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Gulf Oil Spill—Part of the Plan? New NASA Images

Posted on June 04, 2010 by bp complaints

In this article from the Wonk Room pay particular attention to comment number 11 which gives some chilling views on what this disaster could mean for our planet. Loop Current Is Now Drawing The BP Oil Disaster To Florida Keys wonkroom.thinkprogress.org Shocking NASA Image: Never-Seen-Before Southeast Oil Slick Arm www.huffingtonpost.com Chicago Climate Exchange www.chicagoclimatex.com thetruthergirls www.youtube.com desire4liberation has been doing a great job with updates on the spill www.youtube.com BarbarianRebellion www.youtube.com Obama Administration Executive Order May Restrict Public Fishing www.cosmicconservative.com morningmayan www.youtube.com curiouschem www.youtube.com


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  1. skybirdbird says:

    @HoodwinkedbyanAngel who said your numbers were incorrect?

  2. skybirdbird says:

    @8Byt yes…it it sad…

  3. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    Okay the ANIMAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE U S Coast Guard & all the newspaper reporters in America figured out a way to crawl up BPs rectum!

    See my videos and I will prove to you that 43,000,000 G.P.D. are spilling into the Gulf of Mexico

    I dare anyone in this world to prove my numbers wrong by utilizing statistical facts that can be verified from BP and I will stop writing this crap

    So stop writing me telling me my #s are incorrect

  4. 8Byt says:

    I am an American. There is no question about it…this was stupid of us…not for the lack of immediate action…not for the lack of knowledge to stop the spill…but for the fact that we’re still using fossil fuel. This wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t using gasoline. Its not just the U.S. though. Any oil company out there only wants to make money. Enough research has shown that we can use other sources of power…yet we still use oil. Nascar racing doesn’t help either. Sad…

  5. skybirdbird says:

    @ZalgoZalgo we may not need to wait that long…:-(

  6. ZalgoZalgo says:

    There is a finite amount of oil on this planet, so it will eventually run out. Unless we have switched over from oil when that happens our entire civilization will collapse.

  7. skybirdbird says:

    @32GaugeSlug yes…prison would be good….

  8. 32GaugeSlug says:

    I reckon they’re fucking the US over so they can ban drilling oil in the sea, then say there’s an oil shortage. I think it might have something to do with Climategate too. They’re fucked off about people seeing through their Climate Change bullshit. Who knows; all I know is, they need to goto prison.

  9. SpiritLadyArtist says:

    @skybirdbird Welcome

  10. skybirdbird says:

    @SpiritLadyArtist tkx……….

  11. SpiritLadyArtist says:


    Thanks the web sites are if I can put it here without it being blocked.

    TheVenusProject @ dott Com and theZeitgeistmovement @ dott comm.

  12. skybirdbird says:

    @SpiritLadyArtist will check it out….

  13. SpiritLadyArtist says:

    How about joining the Venus Project to remove the causes of it. They have a web site and the Zeitgeist movement is there too.

  14. skybirdbird says:

    @MELISSA84008 you are welcome…

  15. skybirdbird says:

    @MsArgentana interesting…

  16. skybirdbird says:

    @valhala56 shows as no video found…:-(

  17. skybirdbird says:

    @valhala56 sounds intriguing… but may have issues of its own…when we mess with nature we often suffer “unexpected” consequences….

  18. MELISSA84008 says:

    You’ve made some great points,thank you for the links!

  19. valhala56 says:

    @valhala56 video of the first artifical life here.


  20. valhala56 says:

    Note: just announced today Craig Ventor the leader of the Human Genome project has just announced the first artifical life. This single cell is made up entirely of DNA constructed in a computer. This type of technology potentialy could make an organism that would literaly eat the oil spill. Unfortunely developing this organism for this purpose is years off. If the Goverment had invested our money in this technoloy instead of the banks it might have been ready to solve this problem.

  21. MsArgentana says:

    WHO ARE THE RESPONSIBLE: please check in youtube:

    The Day the Earth Nearly Died part 5 of 5 2002 BBC Horizon :

    in 2008 scientist spocke about PERMIAN extintion and metan in Mexico gulf

  22. skybirdbird says:

    @silverfuturist yep…boycott is now…!

  23. silverfuturist says:

    If the people got organized, researched the worst companies and boycotted them, we would see real change. The people have the power if they would just wake up!

  24. skybirdbird says:

    @videosouthafrica yep…same old…same old…

  25. videosouthafrica says:

    amazing how terrorists always pretend they are not to blame …. when they skrew things up like the gulf oil suddenly its someone elses fault …. then they dont want the consequences … then its all about finding solutions and a ‘better way of life for all’

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