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BP Prepares `Top Kill’ to Stem Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Posted on June 13, 2010 by bp complaints

May 26 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Eric Coleman reports on BP Plc’s efforts to stem the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil began flowing into the Gulf after an April 20 explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, which London-based BP leased from Transocean Ltd. BP shares have dropped 25 percent since then. Copyright Bloomberg 2010 BP top kill oil spill gulf of mexico deepwater horizon drilling rig transocean rig Louisiana wetlands florida keys Mississippi delta
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www.SpillFighters.com – The Texas Land Office and Texas Water Commission successfully used ‘oil eating’ microbes to clean up large oil spills in just weeks. Microbes hunt down and eat the toxic oil and leave only a biodegradable waste that is non-toxic to humans and marine life. Marshland and beaches were pristine again in just weeks—not years like the Exxon Valdez spill. This is the answer to save the seafood industry and all the precious creatures we are about to kill.
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  1. fal2grace says:

    @muta157 would’ve been a lot easier it seems

  2. muta157 says:

    It’s to bad we couldn’t drill on land so that these poor guys wouldn’t have to solve this 5 miles under water.

  3. bushtyranny says:

    @MrBuckwilliam, Yeah well Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves once said:
    The key to Good Relations is BEING LAID!
    But I think we should use Maxwell smarts (Get Smart) Cone of Silance and put over oil leak.
    Just park a DODGE over oil leak, it will use that much oil in a day!

  4. fal2grace says:

    @iknownothingnow no confidence in govt anymore… thanks

  5. fal2grace says:

    @bushtyranny blackwater:) nice

  6. fal2grace says:

    @MrBuckwilliam great quotes… thanks

  7. MrBuckwilliam says:

    who’s kidding who? this well won’t be shut permanently until it’s reserves are depleted… one of clint eastwoods lines to fit the bill would be “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”… and yosemite sam… “suferin’ succotash!”

  8. bushtyranny says:

    @doc7474 Maybe BP should change its name to a more respectable name, like Blackwater Oil…
    Only third world countries should be offshore drilling, like Texas!
    Have Bush go down there and Fix It! He’s Good Under Pressure! Like with 3rd graders!
    We just need scientists to mate Human DNA with DODGE DNA so we will have no problem consuming Oil!
    funny they are using ELECTRIC SUBS to try to fix this gusher.
    Maybe the Tampax Corp can come up with a super dooper massive sized plug for the hole.

  9. bushtyranny says:

    Maybe BP should change its name to a more respectable name, like Blackwater Oil… Fits BP.
    Only third world countries should be offshore drilling, like Texas!
    Have Bush go down there and Fix It! He’s Good Under Pressure! Like with 3rd graders!
    We just need scientists to mate Human DNA with DODGE DNA so we will have no problem consuming Oil!
    funny they are using ELECTRIC SUBS to try to fix this gusher.
    Maybe the Tampax Corp can come up with a super dooper massive sized plug for the hole.

  10. iknownothingnow says:

    You heard our government, Ms. Napolitano, “we are going to stay on this until it gets done the right way.” Oh boy, don’t I feel so much better knowing that they are involved. I’m going to rest now.

    Everyone can go back to sleep. Counting barrels instead of sheep. Over 2 Million barrels have spilled so far and …. Still counting.

  11. chena3 says:

    roll janet napolitano
    around in the oil ..
    use her as a big fat
    absorbent pad ..

  12. fal2grace says:

    @doc7474 I wish everybody would boycott them.

  13. doc7474 says:

    I’m never buying gas from BP again, unless I have no other choice. I could have forgiven them had they confessed and handled this the right way. They’re just too caught up in their own twisted thing and not doing the right thing.

  14. fal2grace says:

    @Pablo905 great points pablo…thanks

  15. Pablo905 says:

    I personally think that it is much more than just the pipe we see thats spewing out crap. Why do you pour a ton mud and concrete on a pipe with apparently 2300 psi, t would just keep blowing it away. The pipe is a diversion and somewhere else is the real gusher that they don’t show us. If there is a crack in the ocean floor THEN this top kill procedure make a lot of sense.

  16. fal2grace says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 I hope there is:) they deserve one:)

  17. Kiddolinfen09 says:

    Apparently there’s no heaven for animals either… : (

  18. fal2grace says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 the animals always suffer when we screw up…

  19. fal2grace says:

    @centervilletn agree… i saw on tv this morning a reporter was saying that if the top kill method doesn’t work it could actually make things worse… and of course he didn’t say anything about the news of the last couple of days about the well head already being blown off… strange days.

  20. centervilletn says:

    interesting the news isnt discussing that the well head has blown out..and this “effort” will not work because they cant pump enough into the ever enlarging crater to seal anything…its like putting a bandaid on an amputated leg…

  21. Kiddolinfen09 says:

    I reckon it will work… BP gets a hero hat… few reels of ducks before-and-after, slighlty sombre ‘but the scale of the spills damage to the environment is still unknown’ followed by a panning shot of an oil covered shorelines…. last we’ll hear of it for a month from msm.

  22. fal2grace says:

    @navtel I hope they go broke too.

  23. navtel says:

    i hope BP goes broke.. this mud / cement pumping will fail.. why did they not just crimp the pipe and at least slow down the flow .. now it appears it is too late for that.. what a bunch of screw ups. those in power should start putting a price on all of the dead animals/ mammals that wash up.. a hefty price.

  24. fal2grace says:

    @Doenietmeermee it does seem to be like a volcano (in terms of pressure) donnie.

  25. Doenietmeermee says:

    I am convinced that it is something like a vulcano, alse on these images oil seems to be a bit to yellow to be without sulfer… Further, it seems the camera recording the leak is smashed to even deeper waters by an explosion occured like 10 hours ago. Time to check stock levels.

  26. trucking42witness says:

    For some reason ideas that work are being avoided. what could be the biger picture that they are not telling us.

  27. aaugoaa says:

    @sjinn13 has BP been asked officially why they don’t use this product? you say it’s because they want to reclaim the oil, where did they officially say that? and if they did, then the American must want that to otherwise they would insist they use this product, you see this is why we have leaders because “we the people” make Crazy decisions and even crazier assumptions.

  28. aaugoaa says:

    i am sure BP is aware of this product, there must be some reason they arn’t using it.

  29. sjinn13 says:

    Thanks for posting this video. We can’t wait for BP’s OK; no doubt they want to eventually reclaim that oil to sell it – microbes that eat it and leave a clean environment wouldn’t be what they want. Good for wildlife, wetlands, our oceans, and people….Not good for BP’s profits.
    It’s going to take *we the people* to get it done.

  30. dygrp says:

    I heard of this, I recommend you call a TV station to get this information

  31. anhphi33 says:

    The goverment has this stuff , but why are they not using it??!!!

  32. RexerSimphoni says:

    jbugko, you lost me when you said that oil is still spoiling the Alaskan coastline. It could not be more false. You should take the boat tour of Prince William Sound out of Whittier. The sound is beautiful and pristine. The only extant effect is that a few of the marine species have not yet returned to their pre-spill populations, but their numbers are rapidly growing and they will do so.

  33. 123oilspill says:

    The solution is here

  34. jbugko says:

    This is a deep-sea spill, where there isn’t a lot of oxygen. Microbes can be used in the marshes. Don’t believe the hype that this can be “fixed in six weeks” – the exxon valdez spill, is still fouling up the Alaskan coastline with clumps of oil. Not that Caribou Barbie would have noticed. If the the Republicans weren’t so busy fighting tooth and nail against any and all alternative energy legislation, we’d have had biomass, solar, and wind replacing this crap..

  35. jbugko says:

    There’s NO WAY this process would take six weeks, I really hate when people make specious claims especially for this kind of product which is useful. And the EPA has demanded that BP use alternatives to dispersents such as bioremediation. Actually there is a product by Amira EET that not just supplies microbes but adds more oxygen – which is what is needed if microbes are going to consume the petroleum products – and it’s being donated.

  36. jbugko says:

    Why. It isn’t going to be cleaned in 6 weeks by this, and it didn’t clean the Exxon Valdez spill. He can go to the NOAA instead of BP. Bouies and Booms are being used, but so are a lot of other organic methods. He can even volunteer and donate in several states, several counties within those states where haybales are being used, there is a centrifugal device that you put on a barge that sucks up the water and separates it from the oil, leaving just water – THAT’s organic.

  37. freedomfighterone says:

    BP is not trying to clean up the Gulf. They are trying to create a problem that will kill off billions of people, and then profit from this problem as people are dying.

  38. seosean says:

    Why don’t we just do this.. why wait for their approval. Just do it! Let’s get the money together and just release them. Think about it, it’s going to take months even if they did approve it, just for the approval and for them to start applying them.

  39. PlayingGuitarRules says:

    we need to stop the oil first..

  40. Giverney13 says:

    I found this out via a science mag online, someone named Di Gao, a University of Pittsburgh engineering professor,has developed a technique for separating oil from water via a cotton filter; it is coated in a chemical polymer that blocks oil while allowing water to pass through

    After the successful test,reports were that the filter was successfully tested off the coast of Louisiana and shown to simultaneously clean water & preserve the oil.
    This will wipe out the Gulf for a min of 3-5 decades

  41. in5d says:

    I posted this on my 2012 forum as well as on Facebook

  42. TheUnion5 says:


    because they’re -not- elites. they’re polluted with greed.

  43. InvertedPyramid says:

    I know how to stop the oil spill. Think Dubai the World. Dump sand and make a land based island control the flow of the oil. THINK ABOUT IT!!!
    Itd take a huge effort but it can be done. DONT NUKE that!!! If anyone says nukeing it is a good idea. Refer to youtube video. Beached whale explosion. Please consider this.

  44. GuildF40 says:



    ACT NOW …….

  45. tatonarf says:

    Might be talking out of my ass here but, since the oil spill is so large you would need a large amount of microbes. In order to do that you would need to add fertilizer so the microbes can grow. Problem occurs here, if you add too much nitrogen in the fertilizer this can cause an algal bloom which uses up the oxygen in the water leading to a dead zone, which the Gulf Coats already has. Microbes are usually used in smaller clean ups after physical means are pretty useless.

  46. RadioIlluminaticom says:

    Please don’t be naive. This accident was done by them selves and they want to make it worse not better.

    search for “fall of the republic” on youtube

  47. TheUnion5 says:

    incredible that people are waiting for some kind of government approval to use this stuff, instead of taking matters into their own hands in areas that concern them locally. it’s kind of like eating concentrated cannabis oil for cancers. if it works – to hell with what the government and big corporations has to say about it.

  48. serindipity10 says:

    thank-you Ribanna for this share, so so sad , Kira x

  49. starfournier1 says:

    I have been using Bioremediation to clean-up releases of petroleum and industrial chemicals into groumdwater used to supply drinking water and have been teaching Bioremediation technology throughout the United States and around the world for 20+ years. Aerating to affect Bioremediation is the most widey-utilized site clean-up technology in the world, by far! Bioremediation will protect shores/beaches from oil impacts and supply oxygen to marine life.

  50. reeaylay says:

    When used in large quantities, wouldn’t the microbes deplete oxygen in the water (thus suffocating living beings underwater)? Have you come across any studies showing the long-term effects of microbes in oil spills and on the marine-life?

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