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Lawyer for family of worker killed in blast says BP guilty of negligence

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

On Tuesday, May 3, World Socialist Web Site reporter Andre Damon interviewed Jeff Seely, a maritime injury lawyer with Gordon, Ellias, and Seely. This firm represents the family of Karl Kleppinger, one of the 11 workers killed in the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.
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Even with more than 200000 gallons of oil being pumped directly into the Gulf of Mexico everyday (thanks to BP’s negligence on the Deepwater Horizon well,) right wing wackos are still clinging to their “drill baby, drill” mantra. We’re being told that yes, this is an atrocity, but we still need that oil at the bottom of the sea floor. Mike Papantonio appears on The Randi Rhodes Show to take on the offshore drilling cheerleaders, as well as explain the basics of his class action suit against BP.

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  1. offshorewife1975 says:

    I am not socialiist, but this video is excellent and needs to be seen on other tv stations

  2. Zedwoman says:

    Yes, This is an excellent interview, well done. Listen to the attorney, This is going to be one to watch,

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