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Fire Oil Rig

Posted on June 04, 2010 by bp complaints

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig on fire. British Petroleum. Transocean Rig. The rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico causing the riser pipe to crumble and break, spilling 5000 barrels of oil per day into the Gulf. BP Oil Rig Fire – Oil Spill – Night Footage Macondo Well.
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Here is brief documentation that the BP “live” feed of Gulf gusher is actually a short loop that has been repeating for 8+ hours — what are they hiding? On the evening of May 26, 2010, from at least around 8:00 pm to at least 1:45 am May 27th, the alleged “live” feed at www.bp.com was not actually showing “live” action, but was in a loop, playing the same few frames over and over again. The clock ticks in real time, but the image is not new but is repeated. I took a video shot of my computer screen playing this out, explaining this as I recorded it. I have to wonder what it is that is really taking place that they don’t want people to see. This reminds me of the movies where some dastardly deed is being done while a security camera is being fed a loop from an earlier time. There certainly has been a lot of covering up going on with this oil spill. This is taking place during the procedure that BP calls the “top kill.” You would think they would at least try to be more convincing by showing a segment of film with at least a half hour loop, rather than just a few seconds. I’m composing a story at PESN.com to explain further. pesn.com Shortly after I finally posted a link to this story in my news, the BP live feed went off-line to a black screen. It was down by 4:00 am.
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  1. EdisunSolar says:

    See the oil burning up – Watch the Government put it out –
    Watch the oil spread
    Wake up America

  2. EdisunSolar says:

    No collar around the rig site? the Government PUT OUT THE FIRE? which let the oil spread into a national disaster? an Obama 911 back to work plan?- Who is our government working for? clearly not USA.
    Governmental u tube sites block and edited American comments – Ban all block sites
    Wake up – a planed failed? government at work in front of your eyes
    O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica
    Wake up America watch but learn A prophecie or an Obamanation?
    Remedy – HAY tea bags to clean it up

  3. Allamericom says:

    The failure of Government is all around us to long to late – Want Health care? Bring home our troops DemoRepublicans we can use our troops here
    The big difference between Katrina and this Oil mess is Katrina was believed to be caused by nature the black oil spill was caused by man Britain we are faced with another Obamanation of America and sea life. How about firing a missal like the one used to cap on the pentagon for war ploy? Or Termite that was used to take down the towers?
    Wake up America

  4. vege22o says:

    wow i totaly see it, that is funked! its like 20 frams looped

  5. justdooit says:

    too funny….conspiracy theorists. if you watch the live feed now, you can see them trying to cut the riser from the wellhead…..loop that

  6. SJK799 says:

    Instead of watching an oil spill all day, get a job you loser!! Picking up trash or cleaning toilets, because thinking is obviously not one of your skills…

  7. moojeed says:

    When I lived in Texas I built a machine for testing BOP’s. One of the components that I incorprorated into the testing station was a gauge that looks a lot like an over-sized parking meter. That gauge is called a CHART. It is tied to a printer that creates a detailed, permanent, hard-copy record of the test that has to be kept on file by the testing company, the drilling company, and the oil company.
    BOP failure caused this catastrophe, but we’ve heard nothing about Chart Files or BOP testing.

  8. JeffTheCanuck2 says:

    CIA Fake

  9. dsenti says:

    Uh, this isn’t a loop. If it were, you could EASILY demonstrate it by capturing two identical frames at different times, but you didn’t. So I tried it. Guess what? Not a loop. You’re watching a vid of something constant so it may appear that way but it’s not. Next time do even a TINY bit of work before you accuse people of engaging in some vast conspiracy. It makes you sound stupid.

  10. h2opower says:

    If you ask me this whole thing was planned as they really want that NAFTA highway and inorder to get it they must destroy all industry there as to kill all the unions. For the one thing this is going to do is wipe out all of the fishing industry there. Just ask Alaska hows the clean up going? They will tell you the truth, in that they still have oil soaked beaches. The gulf will become a dead sea when all this is said and done. Good eye seeing that we are all being lied too, yet again.

  11. MrBuckwilliam says:

    @PESNetwork thank you. thank the tree hugger too 🙂

  12. PESNetwork says:

    According to TreeHugger, the above footage shows equipment being used to try to plug the gushing oil well.

  13. MrBuckwilliam says:

    wow, excellent observation PESNetwork. i’d like to ask you to correct me if i’m wrong here, but this particular feed that they are currently showing doesn’t even seem to be the location that was originally featured earlier on in the supposed “live” coverage. not many other folks that i actually know here are really keeping an eye on it. of course they are aware that something is happening though. so is it a different place in the fubar’d snafu than we were shown earlier?

  14. early2it says:

    Its not the main leak, they’re just buying time.

    The real eruption is a few miles away from where they are pointing everyone to, that the real story.

    What we are being fed is whatever they need to feed us to keep us at their table sitting happily in one place while they plan their next move.

  15. ISamuelII says:

    I noticed the loop factor right away. I think it was on cnn that this loop was played off as live video feed from the break. How many times will these cover up artists remain on our public broadcast frequencies?

  16. TGBigChilly4 says:

    Just like the Smoke on The 9/11 Broadcasts…

  17. Jamesmandana says:

    Yeah man, I started recording this too. It was late at night though, but it was still supposed to be a “live feed” streaming on WKRG via Livestream. I thought it looked like a few frames that were looping too.

  18. serfer5rogers says:

    does give that impression but what i notice is that the velocity of the flow is constant although looking more like mud or mud that is being blown out as fast as they can pump it in. you would think that a blockage from the mud would show a decrease in flow all together

  19. m4r14n01 says:

    I was thinking exactly about this….
    Makes you wonder whats really going on down there.

  20. harpbloke says:

    well spotted (no pun intended)

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