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E&E Subcommittee Hearing on Oil Spill – Rep.Charlie Melancon Remarks

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

Representative Charlie Melancon of Louisiana’s remarks during the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment hearing, “Combating the BP Oil Spill”

Video about toxic chemicals (Benzene and Hydrogen Sulfide) being released by the oil leak. BP Coughs Up Another Drop of Air Quality Data: Not Reassuring switchboard.nrdc.org 20000 Oil Spills A Year in US: EPA Tells Congress What It Is Doing To Combat BP Oil Blowout in Gulf beforeitsnews.com

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  1. slack7639 says:

    How about forgetting a pipe at the top of the containment dome (24’x14’x40′ 100-ton structure), and just put it on top of the hole. If some leaks out the bottom, put another structure around, and ontop, of it. Maybe the pressure is too great.

  2. SurvivalWithBushcraf says:

    @KeyWordBiblePrecepts Good choice. If you do get the land I will build your green house and put the aquaponics system in it. If you let me live on the land as well. Ill live in a tree house. lol

  3. j62584 says:

    @ytgv3fc7 i have no knowledge on that subject….

  4. alycephoto says:

    the one who talks about this extensively is Rev Lindsey Williams, he’s on Alex Jones a lot. He knows a lot about oil, worked in Alaska…

  5. soupiepower says:

    @ytgv3fc7 For the people cleaning up the oil on beaches or other areas of the ocean in boats they do not have to worry about the h2s because the amount of h2s still in the oil will be insignificant. I never claimed to be an expert I only claimed to have a better understanding of this than demcad. Brief exposure to high levels of benzene and h2s can cause death. Exposure to mid range levels can make you sick. The levels people may be exposed to are very low and will not cause problems

  6. soupiepower says:

    @ytgv3fc7 One leaking well is not comparable to a period of time in which a mass extinction occurred. The people in direct contact with h2s would be the people working where the well is leaking and if people get sick from the h2s it will be these people. However the h2s levels will be constantly measured and if they reach a level which poses a threat then they will not be allowed to continue to work in that area. Look up the allowable levels of h2s oilfield workers r allowed to be exposed to.

  7. 424EricaMarie says:

    Nuclear option? Blow up the Gulf & East Coasts. Give the populations of wildlife and humans the choice to breath their slow death, or end it all quickly. 2012 is here, we are all going to die! That is the effect of the national economy… It’s over guys, sorry…. The terrorist have nothing on us now, they just got their wish, we have killed ourselves with our own greed.

  8. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @soupiepower “are of no concern”. see “permian die-off” extinction level-event. h2s. cyanobacteria. Some expert skill you’re showing, there.

  9. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @soupiepower so if h2s is being carried in the plumes wouldn’t this mean direct contact? If people getting sick from h2s exposure are the people doing what they can for clean-up of the oil, wouldn’t this mean direct exposure? I think maybe you’re not asking the right questions.

  10. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @chena3 looks like some piece of the youtube algorithms are going to ensure we get donkeysulfide chow, no gold-label for me

  11. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @j62584 even if it was encouraging cyanobacteria from the sea-floor to rise up and produce more of it? Like a localized version of the Permian die-off extinction event?

  12. 1kings1918 says:

    Oil spill will affect oil prices a few cents for the next 2 yrs. Gulf seafood will be displaced by non-Gulf for next 10 yrs. Bad reputation of gulf food will last 20yrs. Fed will pass some idiot law that won’t address the issue, but will affect price, availability, & profits. 0-2yrs coastal recession on top of monetary financial failure, as people shift out of coastal food to other source. EPA & FDA will prevent gulf food from being profitable for 0-15yrs from restrictions.

  13. mallardhead says:

    IF the pressure under the Gulf was soooo great then maybe BPs drill hole kept a chunk of the sea floor from erupting, big time…. NO NUKES!… The Gulf and Gulf Stream are dead for a long time…. the economy is further toasted as a result… How’s that for the Progs milking a catastrophy?

  14. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    @SurvivalWithBushcraf I would have to have major acres of land and staff of people!

  15. SurvivalWithBushcraf says:

    @KeyWordBiblePrecepts Please look into aquaponics as well. No fetilizer needed.

  16. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    @johnverco maybe if you drive over the speed limit you might make sarasota!

  17. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    @alexn159 the interior ministry of Russia and their top scientists have advised the Russian President that the eastern half of usa will be devastated by toxic rain!

  18. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    @rollsthepaul hey paul can you send me the link about the Venezuelan pool? and what you been reading they blocking posts on here and messages! steve jolinski at facebook

  19. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    @SurvivalWithBushcraf hydroponic gardens and green houses but what about water supplies?

  20. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    hydrogen sulfide is from molten magma and hot chemical reactions…because the great pressure indicate the conglomerate hit magma chambers and maybe destabilized the seafloor creating fissures 20-50 miles from the initial site of wellhead…add me and will send you links

  21. KeyWordBiblePrecepts says:

    sorry demcad i can’t talk to you they blcocking me

  22. yedon68 says:

    @drutter …part of THE PLAN….!

  23. SurvivalWithBushcraf says:

    Long term effect. Massive food shortage. This could be that last straw on the cammel.

  24. fungulotualatuarazza says:

    the planet will always balance itself out and adapt ,the people on it are insignificant

  25. Readywakeup says:

    Good video very true, all lies, Greed will cause the destruction of our planet, stay in shape your gonna need too!

  26. rlindsay23 says:

    It’s not a leak or spill. My Grandpa leaks and I spilled the milk. This is a Gusher!

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