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David Letterman – Katie Couric: Bummed Out About BP

Posted on June 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Katie provides an oil spill update while Dave has a few things to get off his chest.
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  1. garycalgary says:

    yeesh katie’s supposed to be the depressing news person not dave lol

  2. NYNYpatriot77 says:

    @jeffmoto72 Myself…I say they are short and fat…whatever!

  3. Pattycakessmiles says:

    The news says this is Katie Dissing Obama over his lax actions re the oil spill…dont hold your breath guys…she needs to keep her job, and her owners of Leftsts, and she’s all bought and paid for. I’ll give her this, she did say in the interview that BHO sat back too long, and is still letting others do his work. That’s something at lest.

  4. jeffmoto72 says:

    Nice Gams, Katie!

  5. tommyneumann says:

    dave drives a tesla roadster.

  6. rgmatos2 says:

    Katie Couric is just a hetero Maddow.

  7. tarektabbara says:

    its not oil..dave came all over her legs

  8. frededison says:

    People and the media should stop calling it a “spill,” as meaning one time. It has been and still is a constant oil _gusher_ poisoning the chain of life.

  9. chinojk says:

    No one killed the electric car, it was dead on arrival

  10. biggin105 says:

    kinda looking like her legs r oiled up too. looks reely good tho

  11. joealmore says:

    did she said something about the spill?, I was kind of busy (hypnotized) by her legs.

  12. hellokitty2007 says:

    I really DO NOT see how British Petroleum possibly have any money left after this disaster… oh yeah, they wont pay for damages.

  13. IAmTheCthulhu says:

    @mittROMNEY666 Thats what I’ve been doing for like two weeks now. Great minds think alike. lol >:D Fuck corporate greed. Fuck fossil fuels. Sorry for ranting. ;]

  14. CollegeLoheart says:

    The stupid fat British people ruin the world. Blame UK

  15. mittROMNEY666 says:

    id like to cover katie with oil and lick it off her asshole

  16. soulcalibur22 says:

    man shes boring it almost seems like her show for a min i was like stfu u cant bring any more awareness to bp then u did when u said BP i think we all know it sucks.

  17. mittROMNEY666 says:

    whenever an ad comes on i mute it and go to another window until its over so if you think im watching ur fuckin ads ur wrong

  18. davidperi says:

    Wonder if Katie C has heard that there is another crack some where along the well-case pipe that is below the surface where they always show the leak…this is why it is too hard to fix and that this relief pipe they are drilling is deeper than it should be…because BP doesn´t exactly know where this other crack is.

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