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Gulf Oil Spill News VIDEO NOT SEEN ON TV

Posted on June 23, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf Oil Spill News VIDEO NOT SEEN ON TV Gulf Oil Spill News VIDEO NOT SEEN ON TV VIDEO NOT SEEN ON TV PLEASE SHARE AND EMBED. OIL GUSHER IN GULF SHOWS NO END LOOP CURRENT GULF STREAM UP EAST COAST florida keys in 5 days and miami beach 10 days kill reefs BREAKING NEWS VIDEO OIL GUSHER SKIMMING Over flight of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Source, footage of skimming oil on the surface of the water, booming and drilling operations. The US Coast Guard working in partnership with BP PLC, local residents and other federal agencies to prevent the spread of oil following the April 20 explosion on Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Deep Water Horizon. (Official Navy Video by Mass Communication Specialist First Class David G. Crawford/ Released) Oilspill10 Video Courtesy DOD

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  1. spinit2006 says:

    He is giving the shareholders a report on the production…

  2. Gary7Gann says:

    Hey Alabama don’t you won;t to rape Yankees in the ass,Now go to Hell Dr, Kerr,Forever,Amen, Amen ,same for hamilton police, and DHR, And Marion county Sheriff,,!!! Alabama,!!!

  3. Macedon51 says:


    I didn’t say it would be painless. We are talking about capping a damn underwater volcano. Now it is gushing 5 times as much oil and there are flames coming out of it. I don’t know, but it looks very, very bad.

  4. maychael84 says:

    @Macedon51 A bomb would make things 1,000 times worse.
    It would implode the hole yes, but all the oil that is in that hole will come out all at once, plus the bomb would kill more marine animals than already have died.

  5. GSpeedEmotion says:

    COMPLETE CLEAN UP OF THE GULF SPILL, search it on youtube by PRR7075, you must see!!!

  6. GSpeedEmotion says:

    COMPLETE CLEAN UP OF THE GULF SPILL, search it on youtube by PRR7075, you must see!!!

  7. GSpeedEmotion says:

    People of the USA, save the world of your corrupted corporations boycott ’em as much as you can, don’t allow lobbies, don’t stand with your fingers up your ass and wait for badshit to happen. You people of US are the ones we rest our hopes, you must ACT, ACT NOW, in the name of all that is sacred, don’t let your puppet goverment and corporations drain the life of this planet. The time has come, take matters into your own hands. You say you are free, then make that statement real!!

  8. vrs195927 says:

    Thanks BP,many jobs have been created in the USA, wow unemployments numbers are going down! oh no it’s temporary jobs, just to solve some other bi shit we have created over here, ****Oh no we are going to Mars, we will conquer the space. oh no we will attack Corea , or Iran , or lets keep the embargo on Cuba. oh Let us create some havoc in South America, oh we got an oil spill right over

  9. kobidobidog says:

    Dispersant s sink thre oil beneath the surface, and kill what lives in the ocean, and what is on the floor of the ocean too. because the Dispersant s make the oil heaver than the salt water.

  10. ljbrookens says:

    The government can’t do anything. If you want to really screw things up, just give it to the government. Instead, just hold BP accountable. Use the government to hold them to it and not wiggle out. BP is the one most able to fix the problem.

  11. sk8bow says:




  12. Macedon51 says:


    It can be done with high explosives (50,000 pounds bomb) to implode the hole. the option is on the table.

    There are specific culprits: BP, Transoceanic, haliburton, and the Obama administration. We the people refuse to accept blame.

  13. maychael84 says:

    I believe this leak will never be plugged. There is so much pressure under the earth, we can’t make anything strong enough to even equal the pressure underneath the crust. Let alone push it back down the well.

    There is no one we can put blame on but ourselves as humans. We are destroying this planet we live on.

  14. Janet6961 says:

    The whole disaster is America’s Karma at work…

  15. liteumup69 says:

    if its going so well why isnt it fixed? what a joke, kill kill kill the earth idots

  16. MegaMorph82 says:

    Global mass awakening

  17. creativesunsofearth says:

    stop using oil products this is the only way they will stop . when we stand up for the earth she will provide for us. we have alterntive that are earth friendly

  18. videosouthafrica says:

    al quaeda has a job opening for u

  19. clock2012 says:


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