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BP Prepares To Use “Top Kill” Method

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints

BP intends to try yet another method to stop the underwater oil gushing in the gulf. News commentators speculate on “top kill” and its potential effectiveness.

Oil companies CEO’S pass the buck for big spill www.msnbc.msn.com At Senate hearing companies involved in the Gulf oil disaster — BP, Transocean and Halliburton why it happened : Must SEE www.youtube.com tags: oil spill drill baby drill Louisiana Texas Florida bp dick cheny …


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  1. glmel says:


    having worked on this gear for 20 years…BP IS A WAD OF LIMEY IDIOTS

  2. qimag1 says:

    Iran said that this was a minor leak, and they can solve it.

    Why dont we give them the chance, and start being friends with Iran?

    Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and many other countries have excellent expertise on this kind of Leaks. Why aren´t we using them as Consultants???

  3. lugolugus says:

    why are they suppressing the Kevin Costner machine, Paul Stamets , the kitty litters stuff. why use dispersant, mmm maybe so they wont have to clean up, try cleaning once hurricane season starts, cannot be done. get more bodies out there anybody were is the community organizers Greedy Capitalist Reptilians want to destroy the human race

  4. hautmess says:

    i hope the government burns in hell

  5. JustB3NJI says:

    It’s unbelieveable how incapable they are proving to be at dealing ith something like this, they should have plans already drafted up to deal with something like this.
    BP should be econimically annilhilated. Time to loot this cowboy trader.

  6. eddiefreddie39 says:

    The oil will be less damaging than the dispersants used. The whole gulf may become a dead zone, only good for offshore oil wells. The nightmare may have only just begun.

  7. headlightguy says:

    we the people its time to stand up and take back what we so willingly gave up, we instilled trust in the untestable, now we will pay the price that our grand parents false pride and trust in a greedy nation, we have been left the burden of fixing a unfix able mess,

  8. Judy101101 says:

    there is no justice system so you can’t trust in that. The entire oil industry OWNS the justice system.

  9. ahzarahga says:

    Oh and some people did almost get arrested over the oil spill — some reporters trying to film it … dummies

  10. ahzarahga says:

    Nobody’s gonna “wake up”, not as long as the show is on tonight and the shiny car payment is due. Besides there’s a football game and sally’s birthday party. Oh and that whatchamajig thingi is on sale right now at wal kart. Oh and Doc ScrewYourNeighbor is on the soaps today. Stupid people. Nobody is gonna care at all… dummies. Just keep on watching tv and shopping people. Idiots. Why dont you take out some more bank loans of some more fake money? yea that’ll solve it. Morons.

  11. trucking42witness says:

    Hurricane season is here. The oil and gas will go all over America. We will be breathing this stuff! I believe this was no accident. This is my opinion.

  12. jimmi0082001 says:

    Dick Cheney should be sniped in the head with an M 40 !!!

  13. sylvanenergy says:

    I would stop eating seafood thats for certain. think of how much sea food people eat and think about whats going to replace that. I sure hope people don’t think it is just the area surrounding the spill that is permanently damaged. People need to know how far reaching the toxins are a visual representation of the real situation!

  14. Janet6961 says:

    People don’t get it…The government does not have any control..The oil corp’s have control..It’s that simple.Or all the rigs would be pulled off the water and we would switch now to free energy that is 100 % clean,,.All I can say is America is feeling it’s own Karma…it all goin down,,,God Bless America.

  15. redbaaron123 says:

    i really wish i wasnt american because of this as well as other things

  16. oakbooks says:

    You are right on target! People just cannot imagine how serious and deadly this Oil spill is going to be. Maybe that they cannot wrap their minds around it because the media is under reporting the story so that the citizens don’t twist off! Your perspective of the situation is correct! This might be the largest disaster we will every witness in our lifetimes. Thank you for this posting!

  17. Serafinos says:

    Ummm… what is your view on the idiots from Obama administration that just publically admitted — THEY FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB!!!

  18. korzon says:

    Its no longer an accident when everybody around you had safety measures for just this incident but you dont.They will start caring soon right now they just want to pass the buck to the American people and we will pay to clean it up>Sorry but the money we pay for fuel surely could have gone for a valve like all the other countries have.This is BP so everybody who purchases this fuel would be guilty i just hope they dont start blaming America for it.We need to fix it

  19. VerbotenDingleberry says:

    Parody, Insanity or plain old Stupidity?

    I honestly can’t tell….

  20. 3shacks1house says:

    Communist, Liberal, Anarchist… Take your pick…..

  21. MegaAJay2010 says:

    @Nate2203 NO EVIDENCE!! man oh man, can’t show you much evidence in 500 char. do you know what d.u.m.b means? do you know how many deseases have been created to date? Its not fun it makes me sick, the u.s government doesn’t control everything that would be crazy, neither does the british or any other. It would be very hard to control nations if the top dogs kept changing every couple of years so a higher body is needed, more family like.

  22. Nate2203 says:

    @MegaAJay2010 NATURAL DISASTERS?!?!?! Ok, now I KNOW you are batshit crazy! What natural disaster did the government cause? I’m not thinking about any labels, I too entertain ideas of conspiracies, but I have enough common sense to see through the bullshit. It’s fun to think of the government as this all-powerful entity that is controlling everything, but there is just no evidence to back it up.

  23. MegaAJay2010 says:

    @Nate2203 An oil spill is nothing they’ve done wars and so called natural disasters. I know it sounds crazy, everytime I connect the dots I then try and prove myself wrong and I can’t especially when others see it too. We work hard for our facts. Stop thinking about labels.

  24. Nate2203 says:

    @MegaAJay2010 No, I just don’t think that the government can possibly control everything that you nuts claim. There is A LOT of geopolitical conspiracy going on, but seriously, a giant-ass oil spill? I understand that anything is possible, but you speak with such certainty that you sound fucking batshit crazy.

  25. MegaAJay2010 says:

    @Nate2203 A bit of sarcasm there? People like you use the word conspiracy like its a way of describing someone with an illness. Don’t bother replying… unless you have something constructive to contribute.

  26. Nate2203 says:

    @MegaAJay2010 Yes, everything that happens in the world is a government conspiracy, you figured it out…

  27. chrisbarry44 says:

    less talk more action. blah blah blah

  28. MegaAJay2010 says:

    @fhattest That’s the kinda talk I like. It would cost them millions, just one day. Problem is there isn’t enough people to see the sense behind that. Very very few of ya’ll are actually in control its the same world wide. Sad that such a simple move cannot be done.

  29. MegaAJay2010 says:

    @Nate2203 Getting off foreign oil would not be good long term for americans. A little hint in that is that it was Bush’s idea first! They want to skrew over Mexico as much as possible, that spill was just the start. The drilling would take land and homes from americans all over the east coast and raise taxes. Also it really damage Mexico’s economy, essentially taking more control away from the people, as they’ve done with farming.

  30. FinalEndeavor says:

    CEOs hold limited liability as shareholders — to change that is to change the entire legal structure of corporations, not to mention make innumerable changes to the American legal system. Is it a horrible, negligent disaster? Of course. But do we completely ignore the justice system and skip to prosecuting only the CEOs? No, not at all.

  31. Nate2203 says:

    @MegaAJay2010 I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I even know that it won’t necessarily lower the price of gas if they produce more oil, but it should 🙂 And I wouldn’t say I slandered you, I was just asking 😉 But I think big O allowed drilling so we could get off foreign oil, not lower the prices.

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