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Cap The Well

Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

How to stop the Deepwater Horizon Rig Catastrophe.

BP CEO Tony Hayward testified for the first time since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank on April 20. Members challenged Hayward on his role in the the spill and actions taken since the rig sank.
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  1. ThompsonLoM says:

    Kenny, note you should change the “Title” to read “Cap the Well” (to match the whiteboard and voiceover). -KT

  2. vodude says:

    @politicalwatcher1 RE: “envirementalist do more damage to the envirement that they claim they care about”.

    What a bunch of crap that is. If environmentalists weren’t watching & pressuring lawamkers & corporations to do thje right thing, there wouldn’t be very many places left in this world that you or I could enjoy. You should be thanking them not cursing them. The only people you should be mad at is crooked politicians (MMS) & BP management. They’re the ones who made this mess.

  3. Resvoir77 says:

    “on behalf of America, we are sorry BP. We are sorry for all the bad things we have said about you” – GOP party

  4. 87oceans says:

    gloves are off now – if you are British it is your obligation and your duty to not let any American you meet get away with anything. Bhopal, Piper Alpha, whatever it is the scum Americans get away with paying. Not anymore! If you work in an environment with Americans around, like tourists, Don’t take any shit from them. Ride their asses on anything and everything you can.

  5. politicalwatcher1 says:

    The envirementalist force oil company’s to drill far out and then bash them when they can’t plug a hole that is five thousand feet under the sea envirementalist do more damage to the envirement that they claim they care about

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