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David Letterman – Senate Oil Spill Hearings Top Ten

Posted on June 14, 2010 by bp complaints

It’s “Top Ten Surprises at the Senate Oil Spill Hearings” from May 12, 2010.

Rachel Maddow shares NBC News reports on from 1979 on the Ixtoc I oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the near mirror impotence and ineptitude in addressing the spill.

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  1. pawnworks says:

    obviously no one is taking this seriously.

  2. 3434aaaa says:

    I promise I’ll never destroy the environment again.

  3. artin74 says:

    now what !? we have to watch 2 fucking minutes commercials for 1 min videos ? ppl are running away from t v because of this shit..

  4. Allamericom says:

    The Stupid Obamantion of America is not very funny

  5. videosouthafrica says:

    its like Letterman believes the problem will just “go away” when he wakes up in the morning and it was just a silly dream or something … guess thats why he makes “light” of things

  6. 225masterblaster says:

    @russty36 wow! pepublicunts watch MSNBC? I guess you have to cuz fox hardly talk about this,especially earlier now they are using it to fight obama. and fuck obama and every president america ever had

  7. ranchy888 says:

    Excellent video. Thanks for the upload.

  8. commonman80 says:

    The people in the Gulf are really screwed. It’s DEEPER so that means it may take LONGER TO CLOSE.

    This is so FUCKED UP.

  9. commonman80 says:

    @splashy9 , Not walk away with “Millions”… Walk away with BILLIONS..

    That’s a big difference. A REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE..

  10. russty36 says:

    President Carter (D) in the white house. 30years later and we see how much the Dems really cared. In stead of allowing companies from drilling closer to shore, they force them out further. Their own doing. Thanks Dems! Thanks Enviro wackos!

  11. splashy9 says:

    Why am I not surprised? Of course they wouldn’t really make any real changes. It cuts too much into profit. It’s better for them to rely on governments to foot the bill so the head honchos in the corporations can walk away with millions.

  12. 817505817505 says:

    immigration needs to go to the whitehouse congress and the legislature sheriffs dept police stations and find out how meny white illegals from germany russia italy british why is a british illegal owner of oil in american land did dick cheney and bush sell the real americans to the neo nazi the real white americans need to open there eyes they are here for there country not for real american people

  13. HopeForPeaceNow says:

    Un freaking believeable.

  14. Febbraio says:

    oil spills can really mess up the environment, i hope we can find a very good solution to control oil spills `~,

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