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Costner offers BP oil clean-up device – 2 Reports

Posted on June 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Actor Kevin Costner has been funding a team of scientists for 15 years in hopes of developing a technology to clean up massive oil spills, and his research has created a powerful centrifuge that he claims can separate oil from water and dump the oil into a holding tank. Costner and representatives of Ocean Therapy Solutions, the firm that developed the machine, demonstrated the centrifugal device for BP officials in New Orleans last week. “I believe they’ll want to do the right thing,” Costner told reporters at the time. “We’ve agreed to test it,” BP spokesman Mark Proegler told ABCNews.com today. Officials with Ocean Therapy Solutions have said one of their machines is capable of cleaning up to 210000 gallons of water per day. The oil extractor leaves the water 99 percent clean of crude, the firm said in a statement. “The machines are basically sophisticated centrifuge devices that can handle a huge volume of water and separate at unprecedented rates,” said Ocean Therapy Solutions CEO John Houghtaling. “They were developed from older centrifuge technology. Normal centrifuge machines are very slow and sensitive to different ratios of oil to water mixtures at intake.” The devices, which can be taken to the spill site via barges, come in different sizes. The largest can clean water at a rate of 200 gallons per minute — more than 50 gallons faster than the well is leaking, according to the firm. Depending on the water to oil ratio, the devices are capable of extracting 2000
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  1. bctvguy says:

    @romanianax – You are right – 3000 gallons a day would be a joke but that is what that local female reporter said and she got it WRONG- BIG TIME.
    At 2:47, the male reporter correctly cites the processing capacity at 200 gallons a MINUTE. CINC’s newest machine will double that to 400 gallons per minute which is 24,000 gallons an HOUR, 576,000 gallons a day. That’s a start.

    The concept is solid, the machines need to be scaled up and quickly produced.


  2. romanianax says:

    a capacity of 3000 gallons a day is a joke. There are 1 to 2 million barrels of oil spilling into the Gulf everyday. By the time the machine pumps it in there will be oil and water combined. Good luck with this fixing the spill.

  3. bctvguy says:

    GOOGLE: “BP Buys Kevin Costner’s Oil Spill Clean Up Machines”

  4. tomanyasses says:

    ya put it out there all talk and no go

  5. TwoTallGuys says:

    or 3,925 of these units can do the work in 1 year, or 47,100 units could do it in a single month!
    It’s better than nothing and far better than BP or the US White House admin. is doing.

  6. TwoTallGuys says:

    Hmmm . . . the spill’s surface slick is now more than 14,600 square miles. A single square mile contains 27,878,400 square feet. Let’s pretend all the oil is on the surface in this slick. If each sqft = 1 gallon, then at 200 gallons a minute it will only take 3,925 years to clean up this mess.

    it’s estimated that the Gulf of Mexico contains a volume of 2,434,000 cubic kilometers of water (6.43 * 1017 or 643 quadrillion gallons). Lets pretend that only 1% is now contaminated. That would be

  7. cdfgh1111 says:

    Incredible, a salad spinner , just add a special membrane. This thing is scalable. This is gonna piss the chem companies that make dispersant severely off. Watch your backs…..

  8. 5botball says:

    let go!!! lets do it!!!!

  9. freetubester says:

    @ClusterWan Let us not forget Kevin’s brother, the scientist who helped tp design
    the machine.

  10. ClusterWan says:

    Kevin Costner saves the world never saw it coming, but if it works then Kevin your the man way to use your own money to make a difference and not send it on unneeded lavish items. Hopefully others will follow suit.

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