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James Cameron and the Oil Spill — Desperation in America

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints


This is the second part of a video montage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At the time I am uploading this video, the spill is 1/4 in size of New England, and growing daily. And growing fast. Over 200000 gallons a day are being pumped into the Gulf Of Mexico. At this rate, the entire Gulf area will be devoid of life in 6 months. BP has done little, and the US Government, even less. It is now time to act! The music I chose is “Nearer My God To Thee”. Like the other ocean disaster, the Titanic, the Gulf is going down. God gave us this beautiful planet and we fucked it up. I don’t blame Him if He took it back Way to go BP!
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  1. 05 06 10 12:05

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  1. noneuno53 says:

    thanks keep up the good work, for you have put in to words what i feel aver day win i look at the world. and all the stupit stuffs in it.

  2. huomhu says:

    Iron Ore from Australia is ideal to plug off the oil spill.

  3. desurgeon says:

    @panteraquattordici this, this, this, omg so much stupidity in such a short amount of time.

  4. DeimosSaturn says:

    @TheWilliamBurroughs Yes and then the black helicopters will put RFID chips in our teeth while we drink fluoridated water and get injected with mercury-laced vaccines.
    You seriously think BP will survive that long? Wait, don’t tell me, the CIA flew unmanned jets into the oil rig and blew it up with thermite paint.

  5. Schloonktapooxis says:

    I guess I’m watching ya more now, Cody. Good video. Liked the rhetorical question.

  6. thealchemicaldream says:

    you look better without color. ?

  7. Koubenlin says:

    thanks for giving me the best facebook status evar

  8. ionlydrinkwater says:

    goodness, i fucking love the words coming out of your mouth.

  9. TheWilliamBurroughs says:

    @DeimosSaturn I’m sure you know BP doesn’t want to stop the leak or shut down the well. They just want to contain the oil and pump it until august. In order to rebuild a brand new rig and make profits again within the end of the year.

  10. DeimosSaturn says:

    They ought to get Tom Cruise and Will Smith to fix the oil spill. Or better yet, Lady Gaga and P Diddy.

    Seriously, what ever happened to think tanks? Get all the the best scientists and engineers, put them in teams, and get them to figure out multiple solutions, then keep trying them in order of most likely to succeed being first. If we can put robots on mars, it can’t be this difficult to stop the oil spill.

  11. imabeastnimadawg says:

    @MrEarcheese nope your right… he sucks ass because some other random youtuber said so… and criticism is immature unless it is in favor of your viewpoint.

  12. BarnHwk says:

    @TheWilliamBurroughs Yeah man. This is stupid. He said that he knows people who’ve worked at depths deeper than what BP is working with and who have a lot of great technology, so I don’t get it. Another thing I don’t get is why James Cameron didn’t go to the government first, since all plans are being approved by the government before BP is allowed to do anything.

  13. panteraquattordici says:

    stupid!! inform your self….

  14. TheWilliamBurroughs says:

    BP morons have turned down Cameron’s help offer. It wouldn’t be an issue if their engineers were competent to stop the flow of oil. But as far as I can see, they are just a bunch of retards failing and failing every attempt to stop it….Honestly, rather than seeing that fucking oil spreading in the gulf and destroying lives, I would try anything or at least listen anyone coming up with an idea. No… it’s better to let it gush until september…

  15. memarmoo says:

    Nirvana shirt (y)

  16. mathai707 says:

    Why cant’ you suck the whole oil..poor man….
    Platnet belong to all of living creature and .including James camaroon..you fool…moron..
    Jesus’s duty is not suck your dirt..Let BP clean it…If they did not know how to fix andclean it why did they drill there..Let them put whole their wealth there ..if not Let them go bankrupt..

  17. KnivesMonroe says:

    How do you get your 7d focused when your vlogging? do you use a wide lens? or is it simply AF?

  18. ThursdayChild420 says:

    You know, it’s funny. A few days before I saw James Cameron on the news (being involved), I was saying to my neighbor, in my own rant: “Next thing you know they’re going to get someone from Hollywood to come in and fix it!”
    Two days later… Mr. Titanic.

  19. madixon2 says:

    You are so the man!

  20. aPaThEiSt says:

    Cody, your videos have been getting really good recently. Or I’ve been watching more.

  21. TheLovevolta says:

    they can use hay to fix it! it is proven that hay soaks up oil. there are videos on you-tube demonstrating it! they say they have tried everything, when they really haven’t!

  22. UnderseaCaveman says:

    Let’s get Christo and Cameron together….. GIANT BLUE SHEETS to COVER THE GULF of MEXICO…. it will be beautiful from Satellite PIC…..LOL

  23. rentedhalo says:

    one of your best and most poignant vids cody… thanks.

  24. heaveninbrooklyn says:

    BP = Broken Planet

  25. noonewn says:

    you are the unholy love child of ferris bueller and craig ferguson

    and a very excellent one at that

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