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BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare

Posted on June 11, 2010 by bp complaints

5/24/10: On Good Morning America, correspondent Sam Champion and Philippe Cousteau Jr. explore the toxic plumes of dispersed oil floating beneath the waves in the Gulf of Mexico.
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  1. ivo2296 says:

    BP buys Google,Yahoo search words to keep people from the news on Gulf oil spill


  2. danauber says:

    This is not a partisan problem so why not just everyone work together like we used to when things challenged this Country?

  3. thisisjuannavarro says:

    @rgeraghty24 You know how many plastics can be made out of just Corn? How many new non-petrol based using recycled plastics and/or plant based materials? the answers are there but we’re just sooo far down the hole, we aren’t seeing the light.

    And ain’t jerking off just making more of a mess?

  4. 1944jhd says:

    @WhatIsALieWODeceived – The Village Idiot, George W. Bush, started two wars which have already cost over 1 Trillion dollars. Yet I don’t hear you complain about that. However, try to help the American people who pay the bills? Hell No! Just continue to continue to financially rape them and built new schools and hospitals for the enemy. You have everything Ass Backwards!

  5. rgeraghty24 says:

    @thisisjuannavarro stop using petroleum based products? really? in that case you might wanna throw your computer in the bin, cos guess what? *sigh* we are so hopelessly dependent on petroleum and it’s many related products that we couldn’t stop now if we tried. basically we’re fucked. I’m off to jerk off and forget about this sorry mess.

  6. WhatIsALieWODeceived says:

    @1944jhd (con’t about Obama Care) he has created a program which, if approved, will launch America into a multi-TRILLION dollar deficit, with a program (“free healthcare…which is NOT free, but taxpayers pay for it) and lifestyle that has caused Greece to go bankrupt, Spain and Portugal are on the verge, and Canada is officially rethinking their healthcare system. Wow…Obama…what a guy.

  7. WhatIsALieWODeceived says:

    @1944jhd I have some time to waste so I thought I’d comment back. So you say that “Obama has kept this country from going into the deepest depression in history” . Hmm. What has Obummer the “anointed one” done? He bailed out fraudulent banking/investment giants so the gov’t could take control of just one more facet of the US. Wow. Perfect. Now Gov’t will regulate, if not “own” the finance sector as well. But wait, what is it that he did with “Obama Care”?

  8. Ricky103 says:


    Deepwater Horizon is an American rig staffed by Americans and the failed well head was American made. B.P is 39% American owned and 40% British owned. It employs only 10,000 British in comparison to 22,000 Americans. 6 of the directors are British, 6 American. BP has 9 times the number of stations in U.S.A than Britain. It has 5 refineries in America compared with none in Britain. B.P no longer stands for British Petroleum since 2000 when it merged with Amoco and Arco.

  9. Believe6490 says:

    Jesus speaks in our times –
    Search Google for “i share these words”

  10. mooceleste says:

    Please contact italian surveyour Giancarlo Sansò . You can find his number on internet . He suggested a valid and economic method to erase the problem a month ago . He called the Bp Italian : no answer . He called the Usa ambassy : no answer . His idea needs to be reported to big medias , and usa authorities . Please help and pass around this news .

  11. biodisater12 says:

    @Rocky32084 *in a demon posessed voice* i have many names!!! but you may call me legions or big corporation!!!

  12. BA4EvEr93 says:

    I feel so bad for the under sea life 🙁 poor animals…

  13. smpwast3d says:

    It is a volcano oil spill. They drilled right into a volcano.

    wwwDOTyoutubeDOTcom/watch?v=EG_pupjoavU it’s a volcano…

  14. mooceleste says:

    I’m italian , i have a blast to make to every usa citizen , in particular who votes republican :

  15. C0RNEYE says:

    @Bp fuck yo couch

  16. johnstonekl says:

    fucking english limeys…go fuck up you’re own little ‘arrogant, pasty-faced, snaggletoothed, inbred bridgetroll, pussy pieces of shit, small dick’ island coast

  17. guitarcenter999 says:

    The only solution I see here is that BP should get their head out of their asses and start using all their filthy money gained through selling oil on buying a much more efficient, ecologically friendly dispersant and at the same time patch up the hole in the oil drill. Meanwhile they should put even more money on rescuing any species they find, sending rescue boats, divers, etc. And afterwards, they should contribute to help finding alternate ways of energy. But I guess that’s “too much” for em.

  18. AmericanMale1953 says:

    Where do we sign up for the class action lawsuit? One million USD per US citizen!
    🙂 We have to live with this then we need to be compensated for DAMAGES!

  19. guitarcenter999 says:

    As far as I know, the only ones to blame about this are BP. They are the motherfuckers and if there are people to blame it’s them. No, not Obama, not the black muslim terrorist president who you think wants to kill us all, BP, are the ones to blame. All of those theories are mere superstitions mostly resented communists or republicans, period. Oh and for those who say that Obama is a Marxist, huh, believe me, I live in Venezuela, you don’t even know what the fuck communism/ marxism is.

  20. guitarcenter999 says:

    I don’t know what is more rediculous, either BP’S “awesome” problem solving or the fact that dozens of you immature shits are still arguing about “oh shit Obama is not an american and is conspiring to brain wash us all!!! =()!!!” or that this is all a conspiracy done by whatever or shit like that. Seriously, how do you think any problems will be solved if you decide to argue rather than to fix the goddamn deal or offer solutions.

  21. NorseMaiden says:

    Has BP sabotaged this video? It goes all pixellated and freezes.

  22. TroyOi says:

    In July, BP will declare its next quarterly dividend. There is a lot of pressure on the company to continue paying huge dividends to shareholders. Last year it paid out nearly 10 billion USD. Perhaps it’s time that the major BP shareholders came forward and announced that they will accept a huge dividend cut for the sake of the cleanup, and compensation to victims. After all, BP has the worst safety record, by far, of all the oil companies… THAT’s where your huge windfalls came from, folks!

  23. socalgirl666 says:

    @shoffing Because BP should pay for all of it! Donations are going to rescue groups helping to save the birds and turtles.

  24. IsobelSturgeon says:

    This is nightmarish!

  25. Khultan says:

    Wow!! This is what I got to see, what’s happening down below.

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