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How Dummies Respond to Oil Spills

Posted on June 03, 2010 by bp complaints

The Dummies perform a rap with their favorite fair and balanced messages
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  1. scheitster says:

    These videos are awesome, I don’t understand they don’t have more views.

  2. CalJennings says:

    This is very good. It would be funny if it weren’t so accurate.

  3. joshstarify says:


  4. wildpeachatl737 says:

    This absolutely made my day! Thank you for the humor and the knowledge behind every one of your videos. Most Americans suffer from an irony deficiency, but for those who don’t, we certainly appreciate your work. Maybe they should do broadcast news in this format, it’ll save them a lot of cash and there isn’t much of a difference between a puppet and an anchor.

    “Dance, puppet, dance!” ROFLMAO!

  5. lvlegabite says:

    i love this

  6. lvlegabite says:

    i love it well done 🙂

  7. jshooper says:

    i laughed so hard my side hurts now….especially at the end when they said ” release the long form”….LMAO….sadly even some dumbass people on the left are using this “obama’s katrina” line….it seems like the dog pile (of shit) has begun….no facts allowed….no solutions put forward….just pile on and YELL BABY YELL

  8. chronicman06 says:


  9. LethalLaurie says:

    I can’t see any conceivable way–outside of the extremely remote possibility that the teabaggers have invaded Discovery–that Palin will be able to keep her nature show now.

  10. losartandeterment806 says:

    lol hilarious I love these videos they always make really intelligent and valid points .

  11. ziggyvision says:

    Hilarious !

  12. MockTheDummy1 says:

    @nickf1229 You mean that in attempting to prove their not racists the dummies actually demonstrate that they are? Wow. Great catch. You may be Einstein reincarnated.

  13. nickf1229 says:

    Racist!!!! You said rap like black people…..Ouch!

  14. Pellegrino80 says:

    LOL, palin reading from her hand exit now

  15. RedneckSterilization says:

    @816cameron you nailed Palin so perfectly I am awestruck

  16. jeh2000 says:

    Thats great haha

  17. 816cameron says:

    How’s that drill-baby-drill thingy working for you air headed Vanna White wanna be, half-finished governor, shot gun wedding gone bad, queen of dingbats and tea baggers? When is American going to wake up and figure out this moose shit for half-brains, quitter governor, who talks in fear mongering platitudes smacking of sophomoric valley girl jabs, tweaked in urban legend logic, is a complete idiot and is the best thing that ever happened to the baggers?

  18. chgosatrap says:

    LOL love it!

  19. Paxmax says:


  20. Fringe111 says:

    Oh that was awesome. Were are the tea party people now, or the republican party. The don’t have a leg to stand on since the Republicans people are the big corporations. Watching the lack of care for the people that will be hurt by this speaks volumes

  21. KataVideo says:

    @classicallady good share classy

  22. KataVideo says:


  23. phillipmarch22 says:

    Marsha Blackburn, a Republican Representative from Tennessee is the idiot that coined the phrase, “Drill baby Drill!” I hope when she draws her bath tonight, crude oil comes out. Stupid bitch!

  24. gritzschke says:

    Perfect!! Great Job !!! LMAO

  25. mavrek47 says:

    lmao….this is hysterical!

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