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Deepwater Drilling – Future of Offshore Drilling

Posted on June 26, 2010 by bp complaints

Following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Clean Skies Dan Goldstein takes a look at the practice of deepwater drilling. It’s a technique the oil industry is using more and more to find oil deep under the seabed. But is the payoff from this technique worth the risk – to the environment and the sea?
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  1. videosouthafrica says:

    AL QUAEDA [ let us remain friends please ] …. we are extremely impressed with BP and US politicians and have a job opening for u guys [ we are the same !! ] …. we offer you all fringe benefits like health care , housing loans , dining expense accounts , and of course free bombs and stuff … we support BP and US politicians … we love u guys

  2. audrapriscilla says:

    Are we sure this was not the act of some green terrorist group? I would not put past the fact that enviromentalist hate oil companies and that they would blow this rig up and destroy the ocean just to promote their “green” agenda. Is this possible? I’m just asking.

  3. SweetnessOrganic says:

    The options for cleaning the Gulf are few, and many of them can create as much or more harm than they are trying to prevent. Unfortunately, urgency and prudence don’t seem to mix any better than oil and water do….
    your green architect leapadaptive

  4. SweetnessOrganic says:

    Giving states veto power over offshore drilling within 75 miles of shore doesn’t make it any less likely that oil rigs might collapse, so why does it seem to make the risk of offshore different?

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