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Flight to and from the Source

Posted on June 29, 2010 by bp complaints

New Deepwater Horizon images:

Flight to and from the Source
Deepwater Horizon
Image by duncandavidson

BP Dead Pelicans 2 Dead Birds
Deepwater Horizon
Image by Infrogmation

Deepwater Horizon
Image by Brennan Cavanaugh

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  1. Don Bribón says:

    You can also view this on interactive satellite imagery here http://www.bloosee.com/explore/#lt=29.087377&ln=-88.676147&a...

  2. Tangy1951 says:

    It’s about time. The "Talking-Heads" are doing their job at keeping the world in a state of the ole "Mushroom-Syndrom". I knew it’s devestating affect the day, no two days after it occured. "NOTHING CAN BE DONE". Got to find a place to cash in my chip’s, I don’t wanna play anymore.

  3. NowPublic says:

    Thank you for sharing your photo!This photograph appears in a NowPublic news story: BP Oil Spill: Cut and Cap Attempt as Shares Plunge.

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