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BP Oil Spill The Truth and Facts May 22

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

kearnsy88’s webcam video May 22, 2010, 05:39 PM
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  1. reinievideo says:

    see reinievideo

  2. reinievideo says:

    I totally AGREE! -check out my plan ; signed, reinie88

  3. kearnsy88 says:

    @exaurius yep i did check out my latest vlog to see.

  4. kearnsy88 says:

    @raef235ahjx if you watch my other vlogs you’ll get more of an idea what my answer to that is.

  5. raef235ahjx says:

    @kearnsy88 – and what do you conclude? Should we let them get away with it? … I say: boycott and infowar! People have to know the full story!

  6. raef235ahjx says:

    @bodhidarma1 BP is shareholder of the company producing the dispersant!

  7. Spurgeon687 says:


    Why doesn’t our President send in the navy with pumps and pump the oil on to barges so it does not ruin the beaches? Why don’t they dispatch the Army Navy Marines national guard to the beaches? The president has control and he is sitting on his hands.
    Oh and google this:
    Boots & Coots (oil fire fighting company)sold out to Halliburton (HAL) for $240.4 million hours before the fire.
    Goldman Sachs & BP CEO soldBP shares right before the fire.
    Both Obama supporters.

  8. killakats2255 says:

    hi im tony heyward vice president of BP and i want to say to all americans, DRILL BABY DRILL!!!! cause i dont give a shit about your country as i live far far away!
    dont worry this little spill will be cleaned up soon and hopefully we’ll have more offshore riggs up soon! thanks america!
    love tony heyward-u-blow-me

  9. exaurius says:

    ya should get a new webcam their cheap now, i recommend the logitech c250 :] 20 bucks on sale

  10. fumiohuang says:

    Republicans’ “de-regulation” political theory has made the regulations so loose to the oil industry which is the main cause this kind of catastrophy happens, so stop blaming Obama. By the way, why the government should get involved? isn’t that you guys called the ” big government”?

  11. TheLightsLive says:

    Great view of this you hit many different points of view on thisissue i had not thought of, keep it up. Sad to see the interest based on the view count mabey you need a picture of Lady Ga Ga in you room.. Peace

  12. SuperArtie says:


  13. SuperArtie says:

    @IndigoCharlie have you heard the saying “those two are like oil and water?” that means they don’t mix and it won’t dissolve! have you used vegetable oil or peanut oil?..natural as well! and if you have it on your hands its not easy to wash off and its thick! look at the animals it coats! do your research its not safe! it takes 6 months to establish a saltwater tank that is safe to put fish into..putting oil into it is catastrophic! i suggest you stay awake during biology!

  14. bodhidarma1 says:

    @kearnsy88 Interesting. Do you think image is the only the reason they’re using that dispersant or would “straw and hay” be arguably less effective. I was figuring immediately that when you went into their choice of dispersant that it was for cost reasons. If it’s for either… it’s just sickening. I’m just wondering if there’s logistical reasoning for not using other safer dispersants.

  15. Cozmo35 says:

    LIKE,…BP is responsible. And,….LIKE people don’t have any idea, OK. And LIKE,….the oil is coming on shore,…OK. And LIKE the dispurcence are currently being used,….OK.


  16. Cozmo35 says:

    LIKE,….BP is LIKE,….responsible OK. The LIKE oil spill is LIKE bad,…OK. But, LIKE some people have no idea,….OK.

    He wouldn’t suck it, but he’d hold it in his mouth till the sweeling went down.

  17. alleygh0st says:

    I feel that when the pressure will wear off they will push stuff to make all the oil come out. I think I read something somewhere about it.
    Would explain a second well.

    If it was just me, I would declare war to BP and start shooting in their direction.
    I can’t understand the apathy and/or the blame game on this, sorry but people arguing about it are IDIOTS.

  18. Mario1057 says:

    @bluesoulrising LMFAO @ Barry Soetoro. Barracks’ mother married a man with the last name of Soetoro AFTER Barrack was born. Therefore, common sense dictates that Soetoro was never Barracks last name. Idiot.
    It’s funny how no matter who is president, morons find a way to trash him. Bush was supposedly the anti-christ. He is not president anymore… so what happened to all the end of the world theories?? LMAO

  19. markgreer says:

    Bas-turds tried to save the well and added a couple weeks to the valve – off process! They should have a detonation-ready-to sink-it immediately upon such a disaster! (and why did they use a single pipe system? in the future use a DOUBLE PIPE system, instead on single for they knew “gas: was accumulating rapidly. Also they needed 20 position sensors. They used 6. May 27th NY Times has a replete story of the events leading up to the disaster.

  20. ryansisthebest says:

    i like your shirt

  21. IndigoCharlie says:

    I’m concerned about it too, but this isn’t the same kind of oil that we are used to think of, it’s straight from the Earth. This oil is natural oil…it’s almost like if a volcano erupted and lava flows over the soil, it’s harmful initially but who are we to say what the benefit might be? I’m not worried in the least. It’s natural oil, not processed oil.

  22. bickly777 says:

    Thanks, cause for school we need to know a lot of facts about it and I cant find ANYTHING on the internet. So thanks!!!

  23. kearnsy88 says:

    @raef235ahjx yeah but then BP would have to allow all the oil to come to the surface and that would be bad for their image

  24. raef235ahjx says:

    intrigents to the dispersant are secret! You cant find out what it is!!!! Straw and hay would have done it too … you can clean water from oil very easy with straw and hay!!!

  25. kearnsy88 says:

    @dredlock1321 thanks for the comment, if you look at my channel i have other blogs with a lot more info you wont hear on the news about the spill!

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