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Forecast: Oil SOUTH of the Florida Keys by May 19 according to trajectory projections

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints

The federal government is failing to keep Florida residents informed. The mega-disaster will soon arrive on the east coast. Today the nations top federal offshore drilling official stepped down. Satellite imagery courtesy of Ocean Circulation Group, University of South Florida. Video courtesy of www.landofthemarvelous.com. Subscribe for more updates. Tags “May 16” “May 17” “May 18” dispersant riser pipe syphon gulf louisiana alabama mississippi miami lauderdale “palm beach” turtles coral reef pelicans oilspill oilslick oil BP Deepwater Horizon Transocean Halliburton Anadarko wellhead junkshot containment boom dome rov rig blowout ixtoc exxon valdez volcano geyser loop current gulfstream “new orleans” biloxi
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Rep. Peter Welch questioned leaders of BP, Transocean and Halliburton on May 12 about the devastating human and environmental toll of the Gulf oil spill. Welch visited the Gulf region on Friday with a bipartisan delegation of Energy and Commerce Committee members. The group flew over the spill site, were briefed by response officials and met with residents and business owners affected by the spill. Welch recently cosponsored the BP Deepwater Horizon Inquiry Commission Act, which would create an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate the causes of the Gulf spill and seek to prevent future incidents from occurring.


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  1. markofthebeasts says:

    when the profits are privatized, but the losses are socialized, that is not ‘free enterprise’ any more…. it’s much more typical of fascist systems….

  2. HeatherCarruthers says:

    So far, there is NO OIL in the Florida Keys from this spill. I was on the water yesterday and it was spectacular. Any oil that may reach the Keys will be in the form of tar balls after 30-40% of the oil has evaporated and weathered — but it’s possible no oil whatsoever will reach the Keys. Don’t cancel your vacations. Ask your hotel if they are providing an “oil-free guarantee.” Many are.

  3. vison2create says:

    Was in Dry Tortugas diving for 5 days last week. Best visibility in years. This would be the first part of the FL keys to see any oil or tar if/when oil gets in the Gulf Stream loop current. So far, nothing seen here. Enjoy it while you can. Hopefully, the loop eddy breaks off and keeps the crud offshore LA where it belongs.

  4. elsupercaico says:


  5. BeeAngelful says:

    I just canceled my booking to Miami 🙁

  6. 22reTOYOTA says:

    The “Free Market” is the reason I have a job. Maybe the rest of you work for the goverment. Quit this blame bullshit. This is not going to be the last time there is an oil spill.

  7. 1951patriot says:

    The IXTOC I well blowout on June 3, 1979 continued to spill oil into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of 10,000 – 30,000 barrels per day until it was finally capped on March 23, 1980. We all remember the effects of that one, don’t we? Is this a big deal? Yes, but on a small scale. Quit letting the media whip your mind into a paranoid frenzy!

  8. slimmdogg420 says:

    @videosouthafrica No it wont because the majority of Americans are brainwashed into thinking they are free and the government knows whats best.

  9. texasblaze1 says:

    When the free market LIES, you die. Simple as that. BP, go back to the UK and mess up your own backyard.

  10. texasblaze1 says:

    It is PRIVATE INDUSTRY, THE FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM THAT HAS ENDANGERED FLORIDA RESIDENTS AND POLLUTED THE GULF- not the government! Thanks to the Bush administration, we get a self regulated (meaning we will do as little and as cheaply as possible) industry demanding no federal oversight with the help and blessings of the teabaggers and republicans for even LESS regulation. Now America is going to be able to experience the devastating effects of this tragedy all the way up the coast to Maine.

  11. justcallmeassinine says:

    Can you use night vision goggles on a diving mask ?I’m asking because I was planning to go snorkeling and scuba in the Florida Keys this summer and I got my tickets on priceline and they are non-refundable. What can I do ? Will BP refund my vacation tickets ?

  12. videosouthafrica says:

    will Floridians remain ass-whipped …. or will they fight back ? this is what i am wondering …. what will it take for americans to throw out their own corrupt people …. will take a revolution … will that happen ? i dont know ? should it happen ?

  13. GrandMAHatesCoons says:

    Gulf Destroyed by volcano of oil, All life killed, fishing industry, shrimp,crab,oysters all poisioned forever,birds,sea turtles,manatees,dolphins gone, Beaches destoyed in at least 5 states,turned black and toxic, tourism destroyed,hotels,restaurants,casinos empty and bankrupt,millions jobless,sick from methane, flumes, everglades,marshes all dead, then the oil rain will come and fires, then it all heads up the east cost and then out to sea to end up on the beaches of the uk!

  14. TheNick487 says:

    dispersants making the problem much worse and distributing the oil and chemicals in the water column, they should just let it come to the surface its easier to contain there. Hiding it in miles of underwater fog could threaten the whole ocean.


    well, now i know what over a million barrels of oil look like in the ocean. pretty sad

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