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BP Complaints

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Update 2/2

Posted on June 03, 2010 by bp complaints

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www.prayerhour.com .:. Join Pastor Shepherd with his idea to put together a cadre of Prayer Warriors in an effort to help all those affected by the BP Oil Spill. This disaster needs god’s help, your money, and our prayers! Become a Prayer Warrior today!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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0 to “Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Update 2/2”

  1. undertakerRach says:

    Hyundai Heavy Industries must help sea animals! Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of the Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea!

  2. Janet6961 says:

    People don’t get it…The government does not have any control..The oil corp’s have control..It’s that simple.Or all the rigs would be pulled off the water and we would switch now to free energy that is 100 % clean,,.All I can say is America is feeling it’s own Karma…it all goin down,,,God Bless America.

  3. seredenko87 says:

    @streaemoglobin what the heck is this guy’s problem

  4. SpiritwindRadio says:

    where are the logs of the drilling ship, where is the black box, did some one say cover up

  5. SetYouFreee says:


  6. streaemoglobin says:

    Misleading title. Flagged.

  7. khakipearls says:

    i herd its 200 000 barrels per day 1mill per week and lots of fishis are diein. bp should sell all it s STUFF and be forced to re fix all this mess and baned from ferther petrol busness like black list them for life

  8. WARMONGER101 says:

    This is the beginning of the end.

  9. uroprop says:

    it could have been cleaned up long ago.. a dutch company offered BP expert help but BP didnt like the prize

  10. OscillatorCollective says:

    this is some heavy sh*t…hit’n the fan!

  11. TheRealVerbz says:

    Some people have gone so far as to theorize the “forceful annexation” of Japan, North Korea and Taiwan before the year 2015.
    The statements made in this video correlate with that prediction made many years ago.

  12. SherrieLeaLaird says:

    @ubuibiok perhaps your brain should be marked as SPAM. Get a life.
    it’s not 5000 gallons of oil it’s 2 million per day. Nothing but lies.

  13. SetYouFreee says:

    @ubuibiok maybe it does sound like BS when you listen to last 4min of the interview. open your eyes next time.

  14. ubuibiok says:

    4 and a half min of BS…NO Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Update , Flag as SPAM.

  15. burkas80 says:

    your eyes scare me!!!!!!!

  16. darikai219 says:

    Look him up on “rooftop comedy”.

  17. sneauxred says:

    his eyes are scarry, jesus was a carpenter lol

  18. UprisingOfTheYawn says:

    this exposes christian asshattery

  19. batfly says:

    @ProfessorZaroff Yeah… WOW!

  20. 18deadmonkeys says:

    God damn it, I want to be a prayer warrior! That dude looks intense.

  21. BarcaBeliever says:

    Bless you Pastor Sheppard!

  22. ProfessorZaroff says:

    @batfly Let me ask you this? Who knows more about Jesus: you or Pastor Shephard? You need to listen to Pastor Shephard and give money to Prayer Hour!

  23. ByronTehNoob says:

    #OMG KITTY!!!

  24. batfly says:

    Jesus was a Fisherman? Cool. And I always heard he was a carpenter. Thanks for setting me straight Mr. prayerhour man of Jesus Christ HOLY son of God almighty.

    I will send you all of my money and when I get to heaven God will reward me with streets paved in Gold…

    I will be so rich just like everyone else in heaven we will all be filthy rich… enough to afford the best Mexicans from hell to do all our work in heaven!

    Yeah…. WOW!

  25. fyrstikken says:

    @CrappyCartoons hahahahaha – that was a great idea for an upcoming episode 😀 😀 😀

  26. magicja says:

    Your not funny after the hundredth video. Im a prayer warrrior!

  27. feverpumpkin says:

    @RedDawn2009 he’s in jail cause he was caught sellin’ cocain

  28. owen0334 says:

    @bigboy45454545 I don’t know about TV, but there will be a movie.

  29. RedDawn2009 says:

    I reAlly want to send money. Where can I bailout Jesus?

  30. bigboy45454545 says:

    We need PrayerHour on TV, right before and after The 700 Club.

  31. thatgaybloke says:

    Right on Pastor Shepherd. What’s the point in knuckling down and doing something to help these people when when can pray for them. The true spirit of Christianity moves within you for all to see.

  32. nekonuzze says:

    I fucking love prayer hour!

  33. CrappyCartoons says:

    What could be better the a team of prayer warriors you ask.
    The answer is easy – an army of prayer warriors flying about the Gulf in the JesusPlane flying to an a exotic Caribbean Island to pray from.

  34. Balian49 says:

    Pastor Shepherd, I think you should sue BP for all the lost money that could have been donated to you by the fisherman who now have lost their incomes. Justice must be served!

  35. babyqirl says:

    you are awesome =)
    I just donated a couple of seconds ago =)

    Everyone should follow my example!

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