8. mickatmidnight says:

    @inappropriategiggle : Immigration? Must have been about the same considering that few short years later Reagan pretty much gave, wait for it…AMNESTY to the illegals that were already here. Too much the same. If we don’t learn from history we will repeat it until we pass. That or else we flunk out and drop out.

  9. newton2013 says:

    I just realized- the pumping of mud will not cease (and hasn’t, see the BP live feed, it is still up!) until the relief wells are dug and put into production, BP dosen’t want to lose that well under any costs, it will pay for all costs in the long run, yet they are crazy to think that it is worth it.
    In fact, Criminally Insane.

  10. upNyaBizznizz says:

    @inappropriategiggle the same thing that was going-on in racist Arizona in 1979, NOTHING =p

  11. inappropriategiggle says:

    I wonder what was going on with immigration in 1979.

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