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BP Relies On Top Kill Method As It Still Fails To Stop Oil Spill

Posted on June 03, 2010 by bp complaints

The US Government says it won’t take over oil clean-up operations in the Gulf of Mexico from BP. Washington had criticised the oil giant for being too slow in its crisis management efforts. BP is pinning its hopes of stopping the gusher on yet another technique never tested 1500 metres underwater: a ‘top kill’ in which heavy mud and cement would be shot into the blown-out well to plug it up. At least 23 million litres of crude oil have spewed into the Gulf, according to a Coast Guard and BP, though some scientists say they believe the spill has already surpassed the 42 million litre 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska as the worst in US history. Join The Illuminati (Msg Me). SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Copyright: www.youtube.com
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  1. jillmtompkins says:

    What if we clamped a metal mesh on to the clean cut at the top of the BOP. Wouldn’t have to fight the pressure so bad because it was mesh. Then drill in at the base of the BOP and pump the cement up, using the existing directional pressure of the leak to fill the BOP with cement and plug off the well.

  2. jillmtompkins says:

    @baxy11 Sorry buddy, but none of those would work. 1- That was the top hat method. 2- Would leave a gaping hole and still continue to spill. 3- Kind of like the junk shot or top kill… The force of the oil rocketing out of the pipe is absolutely immense… they can’t overcome it to inject anything. 4a- Not a terrible plan except that the riser pipe couldn’t handle that much pressure and would quickly fail. 4b- It’s too cold to solder and you’d still have to overcome the pressure of the leak.

  3. datzfast says:

    what happend to the sunk rig has antbody see any deep water photos of it.

  4. OMFGitsMARK says:

    Cant you guys actually see that they want this to happen?
    So Obama said on the lines of its not are mess to clear up. but it is???
    as many of you guys have pointed its quite easy to fix and they could fix it in 8hours but they dont want it to be fixed -.- NWO WAKE UP

  5. Immaculite says:

    you all actually though “top kill” would’ve worked? i told you all NOTHING is gonna fuckin work. none of this is accidental, every bit of this is fuckin PLANNED! from the moment the rig exploded even down to these chemicals they’re pumping into the ocean along with the oil..ever heard of EUGENICS? OPEN YA FUCKIN EYES PEOPLE stop being so fuckin IGNORANT you NARROW MINDED FUCKS! OPEN YA FUCKIN MINDS! SEE THA BIGGER FUCKIN PICTURE! YOU ARE ALL FUCKED!!! lol

  6. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Relief wells in August? The gulf will be dead by then…nuking the seafloor to collapse the oil vein has just moved up the option list……

  7. baxy11 says:

    I cannot believe people are so stupid and retarded,that they occupy high position in BP.

    idiots , there are many ideas hire me

    1. cover a funnel of plastic sheath around the tube and with the tube channel oil uopward to suck it at the top

    cannot believe

    2.Blow out the tube out at it source

    3.Inject plastics into the tube,

    4.Crush the tube end ,or solder it with a new piece of metal

    5.Hire me now

  8. KnowledgeBombs says:

    And the oceans will turn red….

  9. gigiangle83 says:

    use a half ciricle plastic bag like jelly fish,and the top connect with a pipe let the oil going up,is more easy to catch the oil

  10. VerisonMember says:

    BP Oil Spill! Live Feed!


    Click on “Oil Spill Live Feed”

  11. ground5443 says:

    This is so horrible! BP Can NOT Stop the Oil Leak…….U would think that this corporations would have some kind of plan to Stop Oil Leaks, in case tragedies like the one in the Gulf, were to happen….at such deep end of the Oceans!!!! They are so Greedy and eager to get the Oil…..that they don’t even care to have a plan at all! WOW.

  12. straight2say says:

    @sonotnews The ‘method’ of BP is like this: Why doing the ‘easy thing’ when there is a way to do it much more complicated? – The answer to the question: ‘How to seal oil well on sea’s ground with concrete slabs?’ may be found here:

  13. sonotnews says:


  14. IndigoCharlie says:

    I can take a picture of my driveway and make it look like a horror movie…don’t be that stupid. This stuff is not the oil you think it is…it’s crude unprocessed oil from the Earth.

  15. supermortalhuman says:

    looks like blood. earth blood.

  16. TheNick487 says:

    I hope everyone notices the changes around the pipe in the last few days. There were some eruptions sunday monday caught on the live feed before it mysteriosly stopped. You can clearly see the pipe is way more exposed now.

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