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Goldman Sachs sold 44% of BP stock before oil spill

Posted on June 08, 2010 by bp complaints

Apparently our good friends at Goldman Sachs and several other Tarp banks sold off their BP stocks before the BP oil disaster. I understand that this is only circumstantial evidence, but what makes it worth investigating is that these were the same banks that benefited from the Bail out. Smells like insider trading at the very least, and criminal foreknowledge is not off the table. Links below. www.usatrends.info rawstory.com
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  1. isawanangel2 says:

    god damn, this is as bad as jp morgan and the coal sludge

  2. scanlonized says:

    The Banksters unloaded many stocks after they pumped the prices of those stocks up with free TARP money and other money barrowed at 0 – .25% rate. The market indexes were up huge in just a few quarters on weak economic results. They are just getting out before the latest bubble bursts. Not saying that they did not know something was about to happen but they just gained an easy 50% plus on investments that they made with free money. Something stinks but I do not think the stench is BP.

  3. 1978CamaroRedneck says:

    Inside job!!!

  4. jvforever72 says:

    Sorry, i don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, it’s just way too many coincidences concerning GS, they either have analysts that can see into the future or they have connections on each and every level of the financial exchanges, alerting them to “opportunities”

  5. jvforever72 says:

    They also shorted the housing market before it tanked. I don’t think they are somehow implicitly involved in these events, and i also don’t think it’s coincidence, but i do think they are working with someone with inside knowledge of potential catastrophes, financial and physical. I wouldn’t doubt if someone tipped them off as to the problems that rig was having, that in combo with the price point( 52 week high just about), triggered a sell signal.

  6. mintoo2cool says:

    any one with a background in FOREX and stockmarkets can figure out why US companies “dumped” eurporean companies stocks …. stupidest alibi ever alex … you retarded manchild

  7. VivianRinSC says:

    My question was who bought these stocks? Little guys? Other banks? Other corporations? Who got the bulk of these?

    If nothing else, how the media has been at times locked out and how our govt has been inept and stalled over this spill has caused others to question. I’m hoping they don’t stop questioning.

  8. Mahalalel3 says:

    @Bassmarko Do a search 1999 BP advertisement. Logo that you will see will make the eyes pop.

  9. pebi86 says:

    Now THAT’s interesting!

  10. veritasfiles says:

    I realize you’re suspicious and for good reason, but what you cited isn’t good reason or evidence. Just because multiple banks and probably multiple companies sold BP stock doesn’t mean that they had advanced knowledge. This is fallacious. Correlation doesn’t mean causation. Many companies and people buy Gold at the same time becuase they are responding to some of the same information and/or fears. The same could have been true with BP stock. We have to do better than this.

  11. Bassmarko says:

    Because nobody understands why or how this rig exploded producing an extremely dangerous leak that appears impossible to seal I say anything is possible. They either can’t or won’t close off this leak but based on the engineers chiming in they feel there is no serious effort to close off this leak. What does all this mean? Obama with no leadership to speak, BP at a loss to deal with it, Boom and burn procedure ignored, No meaningful cleanup effort initiated, Cap and Tax in the news. Hmmm.

  12. piptaac101 says:

    I am tending to lean towards an inside job. Many reasons, not just stock sell offs. thanks for the vid.

  13. orange70383 says:

    I dont believe anything from these bastards, maybe the leak maybe somebodies private lake and a bs feed. who knows nobodys allowed to even fly over the site. bastards need to be covered in their own gusher. this crap goes alot deeper than were clued in on. What did the swat team sent in find? why all the secrecy? were being screwed worse than this spill I believe. media dont cover shit. very little press overseas. They dont want to cap a 200.000+ barrel a day strike.

  14. centervilletn says:

    @kindacoiny 8 days prior to the gulf spill Halliburton/KBR bought a oil spill containment company called “boots and coots”…coincidence?

  15. lequebecois2 says:

    i really like your video mr,i think you should talk about all the banks that are trading the euro for gold.

  16. kindacoiny says:

    correct me if im wrong, but i think i read somewhere The big “H” Halliburton was going to move the rig to another location or somthing? It went somthing like this “Halliburton Co, which did cementing work on the ruptured Gulf of Mexico well”

  17. SolitonPL says:

    GS shorted also stocks of TransOcean company heavly related to drilling few days before of the explosion in the Gulf. And by the way also Hullibarton have they fingers in the cookie jar. The same criminal group. False Flag …

  18. Airave says:

    There are some horrific predators
    on our planet. Anything is possible.
    Watch where you swim…. Peace!

  19. FierceEyedTiger says:


  20. MrVidAnderson says:

    Why sell off such a large percentage of a company that is making enomous profits is suspect. I am no stock expert though. Just wondering.

  21. AncientLegacy says:

    I think that the oil rig was deliberately destroyed.
    Everyone stands to gain from it. (except the people, and bp)
    Think about it. If the U.N. bans oceanic drilling (which they will), then we’ll be completely dependent on foreign oil, opec nations and what not.
    We stand to lose more money, and lose big.

  22. AncientLegacy says:

    Here’s an article i found very interesting and I think you should read it.
    From the huffington post about goldman sachs and what one of their exec’s said:

    huffingtonpost (dot) com/andy-borowitz/goldman-sachs-reveals-it_b_558774.html

  23. jimbobubbadj says:

    @pdlumina What you said may be true but in addition, they did what Stormclouds said.

  24. jimbobubbadj says:

    These banksters are not happy with the siphoning of trillions of dollars from the aging baby boomer sheeple’s 40k retirement accounts. Now they cause environmental damage to milk some more money.

  25. magichandpuppet says:

    @magichandpuppet – The banks, always trading on inside information, were able to place their bets accordingly. Meanwhile, Haliburton sent a team to cause an explosion on the rig and try to make it look like the accident *just* happened.

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