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Frustration with BP growing as the oil spill continues to spread

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

WEBNEWS – In this edition : the blogosphere bears witness to the deadly tropical storm “Agatha” in Guatemala. Web users’ frustration with BP keeps growing as the oil spill continues to spread.

The catastrophe in the Gulf continues, amidst lies, media censorship, greed, arrogance, incompetence. Here is the link to the video on jakluk4 channel – featuring an industry insider. WARNING : STRONG LANGUAGE AHEAD. www.youtube.com


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  1. thermostable01 says:

    It is still debated whether the oil dispersed as an aerosol by a tornado can reach explosive quality. That this situation is far from hypothetical was demonstrated by the U.S. “mother of all bombs”. Based on the same oil dispersion principle, with 16,000 lbs of explosive aerosol inside, it is equivalent to 88,000 pounds of TNT!
    The amount of the oil dispersed in a form of an aerosol in the tornado epicenter can be enormous. The extreme explosive capacity of the oil aerosol can be devastating!

  2. boots920 says:

    The entire world’s economy is based on the US dollar , high price of gold proves world reserve currency is being openly counterfeited.
    Nope, nobody gets out alive – Oil spill is chemical warfare the chemicals they spray look to be more poisonous that mustard gas.

  3. truthIsStranger says:

    fuck anybody who uses the word “blogoshpere”. what a load of shit.
    there are blogs and then there’s 99% of the internet, the REST of it…

    “blogosphere” and the special coverage it gets are just memes used to alienate MSM viewers from taking ANYTHING they read on the internet seriously. They want their viewers to think all of the internet users are still 14.

  4. 55ella2007k says:

    @jperryam Thanks, John. Will check out your new vid over the weekend.

  5. jperryam says:

    Great job, Ella. As you know, I’ve been feeling the same. We all need to take a sanity break from time to time. My extended break is over. I have a new vid written about Iran’s uranium swap deal with Turkey & Brazil (the SAME deal the US said only 6 months ago was necessary to show Iran could be trusted), and how Hillary responded with the call for more sanctions, after being in direct contact with Turkey’s negotiators. Hope to have it posted tonight…

  6. AJsOwner says:

    I tried sharing the booming video with the WhiteHouse channel and got a hand slap for sharing too many videos with that channel. Jeez … sensitive, aren’t they?

  7. slsmit2 says:

    @55ella2007k YES it is a man made disaster of huge proportions…my guts are so tight right now with what I see coming I am a sensitive and have been for many years….these criminals need to be rounded up put in jail for crimes in the highest against humanity including all the three letter departments involved in this disaster and their monies taken control of and used in every manner necessary to assist the people and our environment….

  8. BugsMr123 says:

    If only this had happened under Bush … then you’d have someone to be mad at.

  9. 55ella2007k says:

    @2cayenne : thank you. I will.

  10. 55ella2007k says:

    @DancingIsraeli :my heart goes out to you. This is a very terrible situation with no short term fix. As long the banksters, oilmen and oligarchs remain in control…nothing will change long term either. They are making their final push before this system built on greed + unending profit collapses in on itself.

  11. 55ella2007k says:

    @angryislander56 It’s like a nightmare in slow motion, Laura 🙁 The thing is, most people don’t give a damn, unless something effects them immediately and directly.

  12. 55ella2007k says:

    @slsmit2 : well, the people immediately effected by it are certainly ‘getting it’ and they are pissed as hell, and for good reason. This is a man-made disaster of huge proportion.

  13. 55ella2007k says:

    @MournelitheCalix : Yes, it’s confirmed. It’s in the Gulf Stream.

  14. 55ella2007k says:

    @MournelitheCalix : I I couldn’t agree more! Instead, he’s forming a bi-partisan panel. And he’s already said, that he has no intention of shutting down off-shore drilling in the foreseeable future, provided he’s given assurances that it’s ‘safe’. 🙁

  15. DancingIsraeli says:

    We live here in St. Pete…….We are going to lose our jobs and our beloved gulf…Enough to make a grown man cry……………

  16. BLynchCAN says:

    @55ella2007k Indeed, it is in the gulf stream. One can not pierce a
    hole into a planet and not expect it to flow on. We live with this every day.
    The natural flows from the rifts in the atlantic and pacific are on going. Although these expulsions are usually in the form of heated water containing elements from the upper crust. Sticking a pin into the deep oil beds is different. We, ‘they’ have pricked a baloon, into someting that should not have been touched for thousands of years.

  17. 2cayenne says:

    Keep on moving Ella – gotta keep your head high or they win. Just keep on hammering.

  18. 55ella2007k says:

    @OutSideDeMatrix : Thank you! Sometimes I lay low in order gather more strength ! 🙂

  19. 55ella2007k says:

    @piptaac101 : sometimes you need to slow things down in order gather new strength. I will always speak out, until somebody forcibly shuts me up…and even then, I will probably find another way. It just becomes much harder then. Has anybody heard from Riverbend, the Iraqi blogger, who left for Syria/Jordan two years ago? She’s probably still alive, but was never heard from again. Something to think about….

  20. 55ella2007k says:

    @Capitalocracy : Thanks. We all need our voices 🙂 Sometimes, it’s just too overwhelming…and you need time for reflection in order to gather some strength again. I won’t stay quiet for long… because things are bubbling under surface…

  21. 55ella2007k says:

    @MournelitheCalix : I agree whole-heartedly.

  22. MournelitheCalix says:

    something else to think about to. Evaporation from the seas help to drive our weather patterns. If there is oil at the top does this prevent the evaporation from the gulf? If so katie bar the doors we may have an even bigger long term issue. I can’t even imagine how bad this could be if it prevents normal rain patterns.

  23. MournelitheCalix says:

    waters until the oil companies can PROVE that they can prevent catastrophies like this from happening. BTW Ella I have heard reports that it has hit the gulf stream. Remember what i said earlier. If its not stopped soon this disaster is going to destroy florida AND could very well go up the eastern seaboard. Here is

  24. MournelitheCalix says:

    Furthermore he needs to be telling the AG, not asking, for charging every BP official/US coast guard member who is stopping journalists from adequately documenting this unfolding disaster. Nothing short of this will do in my opinion. I think its also time to shut down each and every drilling platform in US coastal .

  25. MournelitheCalix says:

    You know Ella maybe I am being unreasonable here but, this whole leak is making me even more disgusted with Barack Obama. Why this man has time to go to correspondent dinners, dinners with heads of state, and even has time to take questions about elections and Arizona’s stupidity is beyond me. His backside needs to be taking US marshalls and arresting the board of BP. He needs to put everything on the table and I mean right this minute and solve this problem.

  26. thesludgereport2 says:

    I know what you mean, Ella. So damned depressing. It’s all about the greed and power. We’ll all end up dying for it. Sorry Marine life, Wildlife,,,,,you first.

  27. kroikye says:

    Meanwhile, Hillary signed a UN-treaty getting your guns Americans…this is the real cover-up

  28. FeelFreeToArgue says:

    I’m with you Ella. I’ve been feeling the same way. Part of it is that everything falls into patterns of behavior I feel I’ve described in detail. I see the news and it saddens me, but there’s another part of me that just says “yes” and fills in that part of the equation. Very little surprises me. This disaster is 2 things to BP – a public relations problem and a potential financial liability. They’re happy to say “I’m sorry,” just as long as no one changes the rules they operate under.

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