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BP ‘Top Kill’ Fail: Aerial, underwater video of oil spill seal effort

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

Three days after BP said its latest attempt to stop oil gushing out into the Gulf of Mexico had failed, the company is turning to another risky procedure. BP plans to use robot submarines to cut away the riser pipe and place a containment valve over the blowout preventer. However, it’s likely to temporarily cause 20 per cent more oil (some 100000 gallons) to add to the spill daily.


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  1. leahanna412003 says:

    They were trying to match the Russian find of ‘super deep drilling’ & they went down a total of 30,000 feet, the deepest in the history of drilling, plus the additional 5,000 feet where the rig sat. I also found out that they drilled it on the same parallel as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. What the hell are they up to, besides taking over the world and giving them more excuses to devalue our money? Look for the interview here with Lindsey Williams. He has the info. The pressure is immeasurable


    Ive been saying that they are going to do another 911, and this is it. Last time they blamed it on Bin Ladin. This time they just called it an accident and give lip service to “trying to clean it up” as they continue to dump toxins ontop of the oil to kill everything.
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  3. MyThirdUserAccount says:

    Every day the news about this spill gets more and more ridiculous and aggravating. Next thing you know they’ll put Flava Flav in charge of the cleanup and try blaming the oil spill on Jesus.

  4. RealKengeki says:

    @oxoxoxox777 Cause you’re an expert on sealing oil spills, right?

    BP is losing tons of money each second, it’s not a ‘conspiracy’. So just shut the fuck up.

  5. panteraX1 says:

    @wq8t1 right on

  6. wq8t1 says:

    human beings are a cancer on this earth. one day the earth will try to heal itself. be warned

  7. brik250575 says:

    BP Bastard, you are the bastard !!!!!!!!

  8. carolinatinpan says:

    Environmentalist Waco’s caused this oil spill. We have plenty of easily accessable oil. But lefties lock up the easily accessable oil so we have to go 5 miles into the ocean to get oil available on land. In two years there will be no trace of the oil.

  9. TheRealVerbz says:

    I think they are going to push for GMO microbes that they claim will be able to eat the oil spill up.
    I’m looking into this more and am discovering that major corporations would be manufacturing the GMO microbes.
    hmmm…. that means they INTENTIONALLY blow up the oil rig….. get everyone to literally buy into the GMO microbes……. stocks go up….. and they get rich again from a false flag operation.

    I’ll continue digging.

  10. XMtnDude says:

    soon the entire ocean is fill with oil, then global warming, then BANG! the earth explodes, 2012

  11. sarcasticasian says:

    BP fails at life.

  12. DethMetalNinja1 says:

    Humanity’s a failed experiment
    Walking the path to extinction
    Spinning it’s wheels endlessly
    Grease them with oil and uranium
    The earth will shake
    and the waters will rise
    The elements reclaim what was taken!!!!
    -lamb of god

  13. phonedna says:

    British Petroleum rep Randy Prescott shruggedoff the oil spill by saying “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp”. Here is Randy’s office phone number: (713)323-4093 and his email: randy.prescott@bp.com. Tell him BP isn’t theonly place that has fuel for your car! PLEASE REPOST

  14. oxoxoxox777 says:

    This is biblical prophecies the oil is the earth’s blood and FEMA is controlled by the Antichrists, Come on US or BP could’ve sealed it long ago (Conspiracy) at best, don’t surrender!

  15. DaMarsBar says:

    @PILMAN No they didn’t they took responsibility for the Clean up, they have Never taken responsibility for the accident. Their is a huge difference their.

  16. thenamesfrancisco says:

    american idiots

  17. orgullomexicano24 says:

    Retards! Send an atomic bomb to seal it, that’s how Russians do it, and i works. Ugh!

  18. ThunderMcdeath says:

    Those of you who think the gov caused this mess are the dumbest idiots imaginable, good lord. Idiots

  19. PILMAN says:

    BP Operated it so it’s their responsibility.

  20. PILMAN says:

    @DaMarsBar BP took responsibility for the accident and it was their workers.

  21. SILLY711BEANS says:


  22. smrio says:

    DaMArsBar, thats right my man. I meant transatlanta oceans. Now these turkeys are gathering around their next epic fail, Broadcasting on cnn, LIVE. I was complaining and trying to make my nausea go away when I thought why doesnt hire people out immediately to help contain the problem. I’m sure these people have contracts with other countries maybe they can borrow money. Bailout the FREAKING gulf.

  23. thebestpeopl says:


  24. MrRocketman2010 says:

    ENDtheFED2012 is right. This was staged by the US government/Bilderbergs to push us into cap and trade and carbon tax!

  25. ENDtheFED2012 says:

    These are facts anybody can look up. Read from the bottom up to put them in order. Watch PASS-AMERICAN-POWER-ACT video to see how they are using the spill/leak to sell the ‘APA’ bill, and watch Glenn Beck-Crime Inc. to see Obama, Freddie, Fannie involvement in carbon climate company scams

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