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Corexit 9580 Dispersant Use in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Cleanup 1989

Posted on June 08, 2010 by bp complaints

Dispersants are being used in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response. Dispersants are not safe to humans or the environment. They contain various industrial solvents and workers must be protected from exposure. Dispersants are usually applied directly to the spilled oil by spraying from an airplane, helicopter, or vessel. During the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup in Alaska, some dispersants were manually sprayed by workers on oiled beaches. Although dispersants are manufactured by many companies and their ingredients may differ, most contain a detergent and a solvent. The solvent allows the detergent to be applied. The detergent helps to break up the oil on the water surface into very small drops. These tiny oil drops are then able to easily mix with the water and be diluted. Most dispersants contain petroleum distillates, a colorless liquid with a gasoline- or kerosene-like odor. They are composed of a mixture of paraffins (C5 to C13) that may contain a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons. Exposure to can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, or respiratory tract. NIOSH also recommends preventing skin contact with oil mist. To prevent harmful respiratory and dermal health effects NIOSH recommends reducing worker exposures to petroleum distillates and similar cleaning agents in dispersants. For more details, go to the NIOSH website at www.cdc.gov . This was clipped from video produced by the Governors Office of the State of Alaska in 1989 and 1990.
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In the Weekly Republican Address, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter discusses the tragic explosion and oil leak at the Deepwater Horizon rig off his state’s coast. Sen. Vitter reminds Americans, “As we continue to work toward a recovery solution, none of us should lose sight that there are families whove lost loved ones. That is the greatest tragedy something everyone in Washington should try a little harder to remember.” He also laments the politics swirling around this disaster: “I guess its typical of the culture in Washington for politicians to believe that they can solve an ongoing crisis with statements and testimonies in Congressional committee rooms. But the time for committee hearings is for after the well has been capped not before. Folks closer to the scene understand that. We want 100 percent of the attention of all parties focused on our two most immediate problems: stopping the gushing oil, and protecting our coastlines and marshes from the oil.” Sen. Vitter says, “Some in Washington have tried to seize on this real human tragedy in the Gulf to advocate for a radical new energy agenda. That only cheapens the loss of those whove lost loved ones and brushes aside the ongoing, unsolved problem to spring forward with an emotionally-charged political agenda. Thats wrong and, frankly, an example of bankrupt leadership. Both Republicans and Democrats say they want to decrease our foreign dependence on oil, but ending all domestic energy production offshore would only
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  1. isaacnd200 says:

    sorry, tiorco

  2. isaacnd200 says:

    That’s nothing, check out what else they make …..NALCO AND TIARCO ..SEE FOR YOUR SELF

  3. BoomerNavy70 says:

    How is that “Drill Baby Drill” campaign working out for you Republicans?

    Hey there Republicans I thought the Government wasn’t supposed to get involved with assisting the average working person? Isn’t that your poltical view. You know, “Lift Everyone Up By the Bootstraps.” Now all of a sudden socialism and communism is a good thing for a government when there are votes to be had by Republicans.

    How many Republicans have been to Louisiana to check out the damage?

    You damn hypocrites.

  4. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery That doesn’t even make sense! Not that you have so far, but really? BP buddies? I never said I had any love for BP! I’m in LA. I know about their safety record! They are paying for their mistake I can assure you! Nothing I’ve said can be construed as “supporting socialism for your big oil masters.” You need to read what I wrote and not jump on the hate wagon. It will help you compose a cohesive argument.

  5. AtlasShruggery says:


    Your private industry buddies at BP are doing such a great job with this current spill, eh? You GOPer clowns only support socialism for your Big Oil masters.

  6. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery NO its not. That is either a lie or you are severely misinformed. Also, the Ixtoc well was a part of Mexico’s government-owned oil company Pemex. NOT any U.S. holding, Their protocol is not under our jurisdiction and a result of govt. controlled energy production. I am amazed that you bring that up twice! The Ixtoc well is a great example of what socialism gets you. And a great example of when govt. steps out of its preview into things that are reserved for private industry.

  7. nicknatenat2010 says:

    Could someone speak about oil and why we are so dependent on it? You could save a lot of money in our homes. Have we not come any farther from the Industrial Revolution? If you look closely we can make hydrogen engines that run 5 gallons of water getting 5 times the mpg. Why are both parties getting their pockets lined from oil money? No wonder we are not finding ways to limit our dependence to oil? Please stop the finger pointing and do something about the present before the future is gone.

  8. AtlasShruggery says:


    87% of the North Slope is open to oil and gas production. Didn’t they tell you that on Faux News?

    Shallower areas? The Ixtoc well was located only 150 feet under water. It leaked uncontrollably for 10 months.

    US taxpayers spend billions every year subsidizing Big Oil. It’s time that the real cost of oil was factored into its price.

  9. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery Sorry…Your arguments stagger around like a drunk. That’s because we aren’t allowed to drill in safer areas! Congratulations! You made a point! You’re right! We need to drill in safer areas, like Alaska! Established pipeline so less travel by sea. Like shallower sea areas! Easier to cap in like situations! There are an estimated 12 billion barrels of oil and 73 trillion cubic feet of natural gas under Alaska’s North Slope, but we are forbidden to drill by the Democrats.

  10. AtlasShruggery says:

    David Vitter and his hooker donated his diapers to help clean up the oil.

  11. AtlasShruggery says:


    I rarely drink, Teabagger. I think you’re projecting.

    Check your comments. You made the idiotic statement that “They haven’t burned any oil!”. You were either ignorant or lying. I called you out on it.

    Here’s some facts for you, Teabagger. The total US offshore production from all rigs averages about 500 million barrels per year. That’s about a three week supply based on current consumption levels. It is simply not worth the risk of damage to other industries and the environment.

  12. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery They burned SOME weeks later! I was the one who told YOU that oil burn off was SOP. My father has worked on rigs for 40 years. I have family in the robotics dept. at Shell. They waited weeks to start burning and then abruptly stopped. Again, you liberals use cropped images, inflate their importance, and subvert the truth. No real facts again. More insults, again. Avoiding valid points, again. No logic, again. Only insults and half truths. You’re drinking right now, aren’t you?

  13. AtlasShruggery says:


    “They haven’t burned any oil!”?

    Your ignorance is stunning, even for a Louisiana Republican. Please check out the You Tube video titled “Coast Guard Burns Oil in Gulf”. Not sure what “industry” your family works in. I spent eight years in the Oil Patch as a CRO. Burning off the oil is the first protocol in an offshore spill.

  14. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery You don’t have your facts straight. They haven’t burned any oil! I live here and my family works in the industry. No one burned anything once the fire on the rig was extinguished by the thing sinking. Who said anything about we big fans of the Feds? I’m a big fan of my Gov. and Reps. right now as they’re the only ones doing anything while the Feds turn a deaf ear to us as if this was all much ado about nothing! You aren’t very cohesive in your argument. Please try to make sense.

  15. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery You have no facts only insults. You admit by virtue of omission that you don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve given you facts that you obviously can’t refute, so you resort to trite and overused idioms that aren’t even appropriate to the issue. Try making a valid point next time. Try using a little logic next time. And if you want to see someone who can do nothing but blame others look at our president. (Finger-pointer in chief indeed.) Refute a point I have made.

  16. AtlasShruggery says:


    The Coast Guard has been burning off the oil from the beginning. And now, suddenly, Little Bobby “Drill Baby Drill” Jindal and you Republican Teabaggers are big fans of the federal government. How incredibly ironic, eh? Where’s your girl Sarah Palin? Hiding in an undisclosed Faux News location?

  17. AtlasShruggery says:


    The plaintive wail of the whiny Republican titty baby: “it’s always someone else’s fault!” You Republicans are always trying to blame others for the results of your idiotic policies. Just like 9-11. Just like Iraq. Just like the economic collapse.

    Do you get all your talking points from militantly ignorant Faux News buffoon Sarah Palin? The Ixtoc oil spill was only in 150 feet of water and it took 8 months to stop. We’re all paying the price for your love affair with Big Oil.

  18. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery 2nd, they blocked our ideas for sand berms proposed by our Republican Gov. Jindal because they didn’t know what the “future environmental repercussions” might be! (Can’t be much worse than current) They’d rather let us drown than help. They were against burning the oil when the spill was manageable (SOP in such emergency.) I guess cleaning pelicans with Dawn is a more “feel good” photo op than building sand bars, but it helps no one. You are a typical liberal. NO facts. ALL mouth

  19. flobrew says:

    @AtlasShruggery We are here stupid! First of all many of us in Louisiana are employed by “big oil” so I appreciate the employment for our population in the middle of a recession, and the effort to get the OPEC monkey off this countries back. We need energy, its as simple as that. 2nd, the “greenies” are the reson this happened in the 1st place, and why its escalated. The forced us into deep water when there are safer places in shallower waters and on land. This disgrace shouldn’t have happened.

  20. AtlasShruggery says:


    How ridiculous. You Republican Teabaggers are owned by Big Oil. Every one of you GOPer clowns who chanted “Drill Baby Drill” should be required to report to the Gulf Coast for clean up duty.

  21. AtlasShruggery says:

    Maybe Dave Vitter should send some of his diapers to the Gulf Coast to absorb the oil.

  22. 1949b says:

    @FloydUnderpants dude!!!!!! i dont give a fuk about spelling. you got my point….. we do agree about vitter and thats good.as far as me doin your adult ed shit . come on now pantyman…..im doin this stuff to make you happy,,,,so you can tell me what a stunning intellekt i have and that shit…… we are on the same side pantyman,,,if i see you over the club ill buy you a beer and well talk. later…… i gotta bounce…..

  23. FloydUnderpants says:


    Learn to spell, hoss. LOL! Sadly, castration won’t fix his problems. At least you could take an adult ed class. Vitter is probably beyond help.

  24. 1949b says:

    @FloydUnderpants thank you, i knew youd be impressed with my great grammer. i can tell by your use of exclamation points that you dont have any skid marks in YOUR underpants………. mr floyed. now give me 500 words on why vitter should be castrated…. thank you.(i love a nice runnon sentance???!!!!!@@@#$%^&)

  25. FloydUnderpants says:


    Ooh! Witty retort! What stunning intellect you display! Not even capital letters or punctuation! I am beyond impressed by you with that ‘un. I yield to your astounding literary expertise.

  26. 1949b says:

    @FloydUnderpants fuck you stupid

  27. tikidevil says:

    Hey, Vitter, are you still out whoring and cheating on your wife? You’re a disgrace. If you’re so moral, you would’ve resigned. Now I hear you on Fox News (Republican right-wing) hate machine, criticizing the president. Did you criticize Bush, Cheyney and Brownie during Katrina? No, because you and your ilk are all about criticizing, but you have no solutions. Liars!

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