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Gulf Of Mexico Conspiracy?

Posted on June 04, 2010 by bp complaints

I am sorry for the people whom lost their lives on the platform and their families. I hope we can get some answers and solutions for this terrible catastrophe. Ex-FEMA chief: Obama using oil spill to his advantage www.cnn.com Marks Exclusive Interview with a Survivor from the Oil Rig Explosion www.marklevinshow.com The BP oil spill Horrible Accident or well Calculated Plan?(Alex at www.intelhub.com) http ‘It’s like watching yourself bleed to death’ www.nzherald.co.nz BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but US Missed Chances to Act www.nytimes.com
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  1. annboylyn says:

    I think you hit it right out of the park.

  2. DustyMarlin says:

    FAUX News is a rightwing propaganda organization.

  3. michaelAurban says:

    You don’t even know what year it is.

  4. foreveryouforeverme says:

    you have a very strong mind

  5. achangegonecomee says:

    They are living off of our FEAR, do not FEAR anything or no man. STOP directing your energy to Fear they are eating it up! Ask for forgiveness of sins and transgressions and FOLLOW god with all of your soul and might.

    Folks are you so blind not to see that we are living in the End times?!

  6. Majorjoy6565 says:


    Thank u
    A l l : l l

  7. flamboastin1 says:

    please forgive this post.
    According to NASA’s GISS tempature records last year was tied for the 2nd hottest year on record while the title of hottest on record is 1934.

    Coincidentally in 1934 the Toronto Maple leafs had their longest undefeated streak. Not that I’m attempting to blame the Maples for global warming but I think a good case could be strung together to prove anything.

  8. rahkriga says:

    @whyteninja Then do something about it. No one is holding you back except yourself. Like Kimbo Slice said: “I had to realize that the enemy was the inner ME”

  9. rahkriga says:

    Your right …theres no official story….but theyve had over a month to make one up now havent they? How many time does our govt have to fail us b4 people stop making excuses for it. People died and its fucked up that theres 11 families out there that dont have a clue as to why their loved ones died.

  10. whyteninja says:

    i speak my mind but no1 listens!!!! so i close my eyes n c images… of oil-soaked pigeons.wings basicaly clipped by thick liquid. SHIT!!!! we gotta do somthin quik, but nope. we got these dopes n on their hands they’re sittin.
    that’s how i feel…helpless, powerless…..n pissed the fuk off!!!!!!!!

  11. whyteninja says:

    1st off..im shook. i stand bak n take a look. n what my eyes c makes my insides cook……we got crooks rapin mother-nature w greedy hands…..well crafted plans….jus peep the globs upon the sand n shorelines……the belly of the beast unsatisfied.

  12. rg2027x says:

    Global Warming Hoax, Planned in 1961:


    What a shock huh? LOL

    How can anyone say no conspiracy exists. That’s all the demonic network does: conspire against the people. Devise new methods to deceive, scam and defraud us all. It’s what the criminals posing as “politicians” do best!

    How many other events will we find were “planned well ahead of time” as history unfolds? & truth comes out…

  13. StigmataBOB1 says:

    What if you were a MAD Scientist, and. You believed that earth was about to be invaded, and you knew you could stop it, but you needed a few trillion. What would you do?
    Would you create a deserter that only you could stop, and tell the world you could solve the mess, if your Company just had a few trillion?
    Watch – This has happened before at Peenemunde Germany and resulted in WWII

  14. QuemielleDuChesne says:

    The Russians say that No. Korea torpedoed it.

  15. TheInternetSuperman says:

    British Petroleum..
    The center of this ‘carbon credit’, ‘global warming’ nonsense is London, England.

    The Rothschilds.

  16. Polatron1 says:

    End the Fed and the inside 911’s will end with them
    Wake up America

  17. BEEBEE159 says:

    I have discussed only one aspect of this disaster. There are other political agendas behind this as well. Somehow this event will result in another giant leap forward in establishing the NWO.

  18. BEEBEE159 says:

    So let’s recap what happened:

    1. The people were demanding increased offshore drilling in order to lower gasoline costs, which as I mentioned is against the interests of oil companies.
    2. Obama “acts” like he is listening to the people; and removes the ban on drilling in the Gulf.
    3. Halliburton, a defence contractor, “cements” the pipe the day before the explosion.
    4. The explosion occurs.
    5. Obama immediately bans drilling in the Gulf. The oil companies are happy again.

    To be continued…

  19. BEEBEE159 says:

    hereinthelightofday – What makes you think oil companies want to drill for more oil? Drilling for more oil would potentially lower the price of oil; that’s why many Americans were for offshore drilling before this event happened. The oil companies, on the other hand, have no interest in lowering the price of oil. In other words, the oil companies always want to maintain the idea that there is a shortage of oil. To be continued…

  20. Rcoxx4u says:

    You are on to something and this goes much deeper. These devils will do anything.

    Watch September Clues

  21. morganic88 says:

    May peace prevail on Earth , may all beings bee Joyous in their evolution towards the infinite..

  22. Cstnte78 says:

    Yes, global warming was totally fake. Thermometers don’t lie but the thing is that they only read thermometers close to the Earth’s equator to make believe that the Earth is warming up. I respect your opinion hereinthelighttoday…nice day.

  23. ejbh3160 says:

    BTW when you hear that plants survive in CO2 that’s TRUE (for atmospheric ‘natural’ co2 NOT pollution from power stations & cars)
    Think of it this way… if co2 was no problem then how come Apolo13 didn’t get to land on the moon?? All that co2 in their atmosphere was good for plants after all… in fact if they took plants with them.. the plants would have made it to the moon & back quite happily… just the astronauts would have died… but thats okay… co2 is ‘good’ for plants eh?

  24. ejbh3160 says:

    @Johngeiger747 you again… Dude I never posted anything to you… go STALK someone else you troll. (unless of course you’re really MrRocketman2010 in which case try using ONE account so I know which scoum I’m talking to)
    To quote you
    “please shovel your bullshit to somewhere else,…..is barn is full!”
    LOL!!! already FULL of BS eh?

    I know you don’t want a REAL debate about the scientific FACTS

    But its YOU who keep jumping in & commenting when I’m more than happy to leave you scoum to your BS)

  25. Johngeiger747 says:

    @ejbh3160 <=====Dude you fail give it up,.....your climate god is dead. get over it, and find a new religion. and please shovel your bullshit to somewhere else,.....is barn is full!

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