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Keiser Report on Toxic Twins: Oil Spill & Cash Crisis

Posted on June 13, 2010 by bp complaints

This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert compare the BP offshore toxic oil spill crisis to the toxic derivatives spill polluting global financial system. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Heidi Moore of Slate’s TheBigMoney.com about movie futures, financial innovation and financial reform.
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As the oil spill surges toward disastrous proportions, critical questions linger: Who created the conditions that caused the gusher? Did BP and the US government react robustly or quickly enough in its early days? “The oil spill and the spreading is getting so much faster and expanding much quicker than estimated.” What kind of world are we leaving to the kids, the future generations?


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  1. InfamousWolf1 says:

    @NaughtyBwoi they would make a great couple lol XD

  2. TeslaGenius says:

    Max Keiser financial Cabaret

  3. NaughtyBwoi says:

    i love these guys, especially max keiser, they should just fuck over the desk. max keiser makes me laugh

  4. Povidius says:

    @NeoTStyle Any time, my ignorant friend. Glad to spread enlightenment across the globe. Thats the American way!

  5. NeoTStyle says:


  6. Povidius says:


  7. newjeffrense says:

    KEISER IS A FRAUD. He supports the climate change / carbon credits fraud (he wants to trade C credits) and he’s a member of the matrix.

    of COURSE the spill will hit East coast. It will spread 12,500 mi by end of Aug ’10 – georgemcclure (d o t) net The kill zone of toxic rain may be TX Mex AL MS FL TN AR VA SC GA NC LA. Oil and dispersant will reach Norway, UK, France, Canary Islands in Gulf Stream.

    Go to georgemcclure net for email updates and definitive info.

  8. gam3377 says:

    Breaking News
    They have stopped the oil leak.
    Check it out –> 91cc5abf.thatsprime . com

  9. rad3212001 says:

    HEAVEN FORBID we bring back the FUCKING electric car. Noooooo, that would make TOO MUCH fucking sense. I wanna kill a politician with a rusty knife.

  10. Thinkify1 says:

    Big business pays into certain elected officials campaign funds. Those officials alter bills and proposals before the house to appease the Big business interests. The people that are making the rules have allegiances with those who run the very businesses they’re paid to over see. How else could they drill for oil, next to one of the most fragile ecosystems of the world? If the drilling wasn’t bad enough, they didn’t even have a plan. We’ve failed the earth as her caretakers, god save us.

  11. BrodyLuv2 says:

    Anybody else notice that the “Hypnotic” background used in Keiser Report is the same as the one used by Alex Jones..Just different colours..I hate those flipping backgrouds.

    Did JP Morgans’ 44% pullout of BP Before the Leak was made public contribute toward the so called Flash Crash!?..Is that Possible??

  12. SuperiorBullion says:

    @nota2cdtime The reason this economy is collapsing has absolutely nothing to do with the Oil supply, which is NOT dwindling– in fact, many major oil fields which were declared ‘dead’ years ago are actually being continuously recharged from higher pressure sources from deeper in the Earth.

    The reason the economy is collapsing is that 1.) our financial institutions are run by criminals and 2.) a debt-based economy is mathematically unsustainable (as explained in “Money as Debt”, which You cite).

  13. SuperiorBullion says:

    @theoriginalprisonerX “Cost to extract a barrel of oil?” Don’t be so Naive!

    How is it costing anything to extract this oil from deep in the earth? 40 days in to this disaster, and millions of gallons have found their way to the surface, with absolutely NO energy input from us– in fact, BP can’t even stop the flow if they wanted to.

    It seems to me that for the Oil companies, these deep sea wells are a lot like a slot machine in Vegas, that keeps spitting out money for free.

  14. shuffle4 says:

    wtf do you seriously believe this bad acted propoganda?

  15. nota2cdtime says:

    @SuperiorBullion As Max mentions, they’re going into more dangerous areas to look for oil. Besides that, the failing economy is testimony that the peak resource that runs our economy is in decline. For example, check ‘money as debt.’ However, as Chomsky will tell you, the PR industry does an excellent job to garner the consent of people so they will keep consuming; besides the realization that our way of life will change is not so easy to accept.

  16. lorenzo8500 says:

    @cheneygottagun lol Heidi is a sellout bitch. This guest is obviously pro Wallstreet, pro high frequency trading, and pro naked short selling.

  17. lorenzo8500 says:

    Worst guest ever. The guest seems to want to promote fraud on Wallstreet.

  18. telemarker77 says:

    that stacy is easy on the eyes, eh. max is brilliant.

  19. OghamTheBold says:

    I’m keen on ‘dual use’ – can gold be used for ammo?

    Silver bullets for vampires (and the lower orders) and gold bullets for attackers in bowler hats

  20. theoriginalprisonerX says:

    @SuperiorBullion I’m not sure as of yet with this Peak Oil stuff but I can tell you this, Peak Oil isn’t just “hey there’s no more left in here”, it is also when it costs a barrel of oil to extract a barrel of oil. At that point you have to take your ball and go home.

  21. cuprocarbon says:

    Online Gambling via Credit Cards is hurting the big banks, max it out and then default. I love this one… I also read today that ACH bank transfer fraud rates are going through the roof, now very high.

  22. theoriginalprisonerX says:

    Not really, so I think there may be some bias there as in I have investments and if they use derivatives its OK for me but I don’t really care how it affects anyone else, and the other guys doing it, well, they’re bad. mmmm…..I might have sex with her but I’m sure she never shuts up about the market…blah blah blah, on and on…..oh shut up already!

  23. theoriginalprisonerX says:

    Well derivatives are helping someone but they aren’t helping me and as far as I can see and from what I hear from some experts they are no good at all. If a gold coin has a certain value, can I derive more value from it that isn’t set by the market? I don’t think so. Maybe I can derive more water from a sponge after I wring it out, better if its a Sham-Wow.

  24. theoriginalprisonerX says:

    I love this show, it is really great and Max Keiser is such a character, you can’t help smiling even though your getting bad news. But I’m not sure exactly where this woman stands on the cash crisis. On the one hand she seems critical of the systemic flaws and on the other she says derivatives are a necessary part of the every day trade because they help business expand rapidly.

  25. guruless12 says:

    Just one word – BRILLIANT!

  26. markdd123 says:

    Planetresource net has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created,
    please watch the youtube video title “COMPLETE CLEAN UP OF THE GULF SPILL” by PRR7075
    and pass this along to as many people as you know.

    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.


    i saw a couple clips, BP finds 3 billion barrels in gulf of Mexico- 2009

  28. keldah26 says:

    Blow the hole shut with an explosion close to the middle of the crust it should be deep enough for the dilled hole to cabe in. if BP does it in 3 stages… it should shut off that drilled hole. then cement it shut. Ya’ll keep waisting time delaying on this solution and making it worse for the environment. and I pray God that’s the only leak.
    Screw BP and it’s millions wasted on that drill hole blow it off shut and re-drill latter or better yet don’t drill at all.

  29. jimbonumber9 says:

    @TCroker99 What does that mean?

  30. TCroker99 says:

    @jimbonumber9 im agnostic….

  31. jimbonumber9 says:

    @TCroker99 Yes, God has been warning us for may thousands of years. That’s what the prophecy is also about in Revelation 8:8 and Ezekiel 13:19, remember. These times have been foreseen a long time ago. Absolutely.

  32. TCroker99 says:

    GOD? this is a man made problem….and GREED got the best of us all. now it’s a matter of time, first the ocean life. then our coast land and all the wild life. later our fresh water sources and even more im sure.
    i will say this, it is really sad what we did to our only planet. we should have expected & prepared for the worst or not put so much dependece on oil. yeah that was the first problem.

  33. jimbonumber9 says:

    @Meyetzar42 Revelation 8:8- And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

  34. Meyetzar42 says:

    Would this make the ocean flamable? Isn’t there a verse about the Sea on Fire?

  35. seredenko87 says:

    @robinluann Praise God indeed… I love this video. There’s a somber calm to this guy’s voice.

  36. seredenko87 says:

    @robinluann praise God, indeed….

  37. SKTERBOY3221 says:

    barke ovaim, disotroe

  38. chinoangel1 says:

    These are the signs of something bigger that is meant to come. Human is the worst disease for planet earth. SOS

  39. jimbonumber9 says:

    @robinluann Amen!

  40. robinluann says:

    great video, thanks. It is amazing how God comes on the scene and we are ‘wowed’. I think to myself sometimes that Gods plan is more than my human mind can ever comprehend or predict. Ive gone astray at so many times during my life, i see a disaster such as this oil spill and it catches my attention. God is real and his plan is in process, all told to us in His Word. If i could just get my own act together and stay on the God track, id be a more balanced woman. Praise God !!

  41. elboyo2009 says:


  42. Wivanunu says:

    I am amazed that this thing will flow all the way up the eastern seaboard……

    How could this not be God’s wrath?

  43. Wivanunu says:

    I fear the only way to contain this thing is though a nuclear option…..

  44. PhilosopherFresh says:


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